6 Signs the Single Life Should Be Left Behind

Is it Time to Move On?

Being single can be as healthy at certain points in your life as being in good relationships during other times, and living alone for a time allows you to focus on yourself and your independence in positive ways. But there can be too much of a good thing, and if you find that you’re isolating and alienating yourself from the outside world, developing bad habits which make you less desirable to the opposite sex, then it just might be time for you to leave the single life behind.

1. Locked Into Routine

When you live alone and spend a lot of time with yourself, you begin developing a more rigid way of living which can close you off to others. If you are accustomed to doing everything your own way, in your own space, you may find that inviting others over to your house, or planning an afternoon with them can cause major discomfort for both of you. It takes mental flexibility to share time and space with someone, and the more time you spend on your own, the less open to compromise and the less comfortable you’ll be sharing facets of your life with another person.

2. Fast Food Floozy

There’s nothing wrong with on-the-fly meals enjoyed in moderation, especially if you lead a busy life. But one thing about only cooking for oneself is that people rarely put the same effort into it than if they are sharing a meal for two. It’s easy to develop bad eating habits when it’s just yourself you have to consider. If you’ve forgotten how to comfortably prepare a good home-cooked meal (excluding the culinary challenged, of course), if your fridge is stocked full of five minute, microwave entrees and your eating-out experience is mainly comprised of the drive-thru line at any given restaurant, then it’s probably been too long since you’ve shared a meal with someone special.

3. Bitter About Love

Do you scowl every time you see a couple holding hands or kissing? Do you avoid romantic comedies like the plague, or shoot the nice guy who made a pass at you, your most twisted Cruella DeVille rejection-smile? If so, you may want to take stock of your romantic perception of the world. Perhaps you’ve been hurt in the past; perhaps you’ve been single so long that you have begun to feel like you’ll never have a happily ever after ending. Whatever the case, it’s time to let go of all that negative energy you’ve been projecting, and re-open yourself to all the romantic possibilities of finding someone right for you.

4. Lost Your Mojo

There are certain psychological tricks that being single too long can play on you. Your standards regarding who you’re willing to date decrease, because the more you are out of the dating game, the more you might feel less worthy. Eventually, you can lose confidence in your power of attraction, and as flirting skills become rusty, you may feel that most guys are out of your league.

5. Letting Yourself “Go”

Dating keeps people on their grooming toes, so to speak. It’s natural to want to please your partner by making yourself look nice. If you’ve stopped caring as much about your appearance, you’ll want to halt your slide down that slippery slope. The less you care about your appearance, the more undesirable you will become to the opposite sex, turning your situation into a self-fulfilling prophecy of many date-less nights to come.

6. Chasing After Exes

If you’ve been single so long that you’ve been entertaining the idea of sleeping with any of your exes that are game, you may want to consider heading straight for the dating field again. If you are pining for old flames, and any sort of intimacy that comes with being with them again, that might be a sign that you’re ready to re-enter the dating market and shop around for the kind of mate with whom you can build a happy and fulfilling relationship.

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