15 Things Women Wish Men Knew

Yes it’s true. Women and men do think differently — VERY differently! We’ve taken a look at some secrets men wish women knew and now its your turn boys … here are some tips and tricks that give only but a glimpse into the minds of women.

1. Be honest. Lying will only hurt you and us. Being in a committed or intimate relationship leaves both of us very vulnerable … once that trust is broken, it’s possible to fill that crack but it will always be, a crack.

2. Be neat and tidy. Not only does this refer to a groomed physical appearance, but we also appreciate a groomed under-appearance.  Put yourself in our shoes for a minute, do you like hair in your mouth?

3. Hold our hands. We love feeling your fingers interlaced with ours. It doesn’t matter where we are, in public, in bed, dancing … we want to feel like you’ll never let go.

4. Ask for directions. This will actually blow us away. Since men are notorious for refusing to ask for help, whether its directions because you’re lost  or directions on how to get somewhere specific on us, we’ll be utterly impressed by your confidence.

5. Be faithful. Anything you feel you have to hide from us is cheating. If you want to play that game, we would rather you just break up with us so we can move on. Really.

6. Pay attention to little things. Most women are very attention-to-detail oriented. We adore a man who puts in the extra effort and appreciation by doing little things for us. Leaving us a post-it love note. Cleaning the bathroom. Random bouquet of flowers … you get the picture.

7. Cook for us. Even if you royally screw it up, we will sincerely appreciate the offer. Cooking shows a lot of love and thoughtfulness. Take-out is always a backup option if stuff hits the fan … literally.

8. Reveal your love. If you have established your love for each other, make sure you keep updating us on it. If we don’t feel or hear the love, unfortunately we’re the type of beings that will look elsewhere to find it.

9. Forehead kisses. This is a simple yet very effective way to make us feel like we’re the most important thing to you. They are endearing gestures of love that we really can’t get enough of.

10. Take us out. We thoroughly enjoy being taken ‘out on the town’ once in a while and absolutely love when it’s your idea. Make a conscious effort to suggest an evening out, maybe even go the extra mile and make dinner reservations. Special occasions could call for a weekend getaway …

11. Massage us. Trust us. We’ll pay back the favor. Nothing is nicer than having your man come up behind you and start rubbing your neck and shoulders. This act of kindness could be re-payed in other forms as well …

12. Share a hobby. Participate or suggest something we could do together that could be new for both of us. Working out together, hiking, taking a cooking or dance class … a fun activity will help us grow with each other.

13. Respect us. Some men have an irritating habit of either acting differently or treating us differently when they’re around their friends. This is something 7 year olds do. Please ‘man up’ and be proud of the man you are and the woman you’re with.

14. Make the bed. If you’re the last one out of it, or even if you’re not … finding a made bed is one of our little joys. Wow us with your skills!

15. Tell us what you’re thinking. Since most of the time, we’re way off when trying to figure out what you’re thinking … randomly let us in. We’ll feel closer to you and it’s a great way to let us know how valuable you think we are.

8 thoughts on “15 Things Women Wish Men Knew

  1. Carmen

    Haha, these are awesome comments. I like Giovanna’s number 2 and 3 best 😀

    I personally don’t care if my man makes the bed. This is due to the fact that I am an anal retentive Virgo and then have to remake it, because the decorative pillows are merely thrown on and just don’t look right, teehee.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Giovanna,

    LOL !!!!!!! he he he he….you’re funny !!!!! You had me rolling off my chair, laughing…but those are all very good tips !

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  3. Giovanna x5214

    I am cracking up at Gina Rose =) I agree!!

    For bathroom time, if I’m doing hair, makeup, or otherwise quiet in there, leave me alone. I have a major peeve with people hovering (period) and the bathroom is totally off limits (as is wearing my robe, slippers, and especially my socks–I like them in my size!).

    Some funny quirks in my house:
    1. Pretending like you don’t hear me when I yell for you but come running in the room if you think I’m on the telephone talking about you (especially when it’s your mother).
    2. Feigning sleep (e.g.–fake snoring) when I ask u to check out “that noise”.
    3. Swearing you never go in my purse, but somehow, you mysteriously ate all my gum.
    4. Driving my car, coasting home on fumes, and then not telling me because you figure I’ll “have enough” to get to the gas station when I go out (you’d better hope so pal, lol).
    5. Beating around the bush when u want to ask me something. Don’t butter me up, just get to the point 😉
    10. Promising “I did too tell you” when it’s so obvious you did not, AND I’m pretty sure I’d remember if you did!!

    Overall, I wouldn’t change them (him) for anything (a tune up however, is not out of the question, LOL )!!

  4. balancedesires

    Hi Gina Rose!

    LMAO!!! You are too funny! I agree about the chick flicks! As far as make up application, I agree to a point but my guy is pushy if we are going somewhere so I have to prep him in advance by telling him that I will be a while. If I don’t he’ll be in the bathroom asking how it’s going!!!!

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi…..Fun article filled with many great tips…..

    I’m adding two more:

    1. If I respect your space and peace & quiet while you are watching any sports programs on TV……….I deserve the same respect while I’m watching a ” chick flik” on TV. Your ” funny ” inserted comments , while I’m watching are not neccessary.
    Afterall….I don’t make comments when the sports play is called wrong…you don’t make funny comments when I reach for the kleenex during a poignant moment watching a couple kiss during a movie.

    2. I prefer to apply any make-up , or shave my legs in privacy…..thank you. LOL
    ( Too much time being together can be annoying….women like some private time too… to do girlie, feminine things)


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