8 Ways to Fall Head Over Heels

These Soulmate Tips Will Knock Your Socks Off!

Love is not for the faint of heart. If you think you’re ready to be with your soulmate, be prepared to do some dirty work! Nothing worth having is easy, and when dealing with matters of the heart and spirit, there will be some hardships to overcome! If you’re truly ready to face and conquer those challenges and find your true mate, then read on!

Expose Yourself

Forget emotional baggage, the fear of vulnerability and the possibility of getting hurt. All of life is a risk (and hard work), especially in pursuit of anything worth having, so be willing to be vulnerable!

Watch the Moon

When the Moon is new to full (waxing moon phase), energy is building. When meeting new people and beginning new relationships, this is the best time to create the strongest and truest soulmate bond.

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Change Your Thoughts

The thoughts you have now were created by your past. Whatever fears and stagnations you have experienced impact your current thoughts and beliefs, so take control of your thoughts to create something new and better. Make the effort to embrace and project more positive energy than negative. Remember, it’s within your power to create the life you want to invite your soulmate into.

Be Blind

Drop any preconceived notions of what your soulmate should look like! This is about spirituality and the heart, not physical appearances. Naturally, you expect to feel physical attraction for your soulmate, but we need to avoid fixating on an idealized image that prevents us from seeing the soulmate right in front of us.

Embrace Failure

It is through allowing yourself to fail that you learn life lessons. Embrace the potential of failure! If you spend all of your time too afraid to fail, then you will never be open enough to let the right person in.

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Show Them Your Worst

While you may want to look your best in your soulmate’s eyes, this is about true spiritual companionship, so drop the act! This is not to say that you disrespect them or your bond, but simply that you must both be all that you really are—the good and the bad. There’s no hiding with your soulmate!

Make Yourself Uncomfortable

Opening up and being vulnerable to another human being is scary and uncomfortable. Do it anyway. It’s the only way you will grow past emotional challenges and hang-ups. It will also bring you and your partner closer together.

Yes, Bring Up Your Exes

Everyone comes with some emotional baggage from previous relationships. It’s important that you both move past those memories and heal what needs healing within the heart. If that means talking through past exes and experiences, so be it. Each of you needs to understand where the other has been just as much as where the two of you are going together.

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4 thoughts on “8 Ways to Fall Head Over Heels

  1. Bella

    4 AL — ???? why are you doing this 2 UR self – or why are UR letting this woman mess with UR mind – by planing mind games getting the best of you why ??? BCZ UR allowing – letting her get inside UR head that’s why .. can you honestly do a list about the real truth – about the true pro verses the cons ???? If she wanted 2 be with you she would be with you NOW & yes you would be her 1 & only 1 choice now you see … You need 2 dig deep inside of UR own self ask your self this “” what would make you 🙂 “” I don’t think it would be her – or your answers 2 your prayers like UR thinking it is with her – so plz answer the – or that question honestly 2 UR self in private 1st 2 help you decide if you can honestly choose 2 continue 2 live that way or like that ??? My guess is a no , Even better why would you want 2 live like that ??? plz do me a favor ask UR self that 1 good question 1 st can you continue 2 live n that N or a state of constant crazy limbo !!!! If you can live like that sorry you made UR bed – you will need 2 owner 2 & you will be the only 1 2 blame 4 it end the end !!! Personally My thought is this – how fast can you run & run away fast ???? FYI my friend UR not the problem , no it’s not with you nor ON you ever, nor is there anything that you can – could – or would do that’s gonna change her or the out come – honestly or I personally do doubt it would change NATA .. I’ve been there – done that == Yes I do realize – know from experience matter of the heart can get sticky – verses the tricky part , when a relationship is not working out , however plz let her ass go plz & ASAP 2 , yea you will be doing UR self a huge favor !!!! If it’s meant 2 be yes IT will BE …. 4 now do UR self a big favor , Plz walk away ASAP leave her where she IS @ – now by the way which is NO where & IF she so chooses of her OWN FREE will yes sir if she so chooses 2 live this way – & lay her head @ OR with the ——– of the earth … Let her by all means … Whoosh be gone !!! You see how easy that was ???? Find someone else who truly deserves you & your love … I’m a Capricorn I Hate 2 be the barrier of bad news – however – “” it USA what it is “” FYI – also no sir IT isn’t with you nor will you ever be able 2 fix her it nor her useless utter BS either no – it’s not ever gonna change – happen , send her on her way , let the girl go by all means == no it will never be with your BUTT so why make her vs tour problem == NATA but kindness you can do this & the sooner you get this over with – the better off why bc you will not be 2 fix get she don’t want no honest help – so NO toy can’t fix her not ever == NO IT is ALL with her & 4 gosh darn sure 2 , like i said “” you deserve so much better == “” once again RUN – walk away my friend ASAP 2 “” 😉 Psps deep N UR heart , some how I think you already do know this – OR you do at least realize what you must do 2 … If I’m keeping it real to …. Be blessed stay safe

  2. al

    I have meet my soul mate but shes younger than me we have great connection she says she loves me , but she i love with some one else that damage her in all kinds of ways and keeps going back to him. It drives me crazy i give her true love when shes with me but as soon as he showes she runs to him. WHATS A GUY TO DO?

  3. Sue

    They say the eyes are the windows to the soul…that’s how you know if someone is right for you. Trust your instinct. It doesn’t often let you down.

  4. DAN

    I keep getting the idea that I am suppost to be out looking foer this soulmate but what o you do when youdont have the money to go anywhere I am stuck here how can imeet this person


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