3 Ways to Get Him Insanely Turned On

It’s Not What You Think!

Men are visual creatures. It’s no big surprise, then, to learn that scantily-clad bodies and sexy images rile them up. What is surprising, however, is how your everyday behavior beyond the bedroom can make all the difference when it comes to spicing up your sex life!

Here are three good girl’s secrets to making sure things get very, very naughty between the sheets!

1. Praise Him

It may sound silly—your guy knows how much you like his (fill in the blank), but a little praise goes a long way with the male mind. These creatures of testosterone are fueled by lust, sure, but they’re also fueled by pride. Man’s little secret is that he’s sensitive and he wants to be your knight in shining armor. Let him know how much you appreciate his hard work or how the sight of him fresh out of the shower turns you on and he’ll be more than willing to go that extra mile.

2. Hold Back on the Criticism

Now before you go freaking out (what do you mean I should put up with everything?!), there’s nothing saying you can’t express your discontent when your male mate does something you don’t like. You can and you should. However, pointing out every single thing he does that irks you (from shoes on the floor to dishes in the sink) is not going to get you laid. All those stereotypes of the nagging wife—that’s where they come from. So rather than going on about the little things, try figuring out what’s really getting to you and addressing that. You’ll find that the other things won’t bug you as much afterward, and you’ll both be a whole lot more likely to be in the mood!

“Sex can be very emotional, but remember to look at sex in a practical view too so that it won’t dictate how you think you feel emotionally.” – Psychic Leo ext. 5265

3. Make the First Move

Guys are so used to having to take the initiative. Society dictates that they do the asking out, go in for the first kiss and make the step to take things to the next level. Nothing’s wrong with that… there’s a lot to be said for the thrill of the chase in romantic relationships. However, now that you’ve got him, whether it’s your fifteenth year together or your fourth date, take some of the pressure off. It may be intimidating (or simply out of your usual repartee), but don’t be afraid to take the reins. Whether it’s a demure little kiss and a knowing glance or a full-out strip tease that leads to a trip downtown, let your guy know you want him too, and he’s yours for the long haul!

“Be in the mood to be open and playful and good-spirited.” – Psychic Lalita ext. 5408

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21 thoughts on “3 Ways to Get Him Insanely Turned On

  1. Lisa

    the last guy I liked, I made the first move and told him I liked him and alll he did was talk about his girlfriend from twenty years (who is married by the way) ago and how great she was!! What an ass. I was nice to him, made the first move and took the funkin’s pressure off him and look what I got. All he was, was an asshole. I don’t really care about
    their funkin egos, because you know what , they don'[t care about a woman’s ego. In fact, from what I can see the only thing a man sees is what he is going to get out of a
    woman and what he is going to gain. All the woman does is give and give and give and
    then your open to the ass hole taking advantage. This is bad advice. My advice to another woman is to never make a move with a man. If they haven’t made a move or don’t have feeling they like you, move on to the next one, because ladies you are in for a
    big dissappointmnet when you find out he is doin’ a woman you thought was over. IF THEY HAVEN’T ASKED YOU OUT–THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED!! DON’T MAKE FIRST MOVE!

  2. reaching wise 60

    my dear dad passed on these wise words of wisdom to me in my growing up emotional years and these words have helped me many a day………as he stated ……if a man ….wants….. to cheat…. nothing will stop him…he will ….no matter what …….he will do it……..and i was married to a man like that for 35 years and finally i stopped denying it and pulled open the curtain and saw it for what it really was and i made myself come to terms with it and he struggled to keep me from moving on but he said he loved her more than me and he wanted me too and to remain with him too but he said he would not give her up and bla bla bla bla bla and i closed my ears to his words and i heard my dad’s words come through again yaketty yak bla bla bla bla and i could finally see my precious dad looking out for me again to help me from heaven and other words from him in earlier years helped me to cope with his death and my son’s death also a year later which were………..never let anything push me over the edge….and those words helped to keep me strong to pick up the pieces and get on my feet and I put on my son’s tombstone……In God we trust……and dad had two other quotations ……Ewe’s is not fat ewe’s is just fluffy…….and ……..When there is an obstacle ahead it is surrmountable and we must find the way to get on the other side someway somehow and i keep on with prayer and trusting the one who holds my future in His hands. we do not know our future but we know who holds our future in His hands. Just passing this on to help another. If this does not mean anything then throw it away or pass it on to someone who may need it.

  3. Rachelle

    I everyone, I have nothing to say except that my man won’t kiss me when he is having intercourse with me and never has. My sister told me to tell him that I want to, but, I feel like I shouldn’t have to ask, it should come naturally. It makes me want to find someone else, yet, I can tell that I’m pretty happy with him. What should I do? Damn, that should come naturally. What is wrong? I think he feels guilty for something. Maybe he is in love with someone else? Does he love me or does he not?

