10 Ways to Be the Woman Every Man Wants

Become the Woman of His Dreams!

To be the woman that every man wants doesn’t take much. Many articles spew out four or five important traits that most men want in a woman, and then share what a woman needs to do to change herself in order to have those traits. I don’t think women need all that instruction. Women are nurturers and can figure out the details for themselves. I think what is truly difficult is remembering all those things that us guys appreciate. Here is a dream list of 10 things most men wish every woman could be/do.

1. Remember the Little Things. Men are simple creatures, and when they find a woman who is good at remembering the little things, he smiles to himself each day. Men don’t need much to be satisfied: just those occasional notes on his pillow, gravy on his mashed potatoes and discovering you naked on the couch when he comes home from work.

2. She is Independent. Men may appear to want to be the quarterback in the relationship. However, once they realize that means calling all the plays 24 hours a day, they quickly learn how nice it is to have a woman who is independent and can think for herself.

3. His Playmate. Men communicate best via action. This is why when a group of guys get together, they usually don’t sip tea and chat about trading jeans for the summer. They go to the golf course, football game, or pool hall and engage in a little horseplay. Whether he’ll admit or not, most men are on the lookout for a playmate who will accompany them on some of their shenanigans. A man enjoys the company of a sexy woman, but prefers to spend the rest of his life with a woman with whom he can connect and play with.

4. Demands Respect. Men like a woman who gives him some room to make mistakes and be himself. However, every woman has her expectations, and she must make them very clear. Men respect a woman who is understanding, but they also want a woman who thinks enough of herself to tell him where to go when he deserves it.

5. She Knows the Meaning of a Home-Cooked Meal. A good portion of moms grew up in the Leave it to Beaver era, where everything from roasts to meatloaf was homemade with love and gravy. Today, most guys know the taste of home-cooking, but are used to the modern rendition, which includes buying a paper box at the grocery store, nuking it, and then transferring the resulting soggy heap to a dinner plate. Every man can appreciate a woman who knows how to cook from scratch. It is almost as important as a man who knows how to remove a spider from the house without killing it.

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6. She’s a Smiley, Not a Grumpy. It’s a hard life, and sometimes it is difficult to always be a smiley person. Men understand that and appreciate a woman who makes an effort to have a smile on hand whenever they are together.

7. Has a Hobby. Not all women foster a hobby for themselves. Many women feel too busy with life to take the time to do something for themselves. Don’t do that. Men find women with hobbies very attractive. It gives her mystery, skill sets and a good excuse to get out of the house when you’re driving each other crazy.

8. Is Unpredictably Predictable. Men like surprises, but they don’t always need them to be way out in UFO territory. Creativity is appreciated in a woman. However, you don’t have to reinvent the remote control to see his eyes light up. Surprise him with his old favorites repeatedly; they will almost never get old.

9. Has Many Feminine Traits. There is a reason why films like Gone With the Wind have remained such a classic story of love and romance. There would be no Rhett Butler if there wasn’t a Scarlett O’Hara to balance out his masculinity. Guys enjoy the company of a woman who is graceful, tender, nurturing, sensitive and vulnerable. These are the things that make a man whole.

10. She Can Get Along With His Friends. Friends and lovers don’t always see eye to eye, but it is nice when they at least try to understand and get along with each other.  Psychic Teagan ext. 5318 knows what’s lacking in your most intimate relationship and she has the tools to help you remove what blocks you from a more fulfilling sex life.

48 thoughts on “10 Ways to Be the Woman Every Man Wants

  1. Rose

    Although I enjoy these articles very much for their wit and occasional insight, I really have to agree with Sophia. The problems come from generalization, categorization, lists (as a feminist I’m not too fond of them on principle). Then again, it would be chaos without them.

