Advice for My Future Husband

What Do You Want From Your Future Husband?

It’s important for women to know what they want from men. Once they figure it out, they need to be able to communicate their wants and desires to the men in their life. What would you want your future husband to know about your needs? Read on for some of our ideas:

Remember Romance

No matter how long we’ve been together, we need to keep the spark alive. Sweet, passionate kisses, a glance from across the room, a sexy text sent or an extra-long hug goodbye in the morning are all examples of simple and sweet ways to accomplish this.

Let Me Know You’re Thinking of Me

Sending me a text message or calling me in the middle of a busy day takes so little of your time, yet it means so much to me.

“Believing in love is often a theme interwoven as we go about our daily routines.” – Psychic Althea ext. 9582

Talk it Out

I know expressing your feelings may be uncomfortable for you, but please always try. We can work through any problems if we talk things through, but if you hide something from me, we can’t fix it.

If You Don’t Appreciate Me, You Don’t Deserve Me

I’ll devote my heart, time and energy to you and your well-being, but if you don’t show appreciation in return, our relationship is in trouble.

A Little PDA Please

While I’m not looking for a heap of lovey-dovey gestures in public, occasionally I’d like you to kiss me, to hold my hand or put an arm around my shoulder. This shows that you are proud to be with me, especially if you do this in front of your guy friends.

“To keep romance alive, endeavor to do a simple, loving thing every day for your partner. Small, consistent acts of love speak volumes over grandiose gestures or proclamations.” – Psychic Aurora ext. 5365

Ask Me to Get Dressed Up and Take Me Out on a Date

Feeling desirable and sexy is always important to a woman, and inviting me out on a date is one of the easiest and best ways to show me that you are still as attracted to me.

“Sometimes it’s just the little things that bring more romance. Leave little notes or messages, a little sexy card, a surprise kiss for no reason, sexy coupons for a free massage, an overnight away or simply a night at home with no phones, TVs or interruptions. ” – Psychic Deejay ext. 5435

53 thoughts on “Advice for My Future Husband

  1. seri

    If I ever have another one, I want him financially and emmotionally stable- not just a star w/ a great sense of humor!!

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Nicholas,

    Thank You for your response and kind words ….you’re a sweetie !!!!!

    nicolas April 1, 2013 at 9:52 am

    “must be a kind gentleman, must love animals, must love flea markets, yard sales, must love country remote rural living and must love to go fishing.

    lol….but that’s just me..” WOW !!!!

    GINA : You are inspiration, that’s what I mean by being specific. You will find that guy. You will totally find him. Hope you feel it coming and it’s not me, but I’m just telling you, YOU and HIM will meet. I can’t air my wishes out like this in public to HER but in my meditations we speak and I am specific as you have been in these lines. You insist in that country remote rural living and must go fishing situation so well, no one can really get their way around it. LOL !!!! Love it. You are a successful attractor already. See my future one, is not here, if she was here she had already let me know. That’s how she is in my dreams and in my FUTURE.

  3. nicolas

    Ive always felt sex for me is the icing on the cake like the cherry topped on the ice cream cone, it is the materialization of all good feelings and positive emotions kind of sexy nicely achieved ‘fter all’s feeling good and creamy and lovely and all the spiritual intangible parts of the relation ship can contain themselves any longer pow ! that’s sex. It usually starts with a friendly tender kiss and yes it doesn’t always materialize but if you are couple down the line end of the day you will get to it so u will see. But sex is sex and everyone is different, and it is a very deep and comprehensively speaking endless story so I’m no better than you u are no better than me just agree on it before you call it a relationship ’cause wow who could live without it, unless you are not right in your own mind. Or How does GOD does it ? Does he has sex ? I’m gonna ask Oprah too. 🙂

  4. nicolas

    “must be a kind gentleman, must love animals, must love flea markets, yard sales, must love country remote rural living and must love to go fishing.

    lol….but that’s just me..” WOW !!!!

