5 New Dating Rules You Should Follow

Evolve Your Dating Style

As the world evolves, so should your dating style. And it’s not only the new technology that we need to adjust to, but also the new opinions and research. Here are five new dating rules for the ever-evolving modern world.

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Rule 1: Juggle Several Opportunities, but Don’t Advertise It
The world today is all about options. We can choose between hundreds of thousands of videos, thousands of fashion accessories and hundreds of ice cream flavors. And we can choose dating partners with the same ease thanks to the modern mobile dating app. But just because that’s our reality, it doesn’t mean we no longer want to feel special. Author Dan Ariely advises, “If you are in a club and a woman sees you and it seems like you are interested in lots of women, that’s not very appealing. But if she sees you and sees that you are interested uniquely in her, then that becomes very important [to her].” It’s okay to casually date more than one person, but don’t be so obvious about it.

Rule 2: Don’t Wait Around for Their Call
“If he doesn’t call for a second date, it means he’s not interested,” says the relationship expert, April Masini. “No matter how good a time you think you both had on the first date, don’t call him for the second date if he hasn’t called you.” There used to be a three-day rule, and then there was the two-day rule, and I know some people wait an entire week before sending out the rescue dogs, but the modern single shouldn’t count the days at all. It is just too easy to contact someone after a date with a text or snap chat, so there is no good excuse for not doing it sooner rather than later.

Rule 3: A Man Should Be a Balance of Sensitivity and Masculinity
Singer J Sutta says, “I think that masculinity has faded over the years. No one wants a cave man, don’t get me wrong, but deep down, even if we don’t admit it, a woman wants to feel feminine and beautiful when she’s with a man.” I can remember several years ago when all the dating experts were talking about men getting in touch with their sensitive side. Well, a lot of men jumped on that bandwagon, but the scales have swung so far in the opposite direction that women are beginning to miss the strong, confident guys. “A woman wants a man to be a man,” says the Survivorman, Les Stroud. He continues, “[They want a man who is] strong, confident, caring, sensitive to their moods, attentive to discovering their nuances, rugged, strong, with rough hands from hard work, and a good chest for a woman to lay her head on.”

Rule 4: Share Before You Ask Questions
Dating expert Marni Kinrys says, “A lot of guys go up to women, probe them, and ask them question after question trying to figure out what topic they are going to want to open up about. Instead, they should be leading by example and opening up first.” Okay, so most men know that in order for a woman to connect with them, she needs to share some intimate details about herself. But getting to that point takes a lot more work than just asking the right questions. Women need to feel secure before they’re willing to open up. The best way to do this is to open a conversation with an observation about what you two have in common at that moment (the rain you’re standing in, waiting for the same bus, in line at the grocery store, etc.). Then follow up by sharing something about yourself (you forgot your umbrella, your car is in the shop, you can’t believe how much candy you’re buying, etc). And now that she’s had the opportunity to learn a little more about you, she will be more likely to share something about herself.

Rule 5: No Sex On the First Date
“Don’t sleep with him on the first date if you’re interested in a serious relationship,” recommends April Masini. And yes, there will always be exceptions to this rule where sex on the first date led to a long-term relationship, but they’re the exception. Give yourself a chance to get to know them before you jump into bed with them.

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