7 Ways Kissing Can Boost Your Love Life

The science of kissing is a fairly new field, and has been named “philematology.” There have been plenty of studies in recent years which have uncovered some very interesting assumptions about the function of kissing. In fact, if we collect all this information and begin to look at its patterns, we can begin to deduce the ways in which we can use this information to improve our overall love lives. Let’s start from the brain and make our way to the lips:

It’s Not You, It’s My Genetic Sensors

The lips, nose, tongue, mouth, and ears are the parts of the body (beside the sexual organs) holding the highest portion of sensors. Each time we kiss, we are overwhelmed by a flood of tactile sensation, taste, smell, and sound – research suggests that women use these to indicate whether or not a man is a good genetic match for her.

The brain deciphers a man’s genetic makeup through his saliva, and if she deems him to be a good specimen, she’ll swoon, and if he’s not, no matter how good of a kisser he is, his pucker will fall flat. This explains why 59 percent of men and 66 percent of women report a loss of interest in a person directly after the first kiss, so don’t take this kind of rejection to heart.

Kissing Creates Pair Bonding

Although not completely conclusive, studies suggest that kissing may release the chemical oxytocin, which initiates pair bonding in couples. This is theoretically one of the reasons why couples can stay together past the initial passion/romance stage of a relationship and raise children. Not incredibly romantic, but at least it shows that Mother Nature is rooting in the favor of monogamy.

Mind Your Hygiene

Studies suggest that despite the genetic draw for women, whether or not she’ll extend a date past the first kiss also depends highly on the hygiene of her partner. Brushing his teeth and gargling with a good mouthwash before each date is just as important as we’ve all been told.

Chocolate: The One Thing Better than a Kiss

There is only one true foe of a kiss, according to studies, and that’s chocolate. Chocolate creates a more intense and longer lasting “buzz” in both men and women, no matter how passionate and intense a kiss is. We can use this little bit of information, however, putting chemistry on our side by using chocolate lip gloss, or pre-staging a kissing interlude with a chocolate treat.

It’s Cool to Drool

Okay, now bare with me here, as this particular research can get a little sloppy. According to samples of saliva in men, there is a noticeable concentration of testosterone. It can be deduced from this that there is at least a slight chance that the sloppiest of open mouth kissing, might actually transfer more of his testosterone to his partner in lip lock, thus increasing her sex drive. One problem: Most women don’t like sloppy kissing… Doh!

Kissing is a Prerequisite to Intercourse at Least 85 Percent of the Time

Surveys show that the portion of men requiring a kissing session before getting down to sex is only about 50 percent. Women, on the other hand, require a kissing session prior to intercourse at least 85 percent of the time. This offers some additional proof on the genetic theory that women must first screen their partners for genetic compatibility before getting down to the practice of baby-making.

Kissing Keeps Our Loved Ones Around Longer

Besides all the health benefits associated with kissing, such as lower stress levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol, kissing also initiates the process known as cross-immunotherapy. By sharing saliva with a partner, we are in effect exposing ourselves to 20 percent of unknown bacteria. This stimulates our immune systems to create anti-bodies, making us less susceptible to illness (a sort of love-vaccine).

What are your favorite kissing secrets?

6 thoughts on “7 Ways Kissing Can Boost Your Love Life

  1. Paulette

    Tongue kissing (frenching) is the BEST!!! It turns me on to no end. I have found a man that is very compatible with me on kissing. Wet kissing is the BEST for us, not sloppy, just very, very wet and exciting!!! Kissing makes me feel so connected to him and I do swoon…..YUM!!! When we kiss, we actually get so turned on we BOTH get dizzy….. Making out is great even when you are 46!!! So enjoyable to finally be with someone who loves to kiss as much as I do.

  2. Passion

    I think a lot of men like to kiss and they know that a woman needs that especially before love-making. A kiss or kisses need moist lips and enough time to thorougly convey a ‘message’ to the kissee and vice versa. Take your time, enjoy the mood, make each other want more and mean it. The good feelings from a long warm kiss can be better than chocolate!!!

  3. Victor

    wow……to love somebody its not easy.its so ironic, to see that you have everything but still you are unable to meet the greatest relationship,thes ceellphones are so useless and worthless. aall i can do was to be in touch……regading to hard priolity of love, it only said”when you find lover be patient so that you can,meet the promised Kiss” c u there…….the psychics said……oh this was so amazing. …………………………..your kiss as!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a human pawpaw.dem.

  4. Jacqueline

    It’s very interesting to know all the scientific facts regarding kissing, silly me was thinking a kiss was just a kiss, Remember the statement in Pretty Woman, she said she never kissed a client, well I would have to say that kissing can be so intimate, gets all the juicy stuff flowing nothing like a deep passionate kiss.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  5. pa75

    I’ve been told by the psychics I’ve read with that a man I’m incredibly interested in will eventually come around for me, and that we have 19 karmic connections. I feel so lucky that he is also a very good kisser! I experienced it last year and couldn’t help but moan when he kissed me. I hope guys don’t mind that, he didn’t seem to mind. You used the word tactile here, Eric, and I have to say that describes my sensuous guy. I’m glad to know there are health benefits to kissing, and for slightly older women like me (50) a little testosterone contribution wouldn’t hurt! This is a ‘keeper’ article for me.

  6. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Love a good kisser !!!! He has to have ” masterful ” lips…..he he

    I agree with the drooling though…..don’t like droolers.
    If I want drool, I’ll kiss my dog. LOL!!!!!!!……

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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