    GINA : You are inspiration, that’s what I mean by being specific. You will find that guy. You will totally find him. Hope you feel it coming and it’s not me, but I’m just telling you, YOU and HIM will meet. I can’t air my wishes out like this in public to HER but in my meditations we speak and I am specific as you have been in these lines. You insist in that country remote rural living and must go fishing situation so well, no one can really get their way around it. LOL !!!! Love it. You are a successful attractor already. See my future one, is not here, if she was here she had already let me know. That’s how she is in my dreams and in my FUTURE. 🙂

  5. nicolas

    “It’s because I’m not projecting that needy, clingy energy anymore….and I’m more relaxed around men” < Someone up there said this … I say nothing to hurt, just commenting cause all u have very insightful ways to pull out my fears and help me over come them. THANK YOU. Look, I'm sick of myself pretending I'm strong and that I dont need anyone just because I am not the needy type doesn't mean that I can afford to go on and on for the rest of my life without saying "YES I NEED YOU" , and that's a beautiful thing to say to someone you love. I discover it by deeply decoding the way it makes me feel when others need me most specially the ones I have loved. Before I thought wasn't cool to need someone, but hey maybe you are GOD, he is not married right ? But until then, wow, I don't know I am not trying to take away the freedom feeling of your statement but something 'bout it doesn't click right to me maybe some one around here can expand on it. To be needy sucks, but to need, it is humble and I think it is beautiful. You tell me, or I will ask Oprah too. 🙂

  6. nicolas

    “I would say to my future husband , to know me is to love me. If you don”t know me ,and everything about me how could you love me. I like surprises, long walks on the beach, spontaneous get a ways and long talks.” < Somebody said up there, this. I also found it interesting. I don't if this would make sense to you without hurting your feelings I'd like to say, that yes it is a start, but not all really. That you like surprises and long walks on the beach and spontaneous get away and long talks , yeah but deeper would be better. Just throw it all out there. I mean, really. Long talks, about what ? long walks, describe them and the beach and in which way are the two of you walking together is not clear and about surprises that's not true you can not possibly like being surprise when you have not done your hair or you are still in the shower or you are talking to Mom on the phone, or whatever. I do this not to try to be your partner, but to share with you some of the mistakes I've done before. Be as specific as u can so your future one can KNOW YOU TO LOVE YOU, I know it is hard. I'm in the same boat but I'm asking a lot of questions reading a lot fabulous books and typing to interesting people like you. Next thing you know I wanna ask GOD, if it would all not a bad idea Oprah Winfrey has some good old advice for all Ive gone through, on my own before I call the whole thing love or is it something else ? Be more specific. 😉

  7. nicolas

    This goes to that comment with icon of the rose : It is true legal marriage and all those papers situations aren’t true love at all and it doesn’t mean love … I have it soo as a rebellious dinner comment while among my rock and roll friends and ’round people I don’t know as part of my life ways and over the top sayings about love and marriage to protect myself from bull I tell everyone in the bars and discotheques that I don’t go to weddings and I don’t go to funerals, they laugh that way I state y point clear. Love me when I’m alive, and I don’t wanna celebrate your love in a church let’s do it here right now and forever. But people love those society things and I guess it makes them feel good like if they are married they are bounded and stuff like that. I don’t know … I am not perfect. I think I believe in LOVE and what I am trying to say, is wouldn’t it be so wonderful that everyone gets the point ? LOL !!! Lots of people like to cry in funerals, but I know that’s just guilt. What a terrible thing, I’ve just said. I hope no one gets me wrong. 🙂

  8. nicolas

    A comment I just read : ” why I experience first he trying to show his interested to me and now his showing bad attitude to me? ” < That I just quoted from above I found interesting. I have puzzled my partners in the past by showing some sort of what they call unacceptable behavior, running away from them maybe. What I do is I distant myself and start taking on a new direction for my own protection, that's my attitude ( really don't know what "bad attitude" you have experienced but I'm hoping that is not abusive more than him just sailing away from the her – YOU ) anyway it is usually something she's said to me and I find it hard to confront it or bring it up to her 'cause I used to believe fighting for love or trying to change anyone's way of being wasn't cool. I believe that the way you feel you make your love one feel, so why say thing sto hurt even if you think is cool, or that we men are strong enough to take it ALL. I'm not the macho type, I have my hang ups about that, used to feel ashamed of it that I wasn't so MACHO, but whatever I felt much better about myself and began to attract better relationships when I started to say, "Look, I'm sensitive, so treat me right, that's why I respect you love you and treat you right." I don't know, rewind the tape and find out what you said to him that turned him OFF.