    I think lists are valuable, but we have to be careful about generalizing them to this degree– even when those generalizations are mostly true! Who cares what the majority of men or women do? Why should that be a code of behavior? In case no one has noticed, we are making up our codes as we go…

  2. Sophia

    The article is a very clear picture of why our relationships are so screwed up – they’re lists! None of it has to do with reality or real people. Both people, I believe, will thrive on flexibility, forgiveness, the ability and capacity to give and receive love as well as a commitment to fidelity if it’s a monogamous relationship. No where are words like character, honesty, forthcoming, healthy boundaries, being emotionally, physically, intellectually, and sexually mature being encouraged as attributes. If both sexes looked at themselves and asked sincerely, “Do I have the capacity to be in a healthy long term relationship and be a healthy partner?” Then we all might see change.

    The above article is for me what’s not working about pop culture and relationship advice. If both parties are pointing fingers at the other saying, “Be this and be that” then everyone will lose. If instead we examined ourselves with growth in mind we may get somewhere?

  3. lis

    I wanna a man that listens too me that i dont wnt a relationship n gives me freedom too figure it out. But I need him too be for me through it too. As a friend. But. He’s gotta honor his word. Respect and call my BS. Ummm n be a good opponent. I love challenge

  4. Teri

    I guess I, like some people will find some things about this list
    that may be helpful. But half of them would have me going eeeykes.
    I find my interest in a ‘simple horoscope’ as a way of helping
    out in life gets rather shallow on this site.

  5. Louis

    What about 10 Ways to Be a Man Every Woman Wants. Men expectations of a woman are very high and demanding. They think every woman can be their mother. Some of us really have good qualities a woman should possess but the majority of men are not sharing the similarities. Therefore, you cannot expect to receive without giving. They need to learn how to be a responsible man, father, head of household,husband or even a good partner/friend so they can find the right woman with exceptional qualities because they are plenty of us out there.

  6. christine

    What happens if you are unlucky and only find men who are either irresponsible in their duties
    towards you and your children, and by duties I don’t mean sex, I mean responsibility and earning a life, or if you find a violent person whom you have to escape from! What happens then? Look I have worked since I was 17 years old. Thankfully, I was able to educate my children in private schools and universities but with no help from the so called fathers. so what are we talking about??

  7. ct

    If us women have to change stuff for men to like us then we all should go back to the way it was in the old days oh men went the school n ladys when to lady school to learn to be the perfect so called wife pishposh… That what I say men are demeanding creators and alway want to be right even if his rong and knows it All MEN ARE DIFFENET in some way you need to just be yourself and if he dose like anything about u his a wast of your time. I have now been with my boyfriend for 6 goin on 7 years now we been togetter ever sences high schoo. Yes we do have our problem but always work through them togetter and being pashiont I find can help a lot too. One day you will find that Specail someone and when you do u will know right away maybe you’ll get butterflys in ur tummy when you look in his eyes or then feel come over time ethier way you’ll know if his perfect for you cause he will show you how he feel about you with lots of touching kissing and bathing you in gifes. Thank you for reading

  8. Laura

    With the exception of a few things,for example,the last part of number one on the list,sounds like men are looking for women like their mothers..with a few minor variations.
    Personally,I think Dave’s comment makes very good sense. I also appreciate umm…not all men’s comment about how one must be happy with one’s self. I think generally,if you are happy with who you are,that translates positivly to the opposite sex as well as people as a whole.

  9. Cameil

    I truly believe when you stop looking for that prefect relationship and tune in to that star player (self ). That special person will come unexpectedly.

  10. Cameil

    I truly believe when you stop looking for that prefect relationship and tune in to that star player (self ) that special person will come unexpectedly

  11. Nemo

    Hello All,

    Its funny how men in general make it seem like its women’s JOB to be nurturing and caring. Some Men need to understand that relationship is 50% – 50% no 10 – 90 . Where 90% is all women. BC honestly women are not up for that BS anymore! Sooner or later that relationship will fall apart. If a women has to work and pay bills then men should have learn how to be nurturing and caring at the sametime. Women need that just as much as men do. And no one can magically change themselves to the list bc lot of times knowing how to cook and having a hobby or two will not make or break the relationship! But one thing I’ve learned is that before getting into any relationship one has to be happy and satisfied with themselves. That requires a lot of self love !!

