9 Ways to Rediscover How to Love and Trust

Learn to Open Up Again

When you’ve been through a betrayal or a severe disappointment in romance, most of us take one of two paths: either we rush into a new relationship with the first creature with a willing pulse, or we seal ourselves off from any human contact.

Neither of those options should be pursued!

In the course of my study of past lives, I’ve seen many people drawn into hopeless and desperate situations. With each new encounter, they’re certain that the focus of their affection is the “one and only.” In reality, these passions are often leftover from lifetimes past, and the “unfinished business” is simply learning to release that person, that energy, and move on.

Sometimes we’re drawn into a moment with someone who’s obviously filled with drama and, often, lies. We think they “need” us, or that we can somehow rescue them from a dreadful situation they’ve created. Before long, we’re knee deep in their world, and we completely ignore our own needs and desires. We become the messiah to their perpetual victim.

Setting yourself free from such a debacle can be both exhilarating and frightening: like a roller coaster with no brakes! It’s liberating and disorienting all at the same time!

Once you find yourself on the other side of such a relationship, finding your most desired direction can feel like it takes a lifetime. Time is healing, but healing does not require an eternity.

Here’s a step-by-step plan for rediscovering your dreams:

1. Stop obsessing over your ex! That part of your life is finished and the door has closed. It’s time to explore new options. You can’t move on and embrace a new love if you continually look back over your shoulder. After all, the opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference. Once you truly feel nothing at all, you have moved on.

2. Be gentle with yourself. You have been through a tremendous event. Just like anything else that requires time to heal, it takes time.

3. Journal. Write and write and write. Get your thoughts out on paper and really look at what your heart has been saying all along. So many of us “Forrest Gump” our way throughout our lives: we have no real direction, and life simply “happens to us.” Maybe it’s now time to explore other avenues of expressing love. There are lots of ways to demonstrate love, and they don’t always need to be romantic.

4. Get out and do something! Rediscover things that you enjoyed doing before you allowed yourself to be dragged into the gravitational pull of your ex’s drama. Find new friends. Embrace the old ones who are supportive of your new life. If they aren’t, they simply have no place in your world.

5. Do something new and exciting just for you. Change your hair color. Move to a new locale. Be the hero/ine of your own story. Celebrate losing 220 pounds of “ugly fat” (or thereabouts… however much your ex weighed!) and enjoy the possibilities only freedom can offer! Living well really is the best revenge.

6. Let yourself date… often. Do not attach yourself to the first person you meet. Would you buy the first pair of shoes you saw? Probably not. Why, then, would you place such an immediate fulfillment clause on something as important as your newly healed heart?

7. Take your time. This is about what YOU want. Open your heart slowly and deliberately. Nothing ends a budding possibility as quickly as the feeling of desperation. Let your new life unfold organically. Don’t force it!

8. Stay strong and be patient! Remember: The person who is waiting for you also has changes that need to be made in his/her life, too.

9. Have periodic readings with a trusted psychic. Check in to make sure things are developing as they should. If there is an area in your life that may need a bit of “tweaking,” a good psychic can usually find it and address it with you. Once you notice that you are trusting again, it will be time to fall in love.

Remember: We create that which we fear. We attract what we think we are worth. We generate that which we think we deserve.

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6 thoughts on “9 Ways to Rediscover How to Love and Trust

  1. Jesse 9027

    You are all WONDERFUL!!! Keep up the truly rgeat work and be very proud of the changes you have made in your life! Thank you for your kind words and keep that fantastic self-worth flowing!
    You deserve great things and great things are coming!!
    With my love, gratitude and blessings,
    Jesse 9027

  2. Cat

    Very good article! I needed it. I am still grieving over a lost love – and it still hurts after 3 months. But I lost over 20 pounds, highlighted my hair and changed my clothing – and I feel better – especially when my ex saw me today and checked me out!! I just smiled and walked on.

  3. ernita

    Today I sat in church over an hour trying to find answers to the dilemma of the why’s. Why did we have to meet? Why can’t I put him behind me after two years of agonizing? How long am I going to wait for him still even though the odds are slim that he will come back for me? Is he really worth it? If I really meant a lot to him, why didn’t he take this chance? I will save your article for it gives me a lot to ponder on. It is teaching me how to cope. Each of these points are lessons to follow and learn them. They are answers to my prayers. Thank you!

  4. Faith ext. 9608Faith ext. 9608

    Always love your articles Jesse! This one is a gem! Beautifully written, great advice!

    Blessings, Faith ext. 9608


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