  9. nicolas

    From all the answers I’ve quickly over-viewed on the set of comments since I posted mine, it’s amusing and interesting how everyone is able to express their particular needs and ‘specifications’ for for ‘love’ ( it is quiet funny ) and so we can learn fro each other. Over all, I found utterly important to agree and to corroborate with a few in here that brought up the issue of love as an ‘unconditional’ situation it is so true, and without expectations. When you can love, like that is nirvana, then you are no longer tolerating anything you are really becoming an allow er but that’s something that’s quiet high philosophy in LOVE I mean when I was a teen I certainly didn’t know anything about it, ‘unconditional love’, it is not easy but when you get its point it will feel like NIRVANA , it is the ultimate way how you can feel in heaven while you are still on earth trying to figure out the rest of your life. About marriage; it is true, I personally feel it is a feeling, it is a commitment between you and your love one, needs no pares, no drama, no whatever s, oh well, the additional things like the church and the party and the dress and the limousine I don’t know but think of it girls usually like these things, if you love her so much and it makes her so happy, you are so proud, I would be, so why not go through the whole 9 yards, but I agree with some of you, there really isn’t any need to demand or plan or expect ‘marriage’ ; I don’t know that is something else. What would be the right approach ? I could be wrong. You are next.

  10. Fran

    As Dr. Christine Northrup states it, .. “If a woman doesn’t know herself and her own needs, upon exspressing her feelings and desires, she expects her man to “Do it for her!” .. Thinking and knowing that he has to strive to please her. My first advice regarding a relationship like this is… Don’t get involved with a woman like this!”

    From my perspective,.. A well developed adult, whether it be a male or a female, upon being in a realtionship,.. shouldn’t have to give a future spouse advice about their wants and needs.

    Romantic love is a learned behavior that is seen through having tradtional and emotionally healthy parents.- When we grew up as children, (most of..) our parents role modeled affection and communication. Their affection was not something that was “Hidden” per say in the bedroom. It was the daily actions and words that we as children picked up on.
    Upon this “previous script,” their (our parents) words and actions became embedded in our memories. Along with this, came our expectations of what a “traditionally” romantic and loving (if not “Old fashioned” relationship) should look like and feel like.

    When a relationship has mutuality and that “magic energy”, where you both click to the point that you feel as if you have known each other all your lives,.. to the extent of past lives, there is NO NEED FOR HAVING TO GIVE YOUR FUTURE PARTNER ADVICE. THE REALTIONSHIP JUST WORKS BASED ON A PAST AND PRESENT LEVEL OF UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE AND RESPECT.


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  12. Susan from Ontario Canada

    I agree with some of it… it’s all give and take and I need to know what my man needs and wants just as much as he needs to know what I need and want. and when I read Marc from the UK he sounds like just the sort I’d like to find…

  13. D. Daniels

    I would say to my future husband , to know me is to love me. If you don”t know me ,and everything about me how could you love me. I like surprises, long walks on the beach, spontaneous get a ways and long talks.

  14. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Marc from UK…..

    Enjoy your holiday Marc !!!!! I’ll ” get back to you ” over the weekend, sweetie !

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  15. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    If I were to advertise for a mate it would read :

    must be a kind gentleman, must love animals, must love flea markets, yard sales, must love country remote rural living and must love to go fishing.

    lol….but that’s just me..

    …..different strokes for different folk

  16. triple goddess love

    I think what Gina Rose has to say is the most sound advise on this forum. thank you,Gina for being the beautiful guiding light so many people need in this world! love yourself , take care of yourself and love will be with you always. no need to have “conditional love.” thats the wrong kind of love. treat every other living being as you would like to be treated. unsatisfactory relationships come from ” I will do this for you,but you have to do that for me” sort of attitude. i am in the most loving relationship with a man who does not believe in marriage, so what! I would be honored to share his last name but if that never happens it will never change my love for him! he doesnt do half of the stuff on this list but it doesnt matter because we have transcended that way of thinking. we know our love for eachother will never wane because we dont EVER “expect” anything from eachother, expectations lead to disappointment, why even set yourself up??? blessed be and love to all.

  17. Mary

    The article was good. It’s about time there was an article about what women need in any relationship, not just what the man expects. Thanks, this will help me in the future. It’s ok for a woman to feel she is somebody, even if it doesn’t work out.

  18. Jake

    This seems so one sided. If I got this type of advice from a “future wife,” I would keep moving past. Love is a relationship of give as well as take. If you only present your demands, how does it look to the one you present them to?

  19. marc from the uk

    Hi Joan oh and WaityKate.

