4 Things You May Not Know About Soulmates

The Truth About Soulmates

There’s a great deal of hype out there about what it’s like to be with a soulmate. Some of it’s true, while some of it isn’t and the rest of it may surprise you. Read on if you’d like to know what a soulmate relationship is really like. Then, think about the relationships you’re currently in. Are you with your soulmate? And if you’re not, or if you’re single, think about the type of person you’d like to be with!

Soulmates Don’t Tell Each Other EVERYTHING

Some folks think that being with their soulmate means speaking their every thought, no matter how harsh. While you must always be honest with your soulmate, there is no need to just spit out every unfiltered thought if it will not benefit the relationship. Your soulmate, like every other human in your life, comes with insecurities and emotions and just because they love you doesn’t mean you have the right to be hurtful. Celebrate what you have found in this person instead of taking advantage of it by allowing your comfort level to supersede courtesy and sensitivity.

Soulmates Fight

Finding your soulmate does not assure you a life of bliss! On the contrary, your soulmate will challenge your spiritual growth, which usually means discomfort and sacrifice. But you are there to aid one another on your spiritual paths, and that means doing the work! Anything of worth in this life comes with effort and challenges, so prepare to buckle down and know that sharing your life and spirit with another takes dedication and work.

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Soulmates Don’t Complete You

Never look to another person to complete you and don’t depend on them for your spiritual happiness. This is the path to co-dependence and it’s not healthy! Your soulmate should support you, challenge you and celebrate life with you, but not dictate or control you or your life. Be strong enough to be your own source of happiness. Then you and your soulmate can celebrate one another’s unique spirits on an equal and healthy level.

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Trust and Respect Your Soulmate

Dating your soulmate does not give you carte blanche to toss out the behavior and qualities imperative to a healthy relationship. You can abuse and destroy your soulmate relationship if you do not put forth the effort and sensitivity necessary to build a happy and healthy union. Finding your soulmate does not ever give you permission to stop working at the relationship. It’s great to feel comfortable with your soulmate but that’s not a license to reduce your efforts to perfect your relationship. Instead, demonstrate your own worth as a soulmate by devoting even more energy and passion to the relationship.

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7 thoughts on “4 Things You May Not Know About Soulmates