  4. Bobbi

    I know all this stuff, and I do all these things, my husband and I have been married for 38 years and we are like newlyweds!! Another tip, it doesn’t hurt to put on a sexy nightie occasionally!!!

  5. Roxsand

    surviving a broken heart male or female its when u can finally say your living untill that happened to me I didn’t even know I was alive

  6. amy

    This is very much true. If you show him you appreciate him and what he does, and make him feel like you find it sexy….he is putty in your hands. If he isnt responding to you, then that means he is responding to a woman other then you that makes him feel appreciated.

  7. Zio

    Ones things for sure Men will gravitate towards something else no question about it but first us as women have to realize that its not about them its about us and if do us right they get it right and yes its ok to make the first move when you have established that relationship with a your partner but please ladies don’t look foolish making first moves on randoms men thinking you look cute when those type you can flirt
    For ladies that have their men pushing them away when making the first move …don’t force it its obvious something is going on and your the last to know …so just talk to him until he feels better noooo not in just one night that’s going to change but you got work ahead of you so stop thinking your getting any because you ain’t.\
    Then for the cheating partner that has kids on you please let him go..there is nothing written in the ten commandments about your world will end if you leave him …Trust if you search for god in those moments he will help you realize who is more important.
    I have been thru a lot with men and even with the bad ones I appreciate them all because all their mistakes have lead me to someone that fits my standards …at times I thought I could never find him and I’m not saying he is perfect because no one is but I found the most compatible person for me thru the amount of experience I have endure…
    Please don’t lose focus on yourself and what makes you happy who cares what anybody thinks and just stay true to yourself and sex will always be magical.

  8. Wow

    men are always looking at other females….always you can look like a porn star and act like one in bed… it doesnt matter.The point is if there is a nasty “ho” willing to sleep with a married or all ready taken man and he thinks he can get away with it chances are he will do it.. Unfortunately men do not think the way we do even if they love you they seem to lack that boundary in their head.Trust me its a sad life when all you try to do is make a man happy in everything you do for the rest of your life.. It will never be enough!NEVER.. There will always be some plastic looking chick or some scank that gives him the eye, that they wouldnt mind sleeping with and if they can they will .So stop worring about making him so happy and worry about if your happy and have everything you need when it comes to your sex life and life in generl because if you dont no one will.That will be the last thing on there mind …Once they have you for a few years in some cases months some how you become a” when they need it your there thing” not the wow my girl is hot Im going home to get me some tonight thing anymore every other girl to their liking becomes that “this chick is hot I would tap that” and if they can and think they can get away with it they will..Have not met a man till this day that does not think diffrent when I mean man I dont just mean my partner I mean friends ,cousins,brothers and even random men that I over hear talking…Life is to short they suck get what you need sexually from them and worry about your happiness..

  9. Sarah

    No matter how much love u throw up towards your man, this will not be taken into account. He will cheat on u…..once caught…will make heaps of assurance…but never get rid of his habit….Its kinda his routine….so wise decision is too handle whatever you can….if it goes beyond it….move on

  10. southerngal

    You can do all of the above and still they are not happy…believe me I know…made first move, complimented til the cows come home, but with an addict you cannot please…this is something I had to learn the hard way….they will move on even after telling you that you are the BEST they have had…and still they look for something else the minute you walk out the door….

  11. Womenexplode

    Who cares what men want.. they need to care about what women want..

    Men have fragile egos.. all women know that unless they are brain dead..

    But women are complex.. a man needs to learn to keep a smile on his ladies face.. then he will have sex, fun and all he wants…

  12. Carolina

    How do I keep a guys attention? Lately my guy has been acting different like he’s bored with me already. I make the first move but he always stops me:( what do I do?

  13. Marcia Brinson

    I love this horoscope cause it’s something i can try to do with my mate cause all we do is argue at least i can try this and see if it works lol thanks

  14. Alice Hunt

    Will Jhon and I get a lot closer after the first of the New Year. Will we get to start spending time togeather just the Two of us. We are now starting to get closer, and have feelings for each other. I am very much in love with Jhon like I have ever love anyone befor. With John i have grow and found my true self. We are very involed in Ballroom Dancing, when I dance with John it feels very natural, I love being seen withJohn.John is now starting to be more open with his feelings for me ,as he has been badly hurt from the past, and was afeaid too have feeings again for anyone, and is now realising that Alice is for reall and not like the past and that I do understsnd as I have been badly hurt allso. I know John is the one for me.

  15. isa

    relationship with boyfriend im 34 he’s 27 we been together for 5yrs he cheated on me and had twins with 22yr old.we work things out.i love him dearly.our sex isnt up to standards when we argue fuss not have a agreement.our sex life is out the door and we withhold each other for 2 or 3 weeks.i love this person to the fullest.i wanna change our sex issues to something spectacular

  16. donna

    That’s realy nice but, hw do I do my men so that he can never go to another women? I ment how do I sex him so nice that he will never forget me and go out to some women…


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