10 Tips to Save Your Relationship

Enjoy Your Relationship and Make it Last!

Learning how to navigate through the difficulties in your relationship may take a lot of trial and error. But, you can learn things the hard way, or take advantage of these 10 tips that have helped hundreds of couples save their relationships before they reached the point of no return:

Accept What Makes Your Partner Unique

Some of your partner’s most unique attributes may become some of your biggest pet peeves the longer you stay together. Rather than trying to mold your partner into someone you feels like they should be, try cherishing their differences. You are in control of how you see your partner, and if you truly want them to be happy, let them be who they want to be.

Get Some Sleep

All sorts of problems can arise when one partner is consistently low on sleep. They may feel depressed, stressed or suffer from nagging health ailments. Studies suggest that in addition to this, your perception, self-awareness and self-control fly out the door the minute sleep deprivation becomes the norm. Seven and a half hours of sleep each night will bring clarity and renewed faith to whatever relationship problems you’re currently facing.

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Be Soft on the Person, but Tough on the Issues

Troubles in a relationship can occur from two different perspectives. In the most common perspective, you see your partner as the reason you hurt, and therefore attack them personally in hopes that they will change from a bad to a good person. A better approach is to attack the issue you are having with them, leaving their ego intact and their willingness to work on the issues in your relationship.

Think of Positive Solutions to Problems

When your partner wrongs you, those feelings become embedded in your head. The first thought from your subconscious will likely be, I hate that you just did that to me. Rather than express those feelings directly to your partner, turn them into something positive and give your partner the incentive to work on it. Whether you want your partner to come home earlier or pick the kids up from school, they will be more apt to do it if they understand they are working towards your praise, rather than trying to avoid your wrath.

Disengage from Conflict the Moment One Person is Not Open to Listening

You may think that you can change the mind of a stubborn partner, but you can’t. In fact, you will just make things worse if you continue to bulldoze your point after they have already built a fortress to hold off your arrival. When a partner disengages from listening, stop where you are at, set a time to reconvene and give each other some space.

Save Up Some Sunshine for a Rainy Day

When a relationship starts going south, usually the partner who is at the most fault tries to change and make things better. Unfortunately, there is probably already too many hard feelings, so their good deeds go unnoticed or discounted. A better approach is to maintain a constant dose of sunshine throughout the relationship in the form of listening, attention and a few back rubs. These are saved up over time, and when things get tough, your partner will have many good points to help weather the bad.

Be a Team Player

Studies show that when one partner is engaging in chores when they are stressed, it brings about the uneasy feeling of sacrifice. Your partner may seem like a saint, but even the most good-intentioned person will lose faith when they feel like they are sacrificing too much for the relationship. Learn to look for the signs of stress, and when you sense them, counter any activities (chores) they happen to be doing by joining them as a team player.

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Display Reminders of Happy Times

Research confirms that experiences rather than things increase the happiness in your relationship. An easy way to boost the positive feelings in your home is to illicit reminders of those joyful times. This can be accomplished by either placing happy photos where your partner can see them, or by casually striking up a conversation about one of those moments.

Say “I Love You” Each Day

Statistics suggest that 75 percent of partners who routinely forget to bid their partner goodnight, have also struggled with the idea of leaving them. When you are fighting in your relationship, it is a good to open and close each day with a reminder of your faith and love for your partner. There are many ways to do this, but none more simple that saying these three words.

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2 thoughts on “10 Tips to Save Your Relationship

  1. Between A Rock And A Hard Place

    I appreciate all the suggestions and am open to implementing as many that it will take to breath life into our relationship. I just wish that I wasn’t the only one to have to do all the work. We both have been married a couple of times before and I know what can kill the relationship, but I don’t think my husband is aware of his responsibilities in the failing of the other two…he still places all the blame on his past partners, as we all know it takes two to make a relationship and two to break it. I am feeling, that just like everything else in our home, it is my responsibility to keep things going. So I am going to put these suggestions to work..and see if there is any response.

  2. Deb

    Thank-you for sharing such wisdom ! I am looking forward to using this inspired advise in the years ahead ! I’ll be praying I have the maturity and strength to stop and think to unselfishly use these ideas!


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