    Oh heck where do I start lol! being as it is 23.41 hr hrs here in the UK and I am a little tired as flying out to sunnier climates for a few days in a few hours, what do i like? I will make it brief.

    I like a woman, who has shown her children are priority above her relationship with her man, it is about balance and they are priority.
    I like women who enjoy dressing well when the occasion arise, but are equally comfortable mucking out the pigs lol!
    I like women who are confident and able to lead when needed, but are strong enough to admit that they do sometimes need a shoulder to cry on and a helping hand.
    I like a woman who can listen as well as hear!
    I like a woman who has good standards of personal hygiene
    but equally comfortable getting her hands dirty!
    I love a woman who can cook well, but is confident enough to allow the man to cook and use the kitchen without getting a bollocking for putting a wooden spoon in the wrong drawer! ( story to this one lol)
    I like a woman who is confident that i will not stray,even though I flirt and enjoy women, I always put my amour first.
    I like a woman who will when the time is needed will mother me a bit, look after me when poorly, hug me when i am sad, kiss me like like I need one, and is happy to show affection in public, on the understanding I will return these ten fold!
    I like a woman who will not belittle me in public, or cause a drama, will show respect and manners, and communicate her feelings no matter how big or small, truthfully, with integrity and at the earliest moment so we can resolve any misunderstandings!
    I like a woman who can make love with her heart and soul and be comfortable with me, knowing I see her body as a gift and that we make love and sex with our minds, that she will be comfortable with all her so called faults, blemishes, we are simply not perfect, even me !
    I like a woman who can shout and scream, curse, and show her worst, knowing I can handle that, providing no violence, threats, or horridness is involved.
    Oh and I like a woman who can compromise, that takes humility.

    These are just a few things! too tired to mention any more, Oh apart from women MUST like animals and show compassion and kindness to the lesser.

    I heard a quote today ” Apoligising does not necessarily mean you are wrong, just that you are willing to resolve, and that takes wisdom and courage”

    Night all,

    Marc, the english bloke !!

  20. Peter Mindsye

    Not sure how you got “Cry Babies” out of what i said. All i was saying, if any woman, or man things its all about them, RUN. Its about a two way relationship. Exactly!!! Do unto others as you’d like done to you. If you expect a woman to do everything for you then you will loose her fast. Now thats not to say a woman or a man cant ask for anything like a massage, but sometimes its not always understood that the other person wants the same returned. If you want something just ask for it, but make sure you share, and dont just take all the time. I wasnt crying about anything. I was pointing out a fact that marriage and relationships is not only about a woman. AND its not just about a man. Its about two people working together as a team, as a couple, as partners. Ive even seen it termed like a business. You do these things, and ill do those things, and together our business is “Family”. Whether that includes children or not. Really, if you have nothing positive to say then maybe you should read and learn and not bash the advice of others trying to help. Its not all about you..if you think it is..then maybe thats why your single and here reading this information. my 2c.

  21. Sophia

    I think it’s sad when women have to include comments like, “while I’m not looking for public lovey dovey…” when in fact, I want my man to hold my hand. I want my man to be affectionate spontaneously whether home or in public. Women have been told repeatedly to reduce their desires to not turn off a man.

    Mu man will bring me flowers, breakfast in bed and os other kind things not because I’m sick but because he believes a woman should be treated like he’s important to him everyday. And I will return the favor or love! American women really need to go to Europe and experience other maleness.” Men who have emotions, men who love treating a woman like a woman, and men who aren’t afraid of their manhood without lording it over a woman as control. i feel personally, like American men are actually very unhealthy. Men from other westernized nations don’t seem to have the same problems with women.
    Just a thought.
    There good American men as well, but out culture a a whole has men questioning who they are and in a weird way competing with women.

    In my American woman belief as a an American woman who’s traveled: American women are conditioned to expect so little from a man and to ignore our needs to cater to him. (American Male)

  22. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    ….I also find , now, that the men around me really respect me. For example, they know if I invite them over for dinner, it’s not because I need my farmhouse roof patched….or, I need my truck worked on….or, I need a field mowed.
    I pay money to a contractor to do repairs on my home if need be, a mechanic if my truck needs work, and a field hand to help mow my acreage.
    If I invite a guy over for dinner, it’s just to enjoy a nice meal and good converation with him.
    AND…when they invite me out to dinner, or to their home to cook a meal for me, they don’t expect me clean their home for them or do their laundry…

    What I would want in a husband or, in my case, a live in mate, would be love, respect ( for each other, which includes personal space at times for both of us ), and things in common we can share and enjoy .

