5 Ways to Rev Up Your Libido

Unlock the Joy of Sex… Lots of Sex!

Life can indeed get in the way of even the simplest and most enjoyable of pleasures. The good news is that it’s all up to you to restore your sexual equilibrium. Instead of lamenting about the sexy, erotic lifestyle you used to have, get creative with your sensual self! Here are five ways to increase your sexual libido and bring a freshness to your love life.


Running around all day exhausting yourself leaves no reserves for late night hanky-panky. Exhaustion and stress will challenge any healthy sex drive, so it’s up to you to establish some priorities. Carve out time to escape; more rest and unplugging from daily demands is a necessity so find a spare hour, even if it’s only a few times a week. You’ll see the difference in your interest in a multitude of things— including sex!


Getting your endorphins flowing will always make you feel more alive, healthy and vibrant. Not only will this awaken your body, but it makes you feel better about yourself physically, and we know that a healthy body image does wonders for your sexual self-esteem!

Clean Up Your Diet

Along with exercise, what you eat has a huge effect on your energy levels and feelings of well-being. Not only will you feel better when you eat better, but you’ll probably like your body more. Feeling sexy is imperative to sensual living.

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Highlight the Romance

Romance is a nifty form of foreplay that can help to transport you into that hot and heavy erogenous zone. Romance engages the emotions as well as the body and is a form of wooing that both partners can appreciate.

Whatever Works for You

No one knows you better than yourself, so if you want to see results in your sex drive, give yourself what you need to get there! Feel sexy in what you wear, how you style your hair and how you flirt with the opposite sex. Put yourself in environments that stimulate you on multiple levels. Not only will you feel more alive but you will also tap into the potent reservoir of your own sensual nature.

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5 thoughts on “5 Ways to Rev Up Your Libido


    These advises are common sence,but they are not so common.If practiced,they will anybody’s sex life

  2. Gulzar Ahmed

    Hi, I’m running 54 but looks like 35!! Actually I’m facing problem of impotence since having Diebeties which is at present very little high, healthwise I’m O.K. but not get interest in my wife anymore ?

    I hardly get errection sometimes ? Only if I want to masterbate being alone, yes I do get big errection, while I’m thinking of my dear ‘Male’ friend ? Please advice …


  3. Randy

    I had to retire from work due meds for my heart that slowed my motor skills down, had my house paid off the SUV paid for a new roof and big huge porch built on. Well retiring uner ths conditions cost me my marriage it was ether that or my ife but now that I was kicked to the curb I am not really worried about either. What wasn’t known was retirementand ssd is as much as I was making. So I look at this way. Everything evolves around money something I don’t put that much stock in. So if romance belongs to that group which my marriage proved it did, I don’t need it any longr that is right ladies if things go the way they have went for the last thirty yrs. most guys will start to run. Expectually the the oldr ones.

  4. Laura

    what is in store for me will I stay at the job I am at or will I have better oppurtunities some wheres else when will I ever meet my oulmate and be happy


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