6 Ways to Energize Your Relationship This Summer

Energize Your Relationship

A Summer Relationship Refresh

With summer coming, you have an opportunity to give your partnership a bit of a refresh. No matter how strong a relationship is, any twosome can benefit from switching things up and infusing some new energy into their everyday. As temperatures rise, turn up the excitement in your bond by trying the following summer tips. You won’t regret it!

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1. Reimagine Date Night
If your go-to dates typically consist of dinner and a movie—as many of ours do—switch things up by taking advantage of the warmer weather. Pack a picnic you can take to the park, hit the drive-in rather than hole up in the local cinema, attend a street fair or take in an outdoor concert. A change of scenery—and being outdoors—will give your relationship a lift.

2. Get Into Nature
The days are longer, giving you many opportunities to get outside. Check out local hikes in your area on the weekends or take a short drive to the nearest beach or national park. Even just taking a walk around your neighborhood after work is a great way to connect with the outdoors, and each other.

3. Schedule a Romantic Weekend Away
Summer is an ideal time for traveling. Whisk each other away to a special destination, or just get a hotel room in your city and have a staycation. Being in a new place, even if it happens to be close to where you live, will provide a little adventure, which is sure to rev up your relationship. Plus, we could all use a vacation, right?

4. Sleep Naked
Going to bed sans clothing is an easy and fun way to put some new energy—and intimacy—into your relationship. There are a number of benefits to forgoing the ol’ pajamas, the least of which is that you’ll both be in the mood for love.

5. Host Friends in Your Backyard
If your home has a backyard or patio area, consider playing host to your pals and inviting everyone to come over for a meal, cocktails, game night or a combination thereof. Gathering your crew is a great way to socialize, and hosting your friends, together, can be a great bonding experience for you two, and enhance your relationship. You’ll get to work as a team to prep your home and the food, then you’ll reap the benefits of your labor when your pad is full of loved ones having a blast.

6. Add Some Fire to Dinners at Home
Rather than cook the same old meals you’ve been chowing down on year ’round, use summer as a great chance to fire up the BBQ—or buy one, if you’ve been meaning to—and eat at home al fresco. Just changing up your dinner ritual can infuse your relationship with new life, especially if one or both of you have never grilled before. Learning new skills together is a great way to boost your bond too! No room for a BBQ outside? You can get an indoor grill instead.

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