  1. Bella

    This is 4 Mary again I don’t know which 1 up above applies 2 you / yours, with mine he always reads this web site & YES he always spys on me & he reads my post that I DO post about him on this web site it’s the / my waY i vent out 2 him … FYI after he reads them in his own little ways he makes personal comments 2 me & on this web site 2 let me know he’s read them / it , ms Quinn says he’s very sneaky / tricky wirh me BCZ it’s #3 ” Soulmate’s don’t need 2 complete each other & yes ms Quinn is 10000000 % right on the $$ BCZ this is mines /HIS problem only 2 .. Long story short with mine he said / hinted ” I forgot 2 say OUR soul connections is very passionate / off the charts / very powerful / electric / electrifying / #1 it’s VERYunderstanding – STRONG if your a believer which I am not there’s no doubt in some folks mind lol lol WE had a connections in another life .. TIME but what ever it is “” it is what it IS “” even though NOW we’re not together our stuff is still there – ELECTRIC & yes it’s more / powerful / stronger than ever before each time we do part !!! Bottom line is this IS he my soulmate I thought he was so maybe he is OR maybe it’s not meant 2 be or not ??? I do love this man with every once of my being & yes more now than ever before , but I’ve told him I want do US like how it IS now oh hell no BCZ he does # 3) Soulmate’s don’t / shouldn’t NEED 2 complete their soulmate “” & I knows it’s BCZ he’s jealous/ SHOWS jealousy due 2 some of VIPs I work with/ in my life = me running 4 a political office BCZ I stand up 4 what i do believe in IF in asked 2 choose I always go with the under dogs scenario & when it comes 2 ALL kids good / OR bad kids they are my only concern & when kids are in jeopardy I m told in a glorified ” B—H ” bc when it gets 2 that point in court it’s my way or no way in court , no I haven’t lost a case in 14 years which is how long I’ve been doing my legal job .. With mine I have never not once never not included his feeling / stance in my choices 2 let him know he is VIP 2 me , I never not once done NATA 2 make him feel insecure about my love / feelings / or by not understanding his situation not once , but know matter what I do / say I can’t get it through his stubborn Capricorn head / heart I would never do NATA 2 hurt him , so with that being said ” it still don’t matter what I do BCZ he’s the 1 who’s stuck , no there is no reason & I haven’t given him no reason 4 him 2 be jealous / trust / question they way I do feel about him BCZ other than my daughter yes he is the love of my life = my soulmate … ms Quinn says he is & I was going 2 need 2 give him the shock of his life 2 help his ass straighten up + I was gonna need do something drastic 2 make him understand / GET it what’s ok / or NOT ok .. Like I said with us it’s BCZ of #3 up above we are in this mess !!! So this is why in running 4 office #1 in doing this 4 myself #2 to give back unconditionally BCZ I’ve been blessed in life #3 I want allow no one 2 dictate what I will or want do !!! FYI he’s a Virgo I’ve dated 2 of them yea they so get us but it’s with their ways lol lol sometimes they just don’t make no sense bcz they say 1 thing in bed grey show you they love you but afterwards their actions say other BCZ of their picky ways even in the lovemaking department but yes they are very loyal & yes they DO keep you grounded maybe 2 grounded is the problem !!!! Plz be blessed maybe you should give ms Quinn a call she’s very good @ love relatuonships advisor FYI I’m not listening 2 her 2 good right now & I should be lol love ya ms Quinn (( I’m fixing 2 get a in depth relationship reading ASAP I recover from latest surgery BCZ I want 2 know about mine is it a yes or no FYI I know ages gonna say its a yes by the way 2 )) but yes she is straight forward in her readings lol lol ahe says I’m a mess … Yea she will tell you how it is / SEE’S it EVEN if it’s not what you want 2 hear @ the time BCZ you see the truth will always be the truth you see !!! Maybe this might help !!! Yes I still love / MISS my / HIM every day like I told ms Quinn right now I would like 2 lite his ass on fire & I doubt if I would put the fire out the way I feel right now lol lol is he my soulmate most all my loved 1s they all would agree yes he is even though my bffs girlfriends don’t like his ways they do respect him = my love / devotion 2 him . my warmest wished 4 you … Jc since your being nost here’s my message 2 you / 4 you jc plz get bent & did you not read / GET what I was trying 2 say / explain 2 Mary . OMG & WTH is wrong with you ??, no im not doing this BS no more with you so DO you get it now , yea I love / MISS you every single day but oh hell NO !!!! & did I say AGAIN you can get bent 2 !!! I have NATA but my love / respect 4 you yes I do love you !!!! But no thank you 🙂 🙂 or / but NOT as it is right now , no thank – you .. 😉

