5 Things You Do That Make Your Partner Jealous

X Things You Do That Make Your Partner Jealous

Do You Have a Jealous Partner?

Over 80 percent of people have made their partner jealous at one time or another according to studies. Roughly half of these people do it on purpose to punish their partners, increase their commitment, test the relationship or improve their self-esteem. The other half have really done nothing to incur their partner’s jealousy, which brings us to the five reasons why your partner may be green with envy and what you can do about it.

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Your Need for Attention

You probably already knew that there are things you can do to facilitate extra attention from your partner. You can discuss a previous romance, great sex with an ex, a co-worker who’s been spending extra time around your desk or openly flirt with a stranger at a party. These types of actions are rarely done to hurt or get even with a partner, but are rather a call for attention, more commitment or are a test to see where the relationship stands. If done rarely and subtly, some psychologists agree this may help keep your partner’s interest. If overdone, however, it may create bad feelings, resentment and lead to a breakup. Proceed with caution.

Your Healthy Social Life

Working late, going out with friends and spending time with your pets contribute to a healthy social life, but these activities all take time away from your partner. As a result, they may be jealous of your active and healthy social life and see it as a threat to their happiness. Try to split your free time between your social life and your partner. If they feel like they have some of your attention too, they may not feel jealous. If they aren’t as social as you are, encourage them to join networking groups or social groups for people with similar interests or hobbies. Maybe they won’t be so jealous of you if they have an active social life of their own.

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Your Freedom

If your partner works long hours or can’t get out for another reason, they may be jealous of your freedom. What they don’t realize is that they are in control of their own happiness, and it’s unreasonable to resent your freedom. If you find yourself going out without your partner often, make plans to go out together. And encourage your over-worked partner to work on a healthy work-life balance.

Your Success

You’d like to think that you and your partner are a team, but when it comes to money or success, your partner may be competitive. This is especially true if you both work in the same industry. You know you have a jealous partner on your hands when they can’t be happy for your success or they downplay your accomplishments. Unless you’re rubbing your success in their face, it’s not your fault. Your partner may need to work harder or change careers.

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Your Mystery

It’s likely your partner was attracted to your mystery when you first met. There was so much to explore and learn about you, it was intriguing. But as time went by, your jealous partner took your mystery and started to call it secretiveness. They need to know everything about you and any omitted detail, no matter how minuscule, gets blown up into a lie. Suddenly you’re no longer mysterious; you’re a liar.

Don’t Enable Them

If you have a jealous partner, the worst thing you can do is enable them and contribute to their jealousy. Part of being jealous is the need to control you and your life. You don’t need to be controlled! Your partner has the right to know where you are, but they don’t have the right to expect minute-by-minute updates. They need to be able to trust you, and if they can’t trust you, they need to work on their self-esteem.

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Of course, jealousy and self-esteem issues may have nothing to do with you or your relationship. Perhaps your partner was cheated on in the past or perhaps they cheated. If you’re the cheater, you’ll need to earn your partner’s trust back and that can take a great deal of time.

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    i was the cheater in my relationship but a lot of it was ,NO TIME SPENT. He has scents become ill, we’ve been together for 11yr. i still work,he’s retired. their’s is little or no commucatiom. their is a lot of love lossed on my part because of the passed incidents of him tell me to get out before I cheated.I’m just here cause i have no money.or place to go as yet. His illness has changed him and me completely

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