10 Ways Being Independent Makes You a Great Partner

Independent Great Partner

Are You too Independent to Be in a Relationship?

Think you’re too independent to be in a relationship? Think again! Independent people actually make great partners and create strong, loving relationships. Here are 10 ways being independent makes you a great partner:

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1. You know yourself and you are okay with knowing others.

You are fine with the fact that your feet get dirty in the summer because you love walking barefoot. Small talk is not your thing and you can handle all things cerebral with a smile. It’s perfectly natural for you to also accept the random quirks and eccentricities of those you love. You don’t have to hold their quirks in contempt because you are comfortable with your own.

2. You know how to enjoy ME time.

If you don’t enjoy your own company, why would anyone else enjoy you? The time a self-possessed person spends in communion with themselves renews them. When you can be alone, you are never filled with anxiety if your partner has to travel for work or even for pleasure because you know how to entertain yourself. You smile at your personal jokes and enjoy life with or without another by your side.

3. Being independent strengthens your individuality.

You are not reliant on the others presence to fully function or feel whole. No need to attach a title to one’s name for validation, an independent person stands tall on their own merit. You stand in your persona with conviction and confidence without the crutch of a sidekick. That’s pretty badass!

4. You know how to do your work.

You live your passion, meditate, read, and do what’s best for you to function. The bills are paid and you have yourself to thank. You fill your own tank to get to your destination. When you get a partner that should not stop.

5. You know how to manage loneliness and many other “issues.”

Yes even Wonder Woman and Superman get lonely. The feeling can creep up on you but independence has taught you remedies that work fast. An undercurrent of anxiety serves no one. Your ability to turn to alternative therapies has you ahead of the game because once you do get into a relationship, you will need to know how to be a therapist and healer amongst other things. Learn these skills during your alone time.

6. You know how to put things in perspective.

If you can manage yourself and your reactions, you will be a better partner. How refreshing is it to know for a fact that you will never react spitefully to anything your partner does? It feels good to know that no matter what happens you can see your own growth. When you keep your perspective fresh and optimistic, you stay in the winner’s circle.

7. You are creative and creative partners are highly valuable.

A solution-oriented relationship is better than a problematic one. Having the ingenuity to create new ways to love each other comes from a willingness to expand within. Instead of throwing in the towel and walking away, you are creative enough to think of 5 million other options. Create and reinvent yourself repeatedly. It will keep your lover hooked.

8. The ability to identify and fulfill your own emotional needs keeps partnerships balanced.

When you know what you need, you can ask for it. You also know how to meet your needs because you were meeting your needs prior to partnering up. Keep that in mind when you feel as though it’s your partner’s job to make you happy.

9. Doing nothing is an art. Master it. Alone.

When you know how to enjoy stillness and silence, you can share space with others in peace. No one wants a person who can’t enjoy themselves on their own accord. Take time to veg out alone so that when you have a partner you will know how to give them the space to do nothing sometimes.

10. Being independent is a big YES to yourself!

There is no one to decide what you want except you, so know that the answer is always yes! When you have mastered the art of yourself, you will master the art of knowing others in a profound way. Love is boundless and so are you! The answer is YES, you can be EVERYTHING you have ever dreamed. Your BELIEF in YOU will get you there!

5 thoughts on “10 Ways Being Independent Makes You a Great Partner

  1. idalina Maria Goncalves Vieira

    Dear SABA,
    I’m ready for a new life,I’m independente the reasons made to be like this.
    I’m to lonely, that’s differente
    If you can see anything more that i can’t, i will be pleased to now.
    Thank you.

  2. Donita

    I really like the 10 ways of being independent, it fits me to the letter,but, every relationship I have been my partner leaves, I think they felt not needed or maybe it was just to easy.

  3. Amanda

    A very smart & intuitive article! Thank you for this! Knowledge & love are light <3 <3 <3 Blessed be. 🙂


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