  12. Andra

    So what you are saying is that all that hard work done by the feminists throughout the ages to give us equal human rights to men, we are now to forget that and go back to being the mans mother, cook and hore whenever and however he pleases? That would be mu mothers and grandmothers generation, that my frind is no more, this is almost 2013 and us modern women expect equality and nothing less. In the movie Gone With the Wind or the novel the woman is not a sweet nurturing kind, she is a beautiful sexual passionate narcissist who is cold, selfish, intelligent and calculating and who always kept her partner at arms length. When they lost their little girl in the horse riding accident she becomes even colder and wanted nothing to do with her man, that is why he eventually left. But even when he was leaving all she could say is “tomorow is another day,” not please baby I love you don’t go.

  13. sunandflower

    Debster, If I would be a man I would take you in no time….:)

    but I am a woman and I am good in the kitchen, good looking/sexy/was good at work/ professional with master’s degree/ independent,/home maker/making enough money/ have lot of interests/hobbies etc….
    I do not want a competition with a man. I want to be comfortable and let my hair down.. wish to be pampered. Man feel they have to prove themselves with me…I must do something wrong..

  14. Elena

    We can t be perfect to follow this rules…Some men still unhappy even your trying your best to be perfect” and do your obligation

  15. rumadyet

    Does anyone male or female feel like screaming. I have a man who cooks, sorry I eat what ever he cooks, we both work, we both take care of the house inside and out. It works, I say what ever works, what makes a relationship a mess is the expectations above. Ask what the man wants, He may not want his mother! ASk dont excpect ask and keep asking, Dont ever do what somone else wants and don’t compare your relationship to someoneses, it is a killer . Make your own.

  16. Hally

    I am an independent woman who does not like drama. I own my home, work, travel and enjoy a wide variety of interests. I can cook well, hold a conversation and look nice and enjoys sex. We had a committed relationship and he says I am the nicest women he has ever met, didn’t get me anywhere, after 6 years together, he cheated with a woman completely opposite of me in every way who is demanding, loud and obnoxious, broken and cares nothing about her health and appearance. Guess he wanted a needy project to fix and rescued a stray.

  17. Eve

    Hey Dave…that’s a great comment! How right you are! We all need to be who we are and enjoy the differences and work together. You are absolutely right…evolve together. No lists required!

  18. Tonya

    That list is nice and I think most women wanna be nice and they wanna be cool to a guys friends and they want to be everything for a man but then that one thing happens that you can’t take back and the relationship takes such a hit they almost can never come back from it and usually it’s cause one or both strays and even if your willing to try and work it out the damage has been done and so basically what I’m saying just from my point of view is if you want a woman to be all those things then make her feel secure that you only want her and nobody else ever and she will almost always try to make you as happy as she can. There are some crazy ones out there so it’s not for everyone but I’m just saying feeling secure seems to be the hardest to find and keep.

  19. Dave

    I as a man would like a woman to have traits that i can adapt to and is willing to adapt to mine. In life it becomes more interesting when you have the ability to evolve with one another. Make that woman your best friend and then things will be the way that they should be. No one needs this list, its only an interpretation of what anyone would like their significant other to be.

  20. umm not all Men

    Funny, I am all those things, but naturally, and I end up being a threat to men. I just had a guy break up with me because I am told I am too perfect. He asked if I had emotional baggage, said sure, but I save that for therapy.

    Then he was waiting for me to become co-dependent on him, it didn’t happen, so I got blamed for it anyway. Sigh, I guess I give up like you say on trying to be the perfect woman. I actually don’t care about that because each man is different.

    Seem’s like most men want a woman who can think for themselves and still be nurturing, but in my case when they do get it, they can’t believe it, they will still find something wrong with it and they dump you.

    I finally decided I am going to be happy with myself with or without a man’s approval and if I can’t find one to love me for who I am, then oh well I guess I miss out, because conforming definitely isn’t the key either.

  21. WhiskeyRiver

    Ya know,if all we have to do is “all of this”,why,no problem.We must make sure our little girls are trained right,..right? The path to perfection in a woman is right here!
    Now,..where is the list for us women’s demands for a perfect man?? Shouldnt we be able to demand as much of all men?
    Give us this list:
    “10 Ways To Be The Man Every Woman Wants”.

