7 Ways to Have Rock Star Sex

While there are not many rock stars your average level-headed person would seriously want to become involved with, fantasies of a one night stand with them are quite common, and for good reason. Fabled “rock star” sex gets its name for being wild, confident, exciting, dangerous, mysterious, and uninhibited. But do you actually need the rock star to experience these feelings? Heck no. Here are seven ways to make your own rock star sex stories, without the rock star.

1. Exciting Places, Exciting Sex
Sometimes just getting away from the bedroom can make all the difference. Think, the kitchen table, bathtub, staircase, or the front or backseat of your car (one of Scarlet Johansson’s favorite places). One thing about rock stars, is they make the most of wherever they are when it comes to sex. Sometimes there’s no better way to say, I love you, than experiencing something new with your partner. Just make sure you won’t get arrested in the process! Heidi Klum, and husband, Seal, prefer to have sex anywhere and anytime they can be alone (closet, attic, etc.). They have kids, so their playtime is a little more like hide-and-go-seek.

2. Anytime Can Be a Good Time for Sex
One of the most common mistakes couples make, is falling into the same pattern of sex. This means usually at the same time, in the same place, and involves the same old tricks. How about mixing things up and reintroducing the “quickie”. While planned, love making has its place, there is something exciting about just letting the moment strike you, and taking your partner on the spot. Carmen Electra tells Cosmopolitan magazine that she likes to be prepared for anytime sex with a kit she keeps in her vehicle/work, including heels, lip gloss, and perfume.

3. Dress the Part
Men are visual animals, and one thing that gets their fire burning is a visual display of sex. Most men love a women dressed in burlesque attire. This includes sexy stockings, lingerie, high heels, and anything else you can think of to get your partners engine started. Dita Von Teese, ex-wife to Marilyn Manson, swears by the power of the right garter belt and stockings.

4. Play the Part
How many rock stars have gone out with a stripper? Probably, nearly all of them. Why? Because there is something sexy about they way they taunt and tease. Enjoying in the occasional striptease should not be forbidden in a healthy relationship. In fact, it can be a very intimate experience for a couple to engage in mutual striptease for each other. If your not sure how your partner will react, take a chance and show a side they may have never seen before. They just might like it!

5. Role Play
Mel B. (a.k.a. Scary Spice) recommends taking it a bit further in the bedroom and incorporating whips (and rope) to keep things spiced (pun intended) up. You may not be a rock star, but there’s nothing that says you can’t play like one.

6. Make a Video, Without the Tape
The most exciting part of making a video (or taking sex pictures), is that feeling you are being watched. The problem with this type of sex play is if one of these tapes or photos gets into the wrong hands. The answer is simply to use a camera, and stream it live on your television for your viewing pleasure. This offers the same excitement, without the regret later. Another way to gain this effect is to use mirrors hung around the bed (ceiling, headboard, etc). Heather Locklear is a bonafied mirror junkie when it comes to sex.

7. Spend the Day Naked
Christina Aguilera has told Cosmopolitan magazine she likes to have “Naked Sundays” with husband, Jordan Bratman, to keep their relationship heated. If ever you find yourself in a sexual rut with your partner, try spending the entire day with them, nude. It will be hard to keep your hands off each other. Just remember to close the windows and send the kids off to grandma and grandpa’s!

The advice above is a good way to break through difficult barriers that occasionally build-up around a stagnate relationship, but they should not be used in substitution of a true spiritual sexual relationship. Your best sex will ultimately have less to do with novelty, gadgets, positions, technique, and herbal concoction, and more with the connection to your partner.

Recent research by The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, has unveiled sex secrets of couples who have maintained great sex for over a quarter of a century.

Their success involved enterprising on the moment, synchronizing with each others life energies, engaging in extra-ordinary communication, surrendering vulnerability and inhibition, and taking the occasional risk.

Sex can become an extension of a couples love and adoration for each other, but they must first surrender themselves to the experience! It is unfortunate that due to the inhibition we often grow up with, this is sometimes more easily said than done. That is why a little bit of rock star in all of our lives can never be wrong.

18 thoughts on “7 Ways to Have Rock Star Sex

  1. Jagdish

    I just want to tell you that I am all new to blogging and acaltluy savored your web blog. Probably I’m likely to bookmark your blog . You acaltluy come with excellent articles. Many thanks for sharing your blog.