  23. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    What Jenevieve say I experienced first hand about 10 years ago…..

    …After my 32 year long marriage ended ( I was married to an FBI agent for 32 years )….everybody tried to tell me to ” get back up on the horse again ” and go get a new husband. Soooo…. I tried dating and the men ran !!!!

    But I am the independent type by nature, and the longer I stayed single the better I liked it. In fact, I LOVE being single, I can pay my own bills, and keep my own small farm up all by myself.
    And I find the men around me, NOW, really enjoy my company, I’ve turned down several proposals of marriage in fact.

    It’s because I’m not projecting that needy, clingy energy anymore….and I’m more relaxed around men and can simply enjoy their company and enjoy them for who they are, not what they can give me, because I don’t want or need anything from them…..except good companionship.

    I may take a mate in the future if I meet the right man , but I’m not out hunting for one, if it happens, it happens…..I still look young and am still sexual , on occassion.

    ….I doubt if would legally marry again, at my age, because that piece of paper means nothing to me.

    It’s true that people feed off each others energy

  24. RVG

    I see you have edited out any comments that diverge from the Utopian Queendom, that you spout. Your bias and immaturity is showing.

    The comment by Jenevieve Parks was insightful, sound advice and applicable.. not just ‘Gimmee, Gimmee Everything I Gotta Have” whining that you put forward.

    Apparently you choose to block out all comments that might rock your boat a bit. Perhaps it is all about YOU all along.

    —Over and Out.

  25. Jenevieve Parks

    You can’t create a relationship until you conceptualize and accept a potential mate for all that they are and all that they are not.
    More so, a partnership cannot be attracted until you are able to be truly inwardly okay with yourself, being able to say and reflect with self respect, dignity and integrity, that “I AM ENOUGH, AND I HAVE ENOUGH!’

    If you are going to brutalize and demean another human being by projecting, “You are not good enough” and “You can’t give me enough”, or,.. energetically minimizing a potential relationship by judging an individual for what they have or haven’t done academically or professionally (“lacking social, financial and academic statur”) how can you possibly expect to attract your future true love?

    Until you realize you are on safe territory,.. that it’s okay to be open and vulnerable with that individual for whom you are desiring to share your life with,..then you are safe to share what you want with your “Future spouse.”

    I am coming to find that your better off being alone to find a life that is meaningful and purposeful, since 97% of the population doesn’t care about each others needs and wants.
    There’s a grand difference between being “The complete package” and “Being separate in a relationship where each partner has the mindset of “what’s in it for me?” .. expecting to be pampered and taken care of 24/7.
    A real love relationship is purely unconditional before and beyond sharing “what you want from your future husband.”

  26. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500


    Maybe the next article should be : Advice for my future wife .

    afterall, fair is fair for both.

  27. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Yes, it IS a two way street… are human beings too , ( not robots ) , and just like women, also need to be treated with respect, affection, and appreciation.

    It takes two to tango !!!!

    My rule of thumb is to treat others the way you want to be treated in a relationship.

    Gina Rose )O(

  28. paris

    I think romance with out sex is nothing.
    I love sex so much , and. Love without sex is killing me, I don’t know,but my sex life is horrible with a romantic husband who is really cold.
    Those drugs don’t help him too, and I dontt know what can I do with him? Cheat, ignore, leave what ?????

  29. Laurie

    OK Marc from the UK,
    What about the things a bloke wants in return? Do tell, shed some light please!
    Yes, it IS a two way street, give and take.

  30. Laurie

    OK Marc from the UK, what is it bloke’s want in return? Enlighten me please…and yes, it IS always a two way street! Give and take, not always take…

  31. Pete rMindsye

    Yes, see what we are seeing is what woman want. This is relationship advice, and since when is a relationship only about the woman. Two way street all the way. If you want something, whats wrong with you starting things too, or doing those little things also. Maybe your man things nothing he does is good enough to make you happy or smile. So he becomes complacent. Sometimes like and engine, he needs the spark to get that kickstart.

    DONT neglect your man either.

