3 In-Law Ice Breakers

Quick Ways to Get to Know Your Partner’s Parents

For many people, in-laws are a tough nut to crack. And why wouldn’t they be? There’s so much at stake in this relationship—in some ways the happiness of your marriage—that it’s natural to be intimidated. After all, your significant other came from these people so you want them to like you (and you want to like them). Only oftentimes, that seems impossible. If you’re struggling to get to know your in laws—or just looking for ways to deepen your connection, take these tips.


A common mistake many people make when trying to curry someone’s favor is to talk non-stop. Rather than rattle off a list of your likes for your in laws, listen when they speak. Encourage them to talk about their favorite things – sports or hobbies, food or current events. And even if you don’t agree with them, avoid being argumentative. It’s okay to ask questions, but not to interrogate. The point here is to learn what makes these people tick. The more you know the better you’ll fare in difficult situations and good times alike!

Ask About Your Spouse as a Kid

It’s a universally known fact that parents love to talk about their kids. So, inquiring about your spouse’s childhood is an easy ice breaker that won’t just tell you about your in-laws—you’ll get to hear about your spouse during their younger years. Whether it’s things they used to do together or what your love wanted to be when they were little, these stories can be priceless for parents and amusing (or endearing) for you!

“Love and relationships are kind of like jobs, we change constantly until we find that right one that sticks around for the long haul.” – Lacy ext. 5494

Do Things Together

Since talking can be tough with in laws (especially if your relationship is new or things are strained in any way), why not plan an activity? Whether it’s cooking together, going for a hike or going on a tour of a local attraction, participating in short activities together can be just the way to bond. Remember to keep them brief (a vacation is NOT a good way to start) and to stay positive, even if something is driving you crazy. After all, you can survive a few hours of anything—and the benefit will likely outweigh the inconvenience.

“It isn’t perfect, nor will it ever be, but it will be perfect for you.” – Lacy ext. 5494

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3 thoughts on “3 In-Law Ice Breakers

  1. Reed x 5105Reed x 5105

    I often remind callers that when they marry someone, they aren’t just marrying one person – they are marrying into a whole family. It is a package deal.
    Make the best of it and honor your partner by doing everything you can to work through differences with in-laws.
    If peace and harmony isn’t possible, then at least avoid talking negatively about your partner’s family. Insulting your partner’s mom / dad in front of your partner can cause a nasty ripple effect that can seriously damage your partner and your relationship.

    Reed x5105

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    good tips…..

    and if I may add one more tip : don’t air your grievances about your spouse, or argue with your spouse, in front of them.


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