31 Things Everyone Should Know About Their Mate

Check the Facts Before You Check Your Rational Mind!

It’s hard to form a lasting relationship without honesty and integrity. Deception or the omission of relevant information can cause unnecessary heartache and insurmountable frustration. If you don’t know certain facts, then it’s impossible to determine a mate’s motivation. Real love doesn’t need to hide anything in any given situation. There is nothing wrong with requiring truth or asking for proof. Don’t take anything for granted. Attraction and passion are not enough to determine if a mate is worthy of your attention, time, and such. This list may be quite obvious, yet I have found the heart and mind can rationalize most things even if it is seemingly ridiculous. Here are thirty-one things you should know about your mate.

1. Marital status, readiness, and relationship expectations. You need to know where your mate stands, so that you don’t make any unnecessary plans.

2. Birthdate and vital statistics. Age is important to know before turning the page.

3. Status of mental and physical health. Confirmed testing for sexually transmitted diseases. Get this information right away as later may be too much of a price to pay.

4. Immediate family and friends. You need to know them and determine if they will cause any problems.

5. Employment history, occupation, and current work information. If you are in love and your mate has no money, then you may not be in love for long.

6. Dating history. You need to know where your mate has been before you decide to give in.

7. General reputation, ethics, values and morality. Expect the things a mate will do to rub off on you.

8. Criminal behavior and/or arrest records. You need to anticipate if someone is a likely candidate for jail. It will help you prepare yourself should you need to post bail.

9. Personal habits and hobbies. You shouldn’t expect to spend quality time when your mate’s activities on are occupying their mind.

10. Financial readiness and debts. How much someone owes is always an indication of how their decision making goes.

11. Access and availability. If your mate doesn’t make time, then you should expect love to be difficult to find.

12. Home address, phone number, emergency contact, and e-mail. You need to know whom to contact if your mate is gone too long or fails to come back.

13. Personality traits and behavior patterns. Do yourself and favor and decide if you like or can appreciate their behavior.

14. Personal and professional goals. The things your mate has accomplished should be a compliment.

15. Family planning. If you don’t want kids and they do, then the relationship may not be the best thing for you.

16. Trust factors. A mate should tell the truth and keep plans they’ve made with you.

17. Special talents and skills. The things you can share and learn can add fuel to the fire while it burns.

18. Favorite things. Knowing what someone likes is crucial to getting things right.

19. Clothing and shoe size. You may need to buy a gift to patch a rift.

20. Cleanliness and home upkeep. An unclean lover always has something for you to uncover. Don’t wait until you are forced to seek and discover.

21. Race, religion, ethnicity. The more you know the easier the familiarity.

22. Time requirements. How much time is required for the love that is desired?

23. Drug history. Helps you to anticipate a problem and prepare to solve it.

24. Means of transportation. If your mate always needs a ride, then you can expect your patience to be tried.

25. General intelligence and emotional maturity. If your mate does not know what to do, then expect their ideas to be limited to a few.

26. Terms and means of commitment. If someone doesn’t want to become committed, then it could be best to forget it.

27. Secrets. You don’t need to be discrete to keep a secret.

28. Sexuality. Gay, straight, or bisexual should be relevant to any individual.

29. Character, tolerance, and strength. A weak soul will usually turn cold.

30. Means of adjustment and contingency. If things go wrong, then it is important to find consensus and plan to work with it.

31. It is important to know your mate’s first name and last name, too. Do not forget, that some people will play games and will simply lie to you. If someone can’t tell you their real name, then expect the relationship to be nothing more than a game.

This list has been tried and found true. If you don’t know the aforementioned things, then it is unlikely that you really know your mate. Of course, it shouldn’t be expected that you’ll gain complete insight on the first date. However, it may be wise to get the information first and allow falling in love to wait.

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29 thoughts on “31 Things Everyone Should Know About Their Mate

  1. John

    I would also like to say to myrian that youre making quite a generalization of men. Were not all liars, many simply cannot communicate well or fully understand our emotions.Just because you had some bad experiences with men dont adopt such a jaded attitude because if you approach a man with that attitude he will pick up on it and either immediately write you off or will just give up eventually on trying to gain your trust. Each person you meet is a different person and each experience a new experience. If you carry your old with you into these new experiences youll often overlook all the evidence until you see what you want to see. I could do what youre doing and say that all women are passive agressive game players who lord their vaginas over us and act like even spending time with them is a privilege you have to break your back to earn. however thats not true many are like that and many arent . I stay far away from the ones who are. So dont be passive aggressive youll just end up pulling worthless guys.

  2. John

    Youre assuming that peoples words are a true expression of who they are inside. If that were true no one could ever say anything they didnt mean. Youre also assuming that your judgements of theyre family, friends, potential and so on is correct. In my experience people arent so easily predictable and often contain patterns of thought or attributes they arent even aware they have. If you want to know someone truly learn what psychologists call eliciting values then youll understand why they do what they do instead of focusing on this totally irrelevant trash. The fact is I am not my job or my money or my social status or your judgements of them.

