Psychic Shauna: 3 Things to Keep Long Distance Love Alive & Sexy

Separated by Distance, Not by Love

Not many people choose a long distance relationship, but fate and destiny pop into our lives unexpectedly and they don’t bother to ask for our zip code. A love relationship requires dedication no matter where you are geographically. Question is: How do you keep it sexy and alive?

1. Trust Yourself

Trust is going to be at the top of the list. Talking about your doubts and insecurities will painfully deteriorate all confidence on both sides. The simple remedy is to shore up your own self-confidence. Lack of trust can erode into questioning your loved one about where they’ve been, who they’re with (work, social, opposite sex) are they cheating and unfaithful, and to what degree! Distance can accentuate suspicions, especially if opposite sex friends are not clearly defined. The solution may be for both people to keep it positive. See each other regularly so you both can look forward to the next time.

2. Show Your Love

Meg was a poet who loved words. I knew her boyfriend who worked long distance, so I witnessed his reaction to her creative compliments. Every day he received a Hallmark card on his desk. I always saw a grin on his face when he put the card inside the top drawer. The cards were romantic, sometimes funny! I asked him, “You like that don’t you?” He confided he did, and showed me a poem she wrote and enclosed. He was so proud of her. She was putting together a book of poems to publish. He told me she was fun because she sometimes sent sexy, playful emails and goofy pictures—even one they took together at an arcade photo booth. So you can see being romantic without making a big deal of it keeps it lively and flattering in between calls or visits.

3. Show You’re Trustworthy

Reggie was a craftsman of beautiful southwest furniture who met a girl at an exhibit hall during a conference. Chemistry! She, Jen, lived several states away.

He wasn’t sure what to do because he had previously met a girl online, started to see her, but she got paranoid if he said he’d call and then didn’t. (Guys, keep your word about calling—keeping the other person waiting is a red flag for mistrust. A short text at least, please!) She thought she was being faithful by waiting for him, and she got upset and resentful if her friends suggested she go out instead of waiting. (Girls, not good. This is a red flag that you are clingy or need constant assurance where the relationship is going.)

He realized Jen’s attitude was different, positive and sensual—she flirted and teased him over text and Skype. He liked Skype because he could see her smile, at night just before she went to bed. He sent her digital roses (good guy). So after baiting questions and playing the romantic game without demanding commitment, some conversations turned serious. Some talks were just good soul food talks about nothing. The romance blossomed!

Long-distance love can work, if you follow these tips. Want more tips about your long-distance relationship? Then give me a call!

3 thoughts on “Psychic Shauna: 3 Things to Keep Long Distance Love Alive & Sexy

  1. Beth Robertson

    I am in a relationship that has been only computer generated he is an art dealer and he is in Africa but he lives in Oregon Our conversations have been refreshing and positive But lately it has become more financial to help ship artwork home.
    What do you think?
    Thank You Beth

  2. Nancy

    Informative article! I had a psychic (not from CA Psychics) tell me I attracted my long-distance boyfriend because I didn’t want comittment! I’m glad you see that fate brings us together regardless of distance. I know in my heart of hearts that we w/b together and CA psychics have helped me every step of the way!!


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