5 Signs of an Approaching Break Up

See the Train Coming, Get Off the Tracks

Are you constantly wondering if your relationship might be coming to a bitter end? Do you feel like the signs are there, but you’re not really sure what to look for? It’s always sad when a relationship is going downhill, and there are signs when things may not work out as planned. A break-up is always hard on both parties, whether you’re the breaker or breakee. As the song goes, breaking up is hard to do. Here are some signs of impending breaking up to look for, which may actually save you some heartbreak if you’re prepared beforehand.

The Critic Scenario

If you find that you’re bringing out the worst in each other all of sudden and are criticizing each other’s actions, this could be a sure sign that you need to communicate more or that your romance is possibly coming to an end. If his clothes on the floor are bothering you so much that you are shouting at your man, you may want to check in with where you are at with your feelings. If her spending is driving you bonkers that it makes you want to run to your man cave and sulk, check in. If any situation that was normally tolerated and is now incredibly annoying, you may have to check in with each other to see if you are still a strong item or if you may be facing a future break up.

Dull Conversation

Have you found that you have more silent moments than talkative ones? Do you find yourself dining out and talking about the weather or about random boring topics? It’s great that you’re talking, but does it hold any real depth? If you started off as a couple talking about your hopes, dreams and your future as a couple and are now talking about the forecast for the week and the news a bit too much, there might be one of you that might be heading out. Breaking up is hard to do, but you don’t have to be bored to death as it happens.

Enthusiastic or Not

If your partner doesn’t seem interested in hearing about your day like they used to, there might be a problem arising. When enthusiasm is lost, love and interest might be slowly seeping out of the relationship like a deflated balloon. When boredom presents itself within a relationship, there are two options. Fight or flight. Either you fight for the relationship to figure out what’s lacking, or a break up may be rearing its ugly head.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

When your partner is constantly making an excuse not to be with you, you might want to review your relationship and where you’re at. The majority of the time, two people within a relationship “make” excuses with other people to spend more time with their loved one. If your partner is constantly saying they have to work late, go out with their buddies or stay late at the gym, you might want to talk about it before a breakup smacks you in the face.

Makeover Days

Has your partner suddenly changed their clothing style, their hair color or have they undergone an extreme makeover? This could be a sure sign of breaking up. It may appear that your mate wants to impress others and possibly a new interest. Try to approach the conversation calmly and without accusation. It might be a good idea to ask your mate why they’re making so many extreme changes in their appearance, or directly ask them how they feel about you.

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