4 Things Women Do That Freak Men Out

Stereotypes are usually reflective of some truth, so while this might not describe all men’s feelings towards women, the following behaviors are known to cause discomfort among men. Were the tables turned, though, women would also have a difficult time dealing with these behaviors, especially if carried to an extreme.

1. Analyzing Them

Women seem to have a need to analyze situations and people, and no topic is more compelling to them than their newest beau. It has become a classic game in dating life: men struggling mightily to open up and express themselves, while the women spend countless hours analyzing their men and their relationship with their friends, family or coworkers. In fact, a woman might be analyzing every word her partner utters during what seems to him, an ordinary conversation. While she’s looking at this as constructive to the relationship, if he catches on he’s likely to feel as if he’s under a microscope. Men generally don’t like to be watched, judged, and pegged.

2. Invading Their Space

Most men cherish their freedom, even if they are currently involved with a woman. Moving in together and sharing a living space is a dramatic step forward in a relationship, and a man is reluctant to commit to this until he’s ready. Inviting yourself over whenever you feel like it and leaving your things here and there around his apartment is definitely inserting yourself into his space. He will see this for what it is, and if he is not ready for that next level of commitment, your pressuring him will only scare him off.

3. Loss of Identity

A significant element of a successful relationship involves compromise, but some women can take this concept too far. When a woman gives up her interests, beliefs, or personality traits in order to “fit better” with her beau, she has given too much. Not only does this harm her spirit, but it usually drives him away. Being an independent individual is one of the most attractive and sexy qualities a person can bring into any relationship.

4. Start Trying to Control Everything

As women tend to be more analytical than men, once they’ve reached a conclusion about something, they may feel they know best and then try to instill their newfound wisdom into everything they do. Given the typical male pride and need for independence, even if she knows best, a man may fight her simply on principle. If you begin to assert your control over every little thing you do together – as well as attempting to manipulate his behavior and choices regarding his own life – even if you’re right, he will probably resent you for the intrusion.

Both sexes play their part in displaying some common behaviors which may scare off the opposite sex. It’s in securing this knowledge that we can learn what the triggers are and work on neutralizing them for the sake of our relationships.

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7 thoughts on “4 Things Women Do That Freak Men Out

  1. Filly Devotie

    I feel now a days to much time is wasted then you urn into friends..i fin when men put me off & off while iron is hot..it all goes up in smoke..men are animals.our culture promotes men to cheat,while we carry the burdern..so questions need to be addressed immediately & not be put off. for men will date you for a year or two-with no ommitment -then the flame goes out-while they take our hearts,our lessons-and go marry other forevermore..seen it all my life..the waiting game sux….

  2. Gwen Brush

    Keep dating until a man is fully committed to you. If you live with a man before you are married then you get what you deserve because it will be all about him. Intimacy is about honesty and if he is not fully honest why live together? Why even have sex? Move on- you are strong-date a bunch of men until you find the right one, that’s what he is doing!!!

  3. Gwen Brush

    Why is it always all about men? If a man freaks out then there might be a good reason. Men are meant to make the first risk-women second-so my advice to women would be, don’t move in with a man until he is ready to open up like you are. Don’t put yourself into this situation ladies. If a man can’t fully open up then don’t live with him. I am so sick and tired of it being all about what the man wants. Don’t live with a man until there is a ring on your finger, it is just foolish!!!

  4. slippysand

    You guys, is there anything that doesn’t freak men out? Or is it always like trying to make friends with an extremely skittish horse that might bolt or kick you in the head at any time, but it’s not really his fault cause it’s just a scared, huge, dangerous, barely domesticated animal?


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