3 New Valentine’s Day Rules

Valentine Day Rules

Valentine’s Day: There’s a New Cupid in Town

It’s that time of year again—Valentine’s Day. Can’t you just envision those cute little cherubs flittering about with their bows and arrows pointed straight at your heart? Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about love and romance, right? Then why do so many of us view that day with dread and disappointment?

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The truth is that there’s almost as much stress associated with Valentine’s Day as there is with Christmas! But, it’s time to get back to basics and it’s time to implement some new Valentine’s Day rules that are more in line with feeling love and appreciation—not just for others, but for ourselves as well. There’s a new Cupid in town and he’s got three new Valentine’s Day rules he wants to enact!

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Ladies, do you want to spend all day, biting your nails, waiting for your true love to come through with some sort of romantic gesture on this holiday? Guys, do you want to feel the wrath and reprisal that comes with not giving your ladies a heart-shaped box of chocolate or more? Let’s get on board with banishing unfulfilled expectations!

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Valentine’s Day Rule No. 1: If You’re Single, Get Out!

If you’re feeling “singled out” on this romantic holiday, don’t. Think about it; this has to be the one day of the year where it’s practically guaranteed that anyone you meet at a club, a bookstore (or anywhere other than a dimly lit restaurant) is more than likely single too. It’s the perfect opportunity to let your hair down and have a good time without worrying if the person you just swapped numbers with is secretly married or otherwise romantically entangled. All of the entangled people are likely out with their co-entanglers, so don’t stay home. If you’re single, get out and mingle on Valentine’s Day. You can hug your couch on the other 364 days of the year.

Valentine’s Day Rule No. 2: If You’re Attached, Try Trading Places

The Valentine’s Day we’ve all come to know is about couples, romance and love. And as it’s always good to see a situation from your other half’s point of view, consider trading places for a moment. What would really make your valentine happy? And would it be so hard to give them what they want? And wouldn’t making that tiny gesture get you bonus points that last well beyond this one day? Valentine’s Day is about spending time with the one you love, and if you’re in love, you already know the true meaning of the word “compromise.”

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Valentine’s Day Rule No. 3: Everybody Unplug

The folks at Microsoft and Apple might have a different opinion, but how about unplugging for the evening? Crazy as it sounds, there really was a time not too long ago when couples could share a romantic dinner without the aid of electronics. Imagine that—a dinner for two with just the two of you on Valentine’s Day? Awww.

In ancient times, guys didn’t have instant access to sports scores and girls didn’t have phones to flip through every five minutes to see if “he” posted anything. It’s just for one night, and you might find that you even like it. It is Valentine’s Day after all, and if you’re not out at some cozy dinner for two, then you need to read Rule No. 1 again.

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There’s a lot to be said for the age of instant gratification, but nothing beats being able to stop the roller coaster when your car’s at the top of the ride and there’s nothing between the two of you but the stars in the sky. How romantic! The new Cupid is pretty serious about this holiday, so take his advice and follow his three new Valentine’s Day rules. They’ll bring you ever closer to really feeling true love, not just for today, but forever.

3 thoughts on “3 New Valentine’s Day Rules

  1. LJ

    Dear Linda: I’m sorry that happened to you. Try to think about it like this – he’s a man of poor character. Suppose for a second that you heard of a guy who did this to another girl. What would you think about their behavior and how they handled the situation (never mind the cheating)? You’d most likely tell that girl that she’s lucky to have found out what a wimp he was before things got more serious. Right? You’re lacking closure and in the absence of being able to tell him how what he did made you feel, try writing it out on paper. It really does help you purge and process. Because the longer you waste thinking about the wimp that was, the longer you put meeting someone worthy of your love. Take back your power, and try to get mad beyond the sad. Don’t let him own your future by having him be all you think about – you deserve much better. I wish you much luck and remember to be patient with yourself. (PS: if he cheated on you, it’s likely he’ll do it again to someone else.)
    Good wish for all the best, LJ

  2. linda

    How do you stop obcessing about a person you have been in a relationship with for 4 years sending you a text message a couple weeks before x-mas saying he was no longer happy and come to find out had someone else? Was with me the day before putting up x-mas tree, shampooing rugs then texts me at work the next day when I asked him how his day was. Also had just put my dog down a week before who was sick. How can I know he and his new person he met online are having a nice Valentines Day and I am still heartsick. He couldn’t face me and is trying to justify his behaviors and actions with untruths. How do you get by this?

  3. Barbara Brown

    I agree with the new ideas for Valentines’ Day. Each one or couple should really talk about it! There’s no rule that’s hard and fast! I have a teacher friend whose husband sends her a huge bouquet every week to place on her desk. That’s like a holiday every week at school all year! I want a good man like that!


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