  22. peggysue

    There are plenty of women with the traits and characters of the above lists, but men don’t looks, they only judge from the outer looks

  23. Debster

    Just another thought, why are there so many books about what women should do/say/feel to make men happy, but literally NONE about how men can improve their relationships with women? Common sense tells me that it’s supply and demand, nobody would read such a book. Sad, all.

  24. Debster

    I cook like Paula Deen, look like Christi Brinkley, work like I mean it, have hobbies, interests, and education, and am fun and playful in and out of the bedroom. Somehow, that list of, “what I should be, should say, should do,” never evaporates. There’s always one or more shortcomings that keep me from attaining that, “ideal woman,” status. What the heck, gals? Does anybody else feel that we are currently under heaps of pressure, and that we’re constantly told by someone… our mate, our media, that we’re just not “measuring up?” The more I do, the more is asked. The bar gets set higher every month. Just last week I had a zit, oh my, that got pointed out to me. I can’t have a “bad day,” I can’t put on ten pounds over the holidays, I can’t tell my lazy, countless employee to get it in gear… Most of all, I can’t stop F’ing SMILING. Everywhere, we must smile, and be, “gracious and pleasant.” Is any of this for real?? Fiddle-dee-dee, I say. Why can’t we just give each other a break as a gender, dump the expectations on both sides, and embrace a peaceful life?

  25. ReikiGirl

    Thank you, GREAT article!! As far as a love and romance movie, I wouldn’t have chosen Gone With the Wind, though. To me it was more about a spoiled, selfish, arrogant girl in a woman’s body who desperately needed a dose of her own medicine. Except for her daughter, I don’t think she loved anything or anyone but herself, she betrayed even her own sister. Watching it for the first time recently, it was painful to watch her shenanigans. Now I understand why the last line of the movie was so famous, “Frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a damn!”

  26. Diane

    O how I wish there was a true man out there for me. Women has always been men side kicks, when will men acknowledge we are only humans and not robots. My goodness, men please wake up and appreciate what GOD has blessed you with.

  27. Brad

    Women have become this bad?

    Can’t remember to put gravy on the mashed potatoes!

    Doesn’t know about home cooked meals?

    Playmate Duh!

  28. mike

    A man likes a woman who understands boundaries , sure I want my woman to get along with my friends, but not be to friendly creating a feling of insecurity . A good example of this is physical contact , there’s no need for it and it defanitely crosses a boundary . Making my mind say why is she touching him . It may seem silly , but i garuntee you this is how most men’s minds work

  29. Susanne

    Have always appreciated everyone at California Psychics. Want to see if I can sk a question:

    Should I stay with the man I am currently with? Is this the right one? (sorry, this is 2 I guess.)

    Thank you again for all you do 🙂

    Seattle, WA

  30. Ralitza Hristova

    Scarlett O’Hara — a woman who is graceful, tender, nurturing,
    sensitive and vulnerable ???!!!!
    Have you read the novel at all?

  31. ghulam-murtaza

    hi me a male 48 yrsold.wel heathy energetic,doing job faraway from home me already married.and have achilds at home but 11 month out of family only one month with my wife i needs of course every body requirement a sincere lady where he can share,talk,walk togather sit and eat.but occasionally he can do partnar ship. as required ,,but as me knows every lady want to get a lot u say price of time.//what to do to getting a sincere lady plz acknolodge thanks bye murtaza uae

  32. Leslie

    What Do You Do When His Friends or Family Members Jus Don’t Like You For No Reason, Even When You Where Really Kind & Helpful To All Of Them No Matter What The Circumstances Are, & Helped Him When Ever Needed Me But They Still Don’t Like You!!?? What Do You Do?? Please Help Me Please!!

  33. Isabella

    Wow, sexist much? Why should a woman change at all for a man? And since when do all men want the same thing in a partner? If there truly is one person out there for each of us, then this list is pointless anyway.


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