  32. Chhims

    As a man in his mid 20s, I treated my lady with all those that a woman should want from their man. I especially followed the last rule of going on a date where we would dress up at least once every month and go out on the town. Guys, keeping up with just these simple things won’t make her stay with you, you gotta prove to her that you’re still chasing after her even though you’ve been together for however long; it doesn’t matter. Treat everyday like you just met her and are trying to court her again. Women want to feel wanted and sometimes when you can’t provide that, they will seek that feeling out elsewhere.

  33. Morgan

    My boyfriend already does all of these things 🙂 He always knows that its not just about sex, and he doesnt always want it! Its a good thing, ladies!

  34. Nicolas Arjona

    A song for my angel and the future owner of my true lovel : “ALL TIME HIGH” Rita Coolige theme song for JAMES BOND, OCTOPUSSY
    This article touched my soul, because I believe in YOU, where ever you are.
    “Let me know you are thinking of me” :
    I couldn’t anymore, until my heart brakes. You keep walking away with my soul because I can’t see you yet, only I hear your voice, but I will always let you know, and we both know it. “Take it OUT” : Expressing my feelings of LOVE to you, like water singling out of an endless wealth of trust in you is not hard, and if YOU are my angel it should last until death us apart. It is who I am, I have been betrayed before. It is my dream this time, that I can trust YOU and YOU can trust me. I value the quality of privacy on this matter, but my angel if it is YOU, knows this much about me and she will help me find the way to get to it, REAL WORLD communication. I don’t want to hide anything from YOU. I occasionally smoke cigarettes, and only YOU can help me. My spirit tells me so, because when I think of YOU, I DON’T smoke. Everything else YOU know about me, nothing else to hide : I am a clean hard worker honest man with dreams my only problem “they” say. If I lose YOU because YOU don’t want me this way, then YOU are not my angel. My angel is loving, kind and understanding of my weaknesses. I need my angel. I need YOU. “If YOU don’t appreciate me YOU don’t deserve me.” I keep on agreeing with all YOUR points and wishes, “we move as one.” Even though I find it ‘sexy’ cursing could hurt my feelings and also violence makes me run away. I only love to love, and I understand anger but don’t stay there too long only to recycle it right away into something positive, I’m too artistic, too sensitive. “A little PDA Please” : I am romantic. I show my feelings in public. I expect nothing in return. It is who I am. My angel doesn’t likes me like this all the time, I know it because she wants me to be stronger. I have learned to conceal my affections in public, and either way I will set them free or not, I believe in individuality and I practice individualism and I know my angel needs her space and when she is on the spot light I feel no jealousy no competition no fear. It’s a feeling. I am designed that way. I lve my angel, i know she is an angel. No for me alone, but for me only. “Ask me to get dressed up and take me out on a date” : Again “we move as one” My angel arouses my sensuality and my tenderness in this old fashionable fashion way, the smell, the hair, the colors, my angel is a work of art for me to be proud respect and admire in private and in public. I grew up being this way, this is not a wish for sensationalism, this is who i am was and will be. My mother was beautiful, delicate, and thought me to appreciate these wonderful qualities in a woman. Dating is just a where we ROMANCE again our love, and we start it all over again. “we move as one” I am romantic. My angel is ROMANTIC. My future wife is not an average woman, she is really really an ANGEL. I will play this song for you tonight : ALL TIME HIGH … Find me. We are getting closer to the beginning of the end and to the beginning of what we just have began. If I had a credit card, I would find you on line. I’ve tried but I can’t. My angel also understand I am a simple man. YOU are next.

  35. Paul

    I have incorporated virtually all of these practices in all of my recent relationships however, having them returned has been less than satisfactory. I actually dated one woman who stated outright that men do not require compliments, romance or PDA. Excuse me?!?! I know that not all women are quite so oblivious to basic human needs but it seems that this message needs to be spread on both sides of the Mars/Venus border.

  36. Shelda

    This is so true every guy ahold read this because most of them don’t no how to treat a girl they think sex is the answer to everything ,they can b so selfish

  37. brenda

    Don’t always think loving gestures MUST end in sex. I really want to feel loved not only for sexual purposes. Treat me lovingly, kiss me hello and goodbye, cuddle me ALL WITHOUT thinking it will lead to sex. Sometimes we don’t want sex we just want to feel loved.

  38. Maria Avillanoza

    Yeah it is nice when the guy is romantic and truly showing his love and trying to give love to her thats a witnesses from women to inlove.but why I experience first he trying to show his interested to me and now his showing bad attitude to me?


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