4 Types of Wild Lovers

Savage Creatures You Just Might Meet in the Jungle of Love

Love. All you need is love. To love and to be loved—is that really the answer? It’s not as simple as we want to make it sometimes. There are so many different types of love, and as intuitive, sensitive women we need to learn to recognize them in ourselves and in others. We can then go into a relationship clear on what intentions we are sending out into the universe. Love is my gift, my specialty, and I am here to guide people down the highest path to love. Not always the easiest task, right? Here’s an analogy that I came up with to show the different types of love and relationships that we as humans can have, and how ironically we are still very raw and animal…

1. There is a Tiger in every woman, just as there is GOD in us all. We are the embodiment of everything around. We just don’t quite see it on the surface, but our unconscious acts it out with every person we choose. The Tiger Woman. She is beautiful, wild, protective. She is agile, she is sleek when she is caged. She paces back and forth ready to attack.

2. The Watcher is the first type of man. He wants to learn from the Tigress. He knows in his heart that he loves the Tigress, but because of the type of man the Watcher is, he doesn’t know that the Tiger is free, so he doesn’t really learn. A Watcher is a man who is usually married, in a relationship or just goes for or attracts women who are in relationships. They want so badly to be loved, but know that in the wild the Watcher and the Tiger would react completely differently to each other—but in captivity, through glass or bars, the watcher feels protected, like he can learn… but he really never gets to know the Tigress or really be able to let her love him, because he’s scared to be scratched, bitten or worse…

3. The Poacher is one of the worst. He stalks his prey in their natural habitat; he gets to know the Tiger. He allows the Tiger to be comfortable with his scent before he even lets her know there is danger. These are the men that just want to take. What can you give me? What can you do for me? You are his trophy, not his wife or even lover. The characteristics are just material and surface. He wants the Tigress because she is a prize… not for her depths. Before the Tigress knows it, she is skinned or stuffed, or left with a broken heart to heal or mend. The Poacher wants the light within the wild, fearless part of the Tigress, and he thinks that if he can skin her he can see what’s in the depths of her soul, but he doesn’t want to share it. He wants it for his own.

4. The last and, of course, my favorite is the Tarzan—the wild, fearless man who wants to understand the Tigress. He doesn’t want to watch her; he wants to be a part of her world. He wants to be among her so badly that he’s not even concerned with how bad she could possibly hurt or even kill him. He gets scratched, he gets bit, but he still stays because he knows that now there’s a possibility of a life and a love greater than he is. He took the time to be among her life, to see into her soul, to understand her world, and now they can start their path… of bringing their worlds together. Masculine and feminine.

As women, we need to look within ourselves and see the truly powerful Goddess that lives in there. Than we can see through the lies. We need to understand that we are meant to lead men back to their hearts, but we have to see ourselves first as the Tigress, the Goddess, the Maiden… whatever you want to call her. As men, you have to be honest with what you want for yourself and your love life. Are you willing to get hurt? Are you willing to be patient? Love is here for everyone. Be willing to look within yourself and see what you really are.

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19 thoughts on “4 Types of Wild Lovers

  1. KRIS

    i have a tarzan,im totally in love w/him been together for 23 yrs an married 18 of them ..we have been disconnected and now back on the best path in our lives to happines

  2. kc

    tell you what, all you males out there, you wanna get hurt real bad? Be Tarzan. I’m not saying I’ve learned my lesson, I’ll play with that cat again given half a chance. And I’ve already been bitten more than twice, by just one tiger! Just saying, some wounds don’t heal so good. To be honest though, if I could go back and do it again, I would.

    You probably ought to write an article with female archetypes now, so the more discerning male can pretend he’s gonna act different around the housecat, the tiger, and the leopard. . .

  3. RICK

    For Michael- I use to be a truck driver to, not like you but I was gone a lot. If you get in NEW ENGLAND area, gmail me and maby if you lonly and you just need to get out of your rig for awhile , ill take you to lunch or supper. I spent over 20 years in the navy, and I know how you feel, when your away from home for a long pired of time.

  4. Cindy

    This article is so very interesting and helped me understand a lot about my current, past and (hopefully) future relationships. I am involved with a Watcher, and now understand him a lot better; was married to a Poacher for more than 20 years and so long for a Tarzan to enter my life!

    Thanks Mona!

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I thought this was an interesting article…..with a fun perspective…..

    I had visions of Tarzan swinging thru the vines…..LOL

  6. Shelby

    I used to be married to a Poacher. My Tarzan rescued me and showed me Real Love and Passion and how it had been buried in me for so long. He has set me free.

  7. LJ Innes

    (I’m a Tiger, at least in the Chinese Zodiac. haha) Great insight-loved this article. “…see what you really are,” love that line. Being honest about it is half the trip to getting where you really want and need to be to be happy.

  8. camash

    alot of people say they dont have any time to waste thats why they get things crackin quick. I know its a wonderful feeling to be in love. I think ill end up settling for less but my psychic readings tells me that im going to be happy in love and discover a fortune thats why i love these psychics. I just need to find out whats the dangerous path im on. And 2 people needs to be out my life. Im so delighted im goin to find love. I have no clue where to look my partner im fooling around wit im almost havin a change of heart and i got alot of doubt hes the one.

  9. camash

    I think nobody know where to look for true love. Its really hard because of trust issues and past heartbreaks but i have noticed a lot of people will settle for less and overlook problems in a relationship. I had to do it so we can get along. But at this moment im noticing a new couple and the mistakes she is making i guess due to her being in love. There are many dangerous mistakes she is making. 1st thing never give a man keys to your house especially if he dont even have a job. I have noticed a couple of important lies she overlooked or just want me to be comfortable around him she has lied about him being financially stable to the point where i should be ok with leaving my purse around him. I was told he’s a outer towner that why his female cousin was hugging and kissing him in the mouth. But now she wants me to believe they been knowing each other quite a while. It was said he been in town only bout a month. But i guess when a man blows yo mind you believe anything. He a Denzel Washington she a gremlin.

  10. Amy Baarstad

    That was beautiful! Insightful as well. I’m learning that I have much more worth than previously thought. Articles such as these reinforce that fact. Good Job!!!

  11. LaDonna

    Love this. I have been attacked and stuffed a few times by poachers. And, I’m sorry, but my skin and heart can’t take anymore.

  12. michael

    here is where my problem liys at and that is i’m a over the road truck driver who does not go home a lot and not sure where she will be located at when the time to find one is there

  13. Psychic Daphne ext 5417

    Dearest Mona~
    I LOVE this!
    And I love the Tarzan man!
    What a pleasure to read your wisdom and see how your work clarifies relationship, real relationship! This is a life enhancing tool from the tool belt on how to have a functioning, honorable, passionate relationship with a solid partner!
    Thank you for sharing~
    Daphne ext. 5417

  14. Francisco Quintanilla

    Hi!.Good Morning !.I usually get my full ,complete,horoscope but lately ,I am only getting half of it!.Can You please!,tell me what is wrong?.
    Thanks for any help I can get from you!.

  15. Jessica

    These “archetypes” you describe are really nicely done, and this just a beautifully thought out article! Thank you, Mona!



    Life I beleive is one big treasure hunt. Some good and some bad. The best part is how we identify the good from the bad.


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