6 Simple Ways to Show Her Love and Affection

Women: A Unique and Special Brand of Humanity

Where would we be without the mothers, wives, aunts, sisters, girlfriends, mentors and girly advice-givers in our lives? Whether they are leading countries or running households or both, women have come a long way throughout history, and we have been celebrating International Women’s Day on this date since 1977. In honor of this holiday, take the time to celebrate the important woman or women in your life. Here are six simple, yet heartfelt gestures that will warm her heart, honor her and show her gratitude for all that she has done for you.

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1. Plant a Tree in Her Honor
If the special woman in your life is a nature lover, she’ll love this! Pick a plant with special meaning such as a rose bush because it’s her favorite flower or a ginkgo biloba tree to show her she is always in your thoughts, and you’ll always remember her love.

2. Make a Charitable Donation in Her Honor
If that special lady in your life has been generous to you, chances are she has been generous to others. If she has a favorite charity, make a donation in her honor. She’s helped you, so pay it forward by helping others.

3. Give Her an Inspirational Book
If she’s a lover of poetry, give her a book of poems, or write her a poem if you’re feeling creative. Books by strong, influential women are also great gifts. If she is religious, give her a book about prayer. Be sure to include a heartfelt note inside the book.

4. Pamper Her With a Day Off
Treat her to brunch and a spa day. A generous woman is a busy woman, so she could probably use a relaxing massage or a rejuvenating facial. And go with her! You deserve some pampering too.

5. Take a Trip
Whether it’s a day trip or a weekend away, take her on a vacation. You could return to the place you first met, or go to a place she has fond memories of. Maybe you’ll go to a place she’s always wanted to travel to.

6. Say “I Love You”
Tell her you love her. These words are so powerful—especially when they are backed up by actions and gestures. It doesn’t matter who this woman is to you; she could be your wife, sister, mother, mentor, friend, etc. She has cared for you because she loves you, so tell her you love her and appreciate her in return. Let her know how grateful you are to have such a special woman in your life on International Women’s Day and every other day of the year.

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  1. LJ

    Dear Muhammad: I will absolutely agree with your comment. This article, however, was written in honor of International Women’s Day, hence the focus on women. You do have a point though. Maybe you should work on getting an International Men’s Day in gear. I’ll be sure to write about it. Thanks.


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