  3. TT

    A MUCH better and more thorough explanation is written in the book “Are You the One for Me?” by Barbara D’Angelis. I have read this book a thousand times and it has kept me out of what would have been some really bad relationships. I recommend this book to anyone who is dating or looking to date. Seriously, you can get it for pennies on Amazon.

  4. Jean Ann

    Bearing in mind that life is a journey and that we are here to find happiness, you do mean that your 31 questions apply to as many men as we can meet, don’t you ? 🙂

  5. myrian

    Most of these questions pertain to men. Most men have dirty secrets and are liars, that
    is according to my friends who had such an experience. Because women are more conscientious individual and when they are in love they really tell the truth. They are honest
    and they really express their feelings, men don’t.

  6. love onu

    so real my love, that number 1 and 4 are so important in any relationship. so that we will not make mistakes in life. thanks so much my dear and God bless u.

  7. D

    I agree with A. Before I agreeded 100 percent with the statements above, however when you meet someone everything goes out the window. You get gut feelings but they are not strong one like usual.

  8. Micheal

    I read all this requirment for peopls relationship. but when it comes to love, peopls trust each others and take care the situation if they are real lovers but i do agreed the articles.

  9. informed

    I wish I had this list during my last relationship, just for a reminder when I was asking questions. I overlooked a lot of these important factors which eventually would have saved some major heartache.

  10. karen belnavis

    i truly believe this is so important in every human life thats hear an earth,euality is the best,honesty,trust,makes a big differents,..communication all matches of,then love its the greast of them all.,respect for one another,we all made from god..

  11. Dylan

    All the rhyming going in in these lists makes it sound extremely cheesy, and makes it hard to take it seriously. The points are compromised and worded badly just to make a rhyme? Why? Not cute.

  12. Eva C.

    That’s worse than a corporate job application! I’m sensing this post was not generated in the US. Here,question #1 is a deal breaker with most men…they’ll make it known when they are comfortable with the idea that a woman is ‘the one’. Financial considerations being brought up BEFORE chemistry is established? That’s just horrible.
    Most of these things are obvious anyway once you meet a few of their friends (better yet, date people your friends already know!)
    Corporate dating….why not just have your parents hire the village match-maker.
    Oh and the little rhymes make this list smack of ‘I’m too stupid to remember to ask my dates name’ Pu-leeeaz!

  13. Thunder

    So many questions… that’s just stupid! Is everybody 5 years old mentally or is everyone a hooker? try to remember where it is you meet these people and have some common sense before you enter into a relationship to begin with.

  14. SM

    R…of course all of these things matter. Just because you’re in love doesn’t mean you put blinders on…true love is foundational, and fairly see through. If you want someone who has no money, lies to you, doesn’t want to commit (to you), and may passon a disease or two…go for it. I hose to take an active part in not getting myself into a mess. The heart is a wonderful and blessed thing, but it has to work hand-in-hand with the brain. Blessings.

  15. VSS

    You missed a few questions. How does he feel about his mother? Is he a momma’s boy or is he abusive.
    Does he have any childeren? And if he does, is he supporting them?
    The criminal record is far most important. Check him out your self do your home work.

  16. Diego

    I really do like this questions. There are different topics. And they are enough questions to get to know your partner. I am going to use some lol

  17. daberchi kalu

    what will u do when your mates refuse to tell you where his locate is, when you ask him he will say i will tell you but he can’t what will i do in situation like this.

  18. levi dodson

    still alive and doin well born 18 may 1980 the same day as mt saint helans blew 31 years ago. im a musician single inventor liven in wyo.

  19. GameKash

    Thanks a lot.. I always wonder how people around me get into a relationship within a couple of weeks while I take so long to get into a relationship. No wonder most of the relationships I have seen have broken in less than an year or two. I am happy to find that what I am doing is right, at least most of the times 🙂 I definitely say, people should learn about a person as much as possible before entering a relationship. They should use sufficient brains before emotions.

  20. misskrystalmisskrystal

    Very thought provoking, Agnes! These could really be things to THINK about..
    hmmmmm. Thanks. I always enjoy reading your posts. Blessings, Miss Krystal

  21. R

    Read the article and I liked it but that is provided ur in a relationship and ur only using ur head not heart , u do know when it comes to the heart nothing else matters if two are in love non of the above mentioned things wud matter much , plus ppls desires change in number 15 regarding family matters like wanting kids and nit wanting kids thus may change maybe atfirst u may decide on not wanting kids then u decide that u want to have a baby and vice versa , some of the points are true but also u must consider also the amount love they have for each other .


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