5 Clues That Tell You He’s Lying

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You are told a lie anywhere from 10 to 200 times a day, according to author Pamela Meyer. In fact, researchers suggest that every 10 minutes on a first date you are being told an average of two to three lies. Some might be little lies, but others could indicate you’re out with a bad apple. Can you recognize a lie when you hear one? Here are five clues that tell you he’s lying.

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1. He Takes a Pregnant Pause

It’s not always the case, but sometimes men who lie pause between sentences. That’s because they are making up what they say as they go along. The craftier ones will buy time by repeating your question back to you (Why am I home so late?), and the even craftier ones create a diversion by rubbing their face, picking a speck of lint off your jacket, or blaming you for whatever it is they did wrong.

2. He’s the Creative Type

Some research suggests that the more creative a person is, the more likely they are to lie (and be really good at it). If you are with someone who knows how to tell a story, chances are he could be telling you a story … about where he was, what he was doing, and who he was doing it with. In you want to catch him in a lie, you need to get creative too. Think up questions he won’t have the answers to!

3. He Shares too Many Details

Some guys think the more details they share, the more believable their lies become. When lying to you, they may repeat the same details over and over again. He may also include details that have nothing to do with the story he’s telling. What’s going on here is that he is making sure that the story you’re hearing is as complete as the lie he is telling. A good way to trip him up would be to ask him a nonlinear question about his story. It will trip him up because he hasn’t made that part up yet!

4. His Body Betrays Him

If you look carefully, you will see the exact moment where his body language betrays him. It could appear as a slight head shake or a shoulder shrug. Basically, any unconscious body movement shows that he’s lying and that he’s unsure about the lie he’s telling and if you’re buying it.

5. He is Adamant About Impossibilities

No matter how impossible the facts, a liar will insist that he’s telling the truth. For example, he claims that he called you three times at a certain time, but you had your phone by you at the time and it didn’t ring. Also, there were no missed calls or voicemails. Even when you catch a liar in a lie, he will insist that everything about his story is true.

6 thoughts on “5 Clues That Tell You He’s Lying

  1. GM

    It’s impossible for even the best liars to recall every detail of every lie they’ve told, so if you notice inconsistencies, or even conflicting versions, as they repeat their stories, it’s a good indicator that something is up. I also have to concur that another red flag is when they keep saying things like, “I’m not lying.” As a famous Shakespeare quote goes, “Methinks thou dost protest too much.”

    Another lie, not mentioned here, is the lie by omission. A now former friend of mine, when she wasn’t saying, “I’m not lying,” kept telling me stories that just didn’t add up. I said the sentence, “This doesn’t make any sense,” so many times in my conversations with her that I actually go tired of hearing myself say it. Later on, if the missing detail happened to slip out, everything would suddenly fall into place. Of course that missing detail would also make it look like she was at fault, instead of the person she’d been pointing the finger of blame to. I have to give her credit though. She was such a fantastic liar because she made sure she told me the truth just enough to where I couldn’t question her credibility. I’ll sum it up by saying I’m so incredibly glad she’s out of my life, and she can deal with her karma on her own.

  2. Debbie

    You got me wondering… Hmmm… I would like to learn more…I am going thru a situation… I do not understand… After 4 years I do not know what to think or believe.. Possible Bi going on

  3. yvonne

    will a man tell you your crazy and that its all in your head. Then when you are about to walk out the door that say ” Can’t you forgive and forget”.


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