A Guide to a Better Sex Life

Sexual Bliss is Just Around the Corner

Studies suggest that a good sex life helps people live a longer, better life. Of course, that could also be taken to suggest that those who are healthier and happier just have more sex. Either way, if you’re going to go, you might as well go out with a bang (pun intended). Let’s look at five areas that can improve your experience, just by following a few simple tips.

1. The Body

The Calming Effects of Exercise

We know that exercise is good for us, but most never realize just how good. One of the theories of performance problems in men and women is that daily anxiety caused by work, relationships, etc. can produce stress hormones (fight or flight), making it difficult to get in the mood. When you exercise regularly, you release chemicals (oxytocin) that have a calming effect over the body. When the body is relaxed, it’s better able to prepare itself for sex. One of the best exercises to curb anxiety is yoga.

The Arousing Capability of Exertion

A man’s erectile problems are often improved by finding ways to relax his mind. However, some research suggests physical exertion may be a more effective tool for women. Vigorous activity that increases blood flow throughout the body, engorges the sex organs, releases endorphins, and mysteriously makes women feel more aroused. This research indicates the window of effectiveness is short, meaning that your sexual peak will occur somewhere within fifteen minutes of completion of your workout.

2. The Mind

Autonomy (Self-Governing)

Your mind has a big influence over your sexuality. Women’s lib has made great strides over the years, but the inequality of the orgasm is still very much apparent. While 90 percent of men in surveys report satisfaction with sex (including having regular orgasms), only 50 percent of women have the same enthusiasm. It’s not all the guy’s fault. These surveys suggest that women who are aware of their self, and vocalize their needs to their partner, tend to be more satisfied. However, guys can encourage their partner’s pleasure by practicing empathy (“How would this feel for her?”).

“Attracting sex is simple.  The hard part is when someone believes that sex and love are the same or that one will naturally lead to the other.” – Reed ext. 5105

3. The Wonder Years

Making Out

The early years of sexual exploration bring fond memories for many people. Even if your first experiences weren’t all that great, the exploration part probably made it better than it would have been. Busy adults often bypass the experimental play that used to lead to sex, settling for a quickie instead. Sexperts recommend getting in touch with those youthful memories, by kissing and touching your partner with your clothes on. There are at least ten different ways to kiss, yet many adult relationships settle for only two (the “I love you” peck and the five-second frencher).

Guilty Pleasures

An online survey reported that fifty percent of men and women who’ve abandoned their church also admit to an increase in sexual satisfaction. Not everybody in these surveys became happier, but there was enough of a difference to perk some researcher’s attention. Many of you may have grown up feeling shameful about your sexuality. You don’t have to leave your religion to benefit from better sex. All you have to do is leave those guilty feelings behind.

4. Priming

Monkey Read… Monkey Do

Studies suggest that both men and women can prime themselves for sex. While a nudie magazine may be all a guy needs to start his engine, for women romance novels hold quite a bit of promise for prelighting a cold oven. How much difference can reading about sex make? According to surveys, you may find yourself enjoying making love with your partner about 75 percent more often than you do now, and I did say enjoy! If you’re not a reader, evidence suggests that frequent fantasizing can have the same effect.

Slip Sliding Away

Can better sex come in a bottle? One of the easiest ways to improve your sexual experience is to introduce some slippery stuff to your intimate sessions. Surveys suggest the reason many women find sex unpleasant, is because their own lubrication is not enough to keep the motion of their ocean smooth and pain free. This is a fact of life that happens to women of all ages. Anything that causes a dry mouth (alcohol, over-the-counter drugs, birth control, stress, etc.), can also cause a dry yahoo. The most recommended lube for all occasions is water-based, but even saliva does wonders in a pinch.

“For some, love and sex are intertwined, but most people have the ability to enjoy love without sex or sex without love – if they let go and allow themselves to do so.” – Reed ext. 5105

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32 thoughts on “A Guide to a Better Sex Life

  1. zetamari

    its really true having more time of love making with your partner will make your relationship more sweeter and stronger….

  2. khan

    I agree your comment. As because, sex is the beautiful thing that gifted by God, who is able to see nicely he/she can make better…

    Pls. keep that you are good in mood and don’t think anything without him/her (who is doing sex with you) at the sex doing time and determine your mind after doing the job that ” We have finished fully and we are very very much happy now”.. then you will see you are great..

  3. Lupe

    hi Laura, if he is not getting satisfied i don’t think is your problem, something else it’s going on
    scratch his body, his back and thighs slowly rub his body really gentle. kiss his ears and his neck and bite him a little bit. maybe he is turning into a rock.

  4. miles

    I have a beautiful lady in my life and after 10 years sex just keeps getting better. I am 55 and she is 59. Senuality is emotional and sexuality is physical. Without sensuality it is just cheap chinese food BE WELL

  5. dorothy

    I find this so realist.
    But what if you don’t have a partener in your life?
    I left my partener behind after going through 6 years of mental abuse.
    I do find myself very attracted to a 7 yr. younger widower.
    He does not show any attraction to me.
    i cannot find another man as long as I have this STRONG attraction
    to this wonderful and good man.

  6. Laura

    I often have problems getting my boyfriend to climax. I can work on it and work on it and he doesn’t come. Can you help me?

  7. Delmar W. Arave

    Sexual pleasure without the guilt is miraculously rewarding for both sex’s.
    Sex with guilt only produces neurotic children, as they are a reglection of the act that created them.

  8. Elizabeth LaDouceur

    That was a very fine article. Very well put. It was cute and really correct. At the end when you said that water based lubes are the preference, I remember when people used to use vasoline…a petroleum product which must have been really hard for out bodies to dispel and who knows , might of collected bacteria and caused cancer.

  9. kailash

    i am kailash from Delhi India

    guide for better is just excellentttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    but the problem still persists

    when females dont wont to talk or listen about sex

    than the matter here

  10. shashikant

    Respected sir ,
    I want sex more time with my freid please suggest any best mediecine to me please suggest to me on of the medicien for more time doing the sex with my partner please suggest

    thanking you

    shashikant k k

  11. Deanna

    What if you’ve been fixed basicly like Hystarectomy,an you just don’t want sex at all ,an when I do have sex its like a 5min. thing in an out an done?What do I do?


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