20 Ways to Seduce a Man

There are many ways to seduce a man. One of the most difficult parts of any relationship for some women is finding their way into one. According to a lot of research, men are attracted to the same type of women, which means the dating curve can be a little lopsided. However, possessing certain preferred physical attributes is only half the story. There are another 20 ways to allure a man into emotional submission, and while they may require some work on your part, the results are well documented.

1. Seductress in Red

Countless studies show that when a man is choosing between a room full of women, the color red will stand out on his radar almost every time. While some would claim this is simply a byproduct of media conditioning, researchers suggest our primate brethren (baboons and chimpanzees) take advantage of a noticeable red tinting to their skin, to signal the readiness to mate.

2. Blue Aura

When it comes to the right background to create romance, red is the anti-flirt, as it creates tension and uneasiness. An environment featuring various blues, greens, and browns, will offer a tranquil boost that has been shown in studies to create the best possibility for an optimum connection between couples.

3. Kindred Ideas/Interests

They may say opposites attract, but studies show men are drawn to women with similar ideas, political views, and interests. (“You believe we should all be frozen by cryogenic tubes until the year 2176? Um, yeah, me too!”)

4. Fear

Instant chemistry is a shot in the dark, but research suggests we can manufacturer it from fear. Minimally traumatic events mimic the same response as an intense sexual attraction. This doesn’t mean you have to go skydiving, as an amusement park can illicit a similar effect in some men.

5. Avocado

The Vitamin E content of an avocado has been noted to boost a man’s state of arousal, making him more prone to seduction.

6. Chocolate

Feeding a man chocolate, mimics the brain cocktail, phenyl ethylamine (PEA), which is the same chemical in the body, known for creating the sensation of falling in love.

7. Cry Baby

While most men may not be able to resist a woman with tears, research suggests if seduction is your ultimate goal, tears will actually lower his mojo.

8. Sucker for Good Conversation

A number of studies have looked at the conversation patterns (word choice, etc.) of couples, and the most matching styles appear to hit it off the best. While you may think this suggests the couple was made for each other, there is evidence this reflects more how they listen and respond to each other, than any kind of similarity.

9. Just Friends? I Think Not!

While women have an easier time maintaining friendships with guys, 57 percent of men report having feelings for their female gal pals. Opposite sex friends allure 15 percent of cheating husbands, so the possibilities of any opposite sex friendship are undeniable.

10. Power of Makeup

Women may not be able to change how they look (barring cosmetic surgery), but they can accentuate certain features through the use of makeup. What attracts the majority of guys, according to a study by Marcus and Miller in 2003, is large eyes (eyeliner), full lips (lipstick), and prominent cheekbones (rouge).

11. Proximity/Familiarity

The closer a man is to your daily travels, the more likely he can be seduced. Men are drawn to familiarity, meaning that he will feel more connected with a woman he crosses paths with on a daily basis, then a woman he only just met.

12. Laugh

Centuries ago, men use to bash each other on the head with tree branches to gain the right to enjoy the company of a woman. Today, our society has become slightly more civilized, and men compete through the use of humor. The sound of laughter directed at any man (in a good way), is like the ring of a slot machine jackpot in Las Vegas.

13. Casual Sex Effects

Men crave the sexual sound effects of a woman who gasps, hums, and coos. While you may not want to put on a rendition of Meg Ryan’s orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally, a few subtle giggles can go a long way.

14. Vulnerability

Men are drawn to vulnerable women, because it strokes their ego. Men crave to be a woman’s protector. When a woman smiles, lifts one shoulder, and tilts her head to the side, she is showing one of the most vulnerable points of her body (neck). This says, I trust you. I’m interested, and I’m very adorable.

15. Allure of the Unknown

Did you ever give a guy a note in grade school, telling him how much you liked him? How did that work out for you? Probably not too good. Men are egged on by the challenge of the unknown. He may need to know a woman is interested, but he’ll prefer not to know how much.

16. Don’t Make Him Work Too Hard

Men like to work for the privilege of a woman’s company, but there is a limit to how much. If a woman requires too much work, he’ll assume she is high maintenance and look elsewhere. The best way to seduce a man, is to give the implication she is normally very difficult to impress, but for him, it is relatively easy. This is known as, selectively, playing hard to get.

17. 21 Smile Salute

It is common knowledge that eye contact is very important. Studies suggest a man could need upwards of 21 glances before he’ll get the idea a woman is interested. To seduce the men who might be a little more dense than others, researchers recommend smiling along with a locked glance.

18. Effort Counts

While eye contact and smiling works for 60 percent of men, it is the effort and frequency of these actions that will make a seductress truly lethal. Studies show, a woman who glances around a room 35 times, smiling at the available guys, will get at least four approaches per hour. However, quantity does not always denote quality.

19. Mirroring

Mirroring is very complimentary to men, and will build a sense of connection, whether or not any true sparks fly during a first meeting. The way it works, is if he sips his drink, you sip yours. If he picks his nose, you… Well, there may be limitations, but the research is certainly solid.

20. That Time of Month

Researchers have spent many long hours interviewing and watching female adult dancers, and have concluded the ones who make the most money, are the ones who are ovulating. An ovulating woman will gain twice as much money and attention as a menstruating one. Researchers speculate men use such subtle clues as body odor and waist-to-hip ratio to identify the choicest specimens.

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9 thoughts on “20 Ways to Seduce a Man

  1. Mai

    The only want is to see cleavage and a smile, that gets them going then with a soft sweet voice tell them what you want them to do. I can assure you they will get harder than you have ever seen, during dinner start talking and not about your feelings because men really don’t want to hear it. Take a bubble bath in your jacuzzi with aroma therapy in it , fire up the candles all over your house then take him to bed and pull out all the trick!!!!!! Handcuffs, blindfolds, whip cream a riding crop, wine, and soft classical music in the back ground and let you mouth began. Happy wife happy life and men know this!!!!!!!! Try it men like a change, try different things he will be happy and stay home ( can’t wait to get there to see what you have planned) we have 4 kids and he travels but I trust him!!! You have to!!

  2. pooja

    am not sure weather the points can turn a men on ………but can say one thing a true love over a particular person (lover) is the only thing which does’es everything by the name of love ……

  3. Galina St George

    Why are there so many articles about how to seduce a man, and not that many about how to seduce a woman? Is it because we girls keep ourselves in a less advantageous position of waiting to be chosen, while waiting for the guy to make the move? Things have not changed since centuries ago, to which the author refers here. Sure, it is a game, but wouldn’t a guy be more interested in a woman who plays a straight card?

  4. milaniamilania

    I also recommend using creative visualization.
    Expect and envision pleasure with and from your partner.
    Having positive expectations helps to attract the perfect situation, environment and events for romance and love.

    Milania ext. 5409

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Eric,

    # 9 was interesting ……I always, in general, thought that was true and you confirmed it.


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