  2. Bella

    Mary & OMG this is Fiona be a long 1 … Yes I was / AM in your exact shoes , it’s hard 2 let go of them when you do love some 1 so very much .. 4 my part I am dealing with throat cancer & I pushed mine away bc I didn’t think it was fair 2 him + I’m in a high profile work case scenario situation & BCZ of with / whAt I do in my legal profession … I think the world of Ms Quinn she’s a psychic on this web site & yes she says he loves me very nuch we’ll maybe he does maybe he don’t ??? But im not waiting on his jackass no more … Bottom line is this BY me loving him / staying with him even though I knew things were not right , everyday I stayed with him well 2 be honest with you it took a piece of me ( heart & my soul ) but I chose 2 stay in some kind if way, Yea I kept on leaving / taking breaks from the relationship & he was always the 1 who came back 2 me 1st FYI , but what was the price that was paid / LOST !!! so I kept on walking away .. Like with you I had tried 2 before but it /I was not successful BCZ he needed my legal help / my connections SO I stayed / or I went back BCZ I gave my word I would watch his back legal no matter what & for most before we were ever involved romantic/ LOVE came about … ( I’m a Capricorn & so is he a Capricorn we were unstoppable if I might add ) anyway I stayed bc I loved him & YES BCZ we were legal bounded it was my beliefs no 1 else would take care of him like I did / would of .. FYI I knew if I walked away he would of been screwed legal terms so I stayed … Well i lost myself / my way bc it seemed 2 me it was always about him & that I wasn’t even in the equation @ sometimes BCZ his girls life’s was in jeopardy !!!! After it was over He said now he had 2 get his co / life, straight so he could retain full custody of his daughters I said WTH &?yes I do feel used by him but I got that part – his choice bc I’ve dedicated my Life 2 helping all kids FYI I don’t mess around when it comes down 2 kids in most cases folks run like hell before they even come face 2 face with me in court BCZ i am so fierce /,feared … Long story so after 3 1/2 yeArs where am , we’ll im NOT with him & yes I was /AM full of tears, however As soon as I realized this I knew I had 2 him /IT all go .. Oh I know it’s all BS but what does 1 say when 1 tells you their kids need 2 come 1st ??? There is NATA else 2 say .. FYI if I might add I’m the 1 who put him in the position so he could get / retain full custody of them & I never once asked 4 NATA in return not 1 time did I not put his daughters 1st & I made all the sacrifices 2 put them 1st , but by me doing this I lost by own self in this process , so now I walked away bc I loved him enough 2 let him go .. It hurts like hell but I had 2 do what was best 4 me yes I miss him – I love him every day but by me staying it was ONLY hurting me you see .. I told him 2 months ago & 2,weeks ago 2 go away stay AND 2 plz stay awAy fro me BCZ I found out he did something that I always knew he had done it 2 me Yea I forgave him bc it in the past but it still didn’t take away the sting / hurt out … Quess what now mine came back again yesterday I thought OUT of love/ respect 4 me is what I thought it was but & come 2 find out he needs my help with legal problems AGAIN , yes once again I helped him out BCZ it’s the right thingi 2 do like I said ” yes I love & miss him every day but I’m not going back 2 him BCZ it’s not working 4 me no more & I’m not gonna lose myself in him OR 2 him ever again … Do I think we’re done NO I don’t , or at least NOT on his part if I might add no I would not respect him if his girls didn’t come 1st in his life but the rest of it was BS with that being said I know / realize his girls MUST cone 1st but 4 the rest of it , But & what about me so I told him 2 get bent unless it’s at least 50/ 50 about me now or until then I’m gone so 4 me now ” it is what it IS ” !!! Maybe this helps you out all my warmest wishes go out 2 you I know it’s hard but I’ve come 2 realize we’re not the only 1 ‘s in this situation !!! So I think your will be back maybe or maybe not , bottom line is you need 2 ask yourself this question can you live your life with it or the way it is now & does it make you feel bad about your OWN self only BCZ you compromised your own beliefs just 4 him … My advice would be 2 let him go if it’s meant 2 be it will be . Do like i did test the waters & in my case I’ve moved into the / my future … I know IT hurts like hell but like you & with myself it’s always been a hit / miss situation with us 2 … if you do decide 2 stay you can’t blame no 1 except your self ok I say that will NATA but kindness ok but why should you give him all the power BCZ no one can live like that !!! Keep your faith plz … Plz try 2 keep your spirit intact 2 🙂 psps IT is my beliefs everything does happen 4 a reason with myself a political seat has opened up I had decided not 2 run 4 the office BCZ of him but I’ve changed my mind BCZ I needed 2 do what was best 4 me / or 4 my own future / life now !!! Yes I still love / MISS him every single day , but ” it is what it IS ” … 😉

  3. Mary

    Love this. A great relationship takes effort. I have had an on/off relationship with a fella for 3 years now. We fight, drift, then find each other again. Seems we can’t do without each other for whatever reason, for now anyway, and I hope someday we get things ironed out and get on the same page with one another so we can do this permanently. We are awesome together but totally different in so many ways. He helps me with my Aries impatience and I help him with his Virgo too- rigid tendencies. This is not easy but I know I love this man beyond measure. This article helps me to see that nothing is perfect. Thanks!


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