4 Ways to Keep the Fire Burning

4 Ways to Keep the Fire Burning in Your Relationship!

Once you’ve passed the stage of “just friends” and you’ve committed to a long term relationship, situations arise that can cause complications. The fire that was once burned begins to fade, and eventually fizzles out. There are many factors that can cause this to happen. Here are four ways to help you understand and resolve those issues.

1. Keep Meddling Friends and Relatives Out of Your Relationship! 

When going through typical relationship issues, it’s important not to complain to your friends or family members about resolvable problems. They may have their own biased opinions and it may not be the best advice. Calling on friends to complain about your mate is not a good idea, because once you’ve made up, you will regret the things that you’ve said. Try to find an unbiased mediator, a trustworthy person that is experienced in relationships, and can give sound advice. You will ultimately make the right decision, if you decide to stay together.

2. The 3 Minute Rule

During an argument it’s hard to listen and talk at the same time. My partner and I created “The 3 Minute Rule.” It’s a great way to establish ground rules during disagreements. This is how it works: You have three minutes to state your case. When you’re done, your partner must reciprocate what you said (to prove that they’re listening); they then have three minutes to rebuttal. This works like a charm, and it’s a good way to stop one another from over talking and interrupting each other. You can also use an object to allow the person to speak. The person, who’s holding the object, has the floor. When they are done, then they have to hand over the ball. This shows respect, and is a great form of communication.

3. Support Your Troops

The mission is to stay together. You have to support each other’s dreams and talk about aspirations and desires. You don’t want to be living with regrets in ten years. Try to help your mate be a rock star. If they fail, at least you’ve given it a fair shot. On the flipside, if they succeed, then you will both reap the benefits.

“Follow your dreams, you can make it happen—use your resources!” – Psychic Blu ext. 9618

4. Keep the Fire Burning

Sex is so important. I’ll say it again, SEX IS SO IMPORTANT! Sex is the highest form of love that you can show one another. Sex can really make a bad day turn into a good day. Be creative and try new things. Take a trip to the sex shop. Spend quality time by planning weekend trips, having candlelit dinners and massages. If you are spending 50% or more of your time making love, then you shouldn’t have many arguments. Ever heard the phrase “you can catch more bees with honey than with vinegar?” You have to keep it going or your fire will burn out. For some great counsel on sex and relationships, don’t hesitate to call Psychic Liam ext. 9290.

Ultimately, it’s up to both parties to keep the fire burning. Will, determination, communication, and teamwork are the main ingredients. Good luck on your progress, and let us know how it works out!

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14 thoughts on “4 Ways to Keep the Fire Burning

  1. Glenda

    I am so grateful after many years being with dishonest men to have married an honest man! A psychic here told me I would but had the wrong one turning on me. Finally it is true love with love making and he said I love you after 3 days, we married after knowing each other 2 months and feel as if we have loved all our lives. When it is right, it is right. As believers, we believe it is.

  2. Teresita sula

    Hi,im tess I’m single n I’m 50yrs old,I had a guy,we had 31/2 months together ,his 51 yrs old and we are not together anymore,I said to him not call me any more,bec wen i ask him wants to be with him for rest of my life n he say he doesn’t want commitment he doesn’t like babies n get married,n I don’t no why,can u give me advised,why

  3. Merry Haack

    Excellent advice but remember when choosing not to love at, or be loved by, but to love with. When you love someone, sex has an extra dimension that makes loving fun, wonderful and smart.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Nice article…..especially tip # 1

    I find myself counseling many , in readings, as to the hazards of tip #1……your relationship and any problems between you and your partner should not be the business of friends and family.

    ( The only exception to the above would be in the case of physical domestic violence occurring and that’s not what this article is about.)

  5. Phoenix

    As usual, when it comes to sex in a long term relationship, all I read is the same regurgitated advise – candle lit dinners, etc. Also, I disagree with this line: “Sex is the highest form of love that you can show one another.” Why put it on a pedestal like that? There are a number of ways to share love in its highest form. Sex is just one of them. I beg everyone who reads this to read “Sex at Dawn” – you will stop trying to fix something that is not broken. People aren’t designed to be attracted to someone familiar they have been with for many years, particularly men are designed to go for the novelty. Testosterone and libido goes down if we are restricted to one person only, for the rest of our lives. It is not natural for us. And a 100 candle lit dinners are not going to change that.

  6. Jo Harris

    What if you love someone, have great sex but can’t stand the fact they drink EVERY night and go to sleep on the couch. Is this one of those I can’t stand it things jbut because I love you I will put up with this bull?

  7. Lovable

    This is so true,especially,when, your in a relationship that you know is worth the effort. The more effort that is put into your partnership. The more he or she will know how much it’s worth.You have to give it your all.Never sit back, and wait on the relationship to commit on its own. It takes two in order for your relationship to last.Telling your family about your business, only makes the relationship worse. Your mate comes first!

  8. Angel

    Wow, 4 ways to keep the fire burning sounds great. I am going to give it a try. Step 2 the 3 minute rule sounds like it may help me the most. Step 1 I don’t talk to friends and family much anyway. Step 3 I’m always supportive, he just doesn’t like to discuss his goals or issues to help solve any problems. Step 4 could defenitly use some perking up but, 50% wow thats a lot for him. Thanks for the tips!

  9. Kutie

    I just can’t believe anyone can keep having sex with the same person after 25 years??? sorry, just doesn’t sound very realistic….I don’t care how strong the relationship might be…but the thought of “humping” each other for that long almost sounds “funny”!!!!!

  10. rosemary

    if sex is the highest form of love we can show each other, how come my husband is always trying to have sex with other women? the first time,we were married for eight months,and,right in front of me,then he had an affair in our HOME with a GAY woman, very busty, while i was at work, i walked in on them and caught them. there have been many more i probably don’t even know about,and i recently found out he has a girlfriend nearby, he even tried to get my friend in her hot tub while we visited, she got away from him,and came in the house really mad,and he came in the house with the look on his face like the cat that swallowed the canary.we will be married for 30 years in feb. i have put with a lot,and,stayed with my husband,but if i had the money to leave at this point i would,i have given him a lot of chances,but now i don’t trust him at all,and i am just broken hearted………………………………

  11. Donald

    I go thru question3 at least once a week and question 4 always happens after argument.
    But I’m really trying to to win a couple of big lottery games before the year ends my girlfriend
    Understands that the reason why we fight is because I do stupid things.


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