  2. Hyunhee

    Avoid sexual ieusrcotrne until you help him master his orgasm.use your hand to bring him close to his orgasm, and as soon as you feel him comming ( or get him to tell you) squeeze his penis with your thumb and finger just under the head as tightly as you can, to stop him ejaculating, ( it takes a bit of practice)if that fails do the same at the base of his penis, right at his pubic boneIf you can get him to control it for longer, and you return to actual ieusrcotrne try not to make any movement, until he gets into a rythymgood luck

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  11. Babsy

    Tray — “In fact, most fantasies are simply about our curiosity. Let’s look at a few of the most common sex fantasies, their underlying meaning and what they suggest about us, intimately.”

    “Sexual dysfunction in a relationship is often rooted in past experience, present insecurity, and future expectation. So if you remove these pressures, what you have left is an intensely satisfying sexual fantasy.”

    I think this is a more psychological piece…with a viewpoint which doesn’t hit the reader over the head, but treats delicate subject matter in a profoundly sensitive way.

  12. tray

    The blurb in the daily ‘scope email said “Get the lowdown. Learn what our wildest fantasies reveal”, yet the link had only a mundane and hackneyed story telling the reader to “role play” in various circumstance reminiscent of an adolescent, NOT what various “fantasies reveal”. Shallow, uninformative, and misleading. Typical or most articles on this site.

  13. chila

    i think star rock sex can be great sometimes but i dont thing its something you get into all the time. mabe from time to time you could have wild sex just to spice up your relationship with your husband/boyfried or fiance.all the sme i enjoyed the post JEN. more of that…..chila

  14. Groupy

    I find this post interesting. My fiance is a ‘rockstar’ and thus technically we have rockstar sex every time. However, you know the things that really do me make me think “I’m sleeping with a great artist” aren’t the kinky or more lurid behaviors – he actually isn’t such a fan of the whips or the stripping or any of that garbage. The thing he likes the most still is when he is home working and I walk up to him, sneak up behind him, tell him I love him and kiss the back of his neck and say “i wish you were naked”.
    As for the sex, the best way to remind me we are having rockstar sex, at least in my opinion, is not being crazy (though he does love my nails in his back as I am about to orgasm), but rather when we just make out like 13 year old kids while having sex, or when he speeds up and he grabs hold my hand or starts kissing me up and down my arm. I also let him take control and just make love to my body. Messing up his hair after a concert and he’s all sweaty also works well (for the non-music man this just could happen after a work out, a shower, or even during sex if he is sweaty) as in a hardly lit room (or even in a lit room) the silhouette of messy man hair is very sexy.
    After all, while the “rockstar” lifestyle may be attractive for its wildness, I think one of the reasons people are so attracted to rockstars is because of their intense passion. That’s why the only time I ever actually say “wow that was some good rockstar sex” to him is after we had the kind were he couldn’t keep his hands from being over my body or take his lips off my skin (even if its just him lightly biting the tips of my fingers).
    The best part of that also is that you aren’t having kinky sex (which in a lot of ways brings a couple mentally farther apart) but rather have full body, mind and soul sex… and that beats any other kind. In my opinion, anyways.

  15. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I was tripping down memory lane as I read this article….I also had made love to the same boyfriend/fiance ( Mark) one foggy,misty Halloween night in a cemetary….under a near, very full, very large, yellow-orange full moon.
    That was very romantic too……( looked like scene out of a romantic vampire movie). Same full dressed Harley-Davidson parked nearby.
    Good thing that Harley full dresser couldn’t talk. Ahhhhh…. the stuff memories are made of.
    LOL…..I’m older now….but never regreted a thing Mark & I did back then.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  16. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    MANY, many moons ago….when I was 18…One warm summer day…I made love with my boyfriend/fiance on the back of a full dresser Harley-Davidson in the Forest Preserves , ( As far as I know, nobody saw us).
    Mark was 6’4″ tall with blond hair and brown eyes and looked like a Nordic Viking..in fact, he was Swedish/Norwegian.
    On a sadder note…he was killed, 3 blocks from home,rear-ended sitting at a stoplight by a delivery truck, on his Harley about two months later.
    I do NOT regret ANY of the fun, or the sex, he & I had way back then.
    ahhhhh….the memories are sweet!
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500


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