10 Tips for a Happy Marriage

10 Tips for a Happy Marriage

Make Your Marriage Work!

Marriage is a complex human experience at any stage. Many marriages don’t last, and that can be discouraging to those of us who want to make that kind of commitment. So who do we turn to when we want to know the secrets of a lasting, happy marriage? We turn to the people who make it work. I turned to my father.

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My parents have been married for 40 years. Recently, my father shared some wisdom with me about what it takes to make a marriage last. Here are my father’s 10 happy marriage tips.

1. Love Your Mate
This may seem obvious, but a lot of people don’t know what love really entails. Love is the necessary and lasting ingredient for any authentic marital relationship. Love includes total commitment to one another, admiration and respect. It means being willing to sacrifice everything for your mate.

2. Be Positive
Practice looking on the bright side. Let the light in. If the light isn’t there, you bring the light. If you look close enough, there really is a silver lining on the inside of every cloud.

3. Have Good Communication
Good communication is the basis for understanding your mate. It can help you overcome many challenges. It opens a window into your mate’s feelings and heart.

4. Be Totally Committed
There’s no 50/50 in a happy, lasting marriage. Each partner needs to commit 100%. You have to be all in and you can’t hold anything back for a relationship to thrive.

5. Have Common Interests
Shared activities are important. Find something you both like to do and do it often. The more you have in common, the stronger your bond. Enjoying time together will add joy and fun to your relationship.

6. Date Your Mate
Keep the romance going by dating your mate. Play together and have fun together. Throw in a surprise every once in awhile to spice things up.

7. Recognize Each Other’s Strengths
Acknowledge when your partner is good at something (even if they are better than you at it.) Celebrate their strengths and their accomplishments.

8. Encourage One Another
When things aren’t going so well, be supportive and say uplifting things to each other. Make sure they know that you are always there for them.

9. Make Plans Together
In order to ensure that you have a future together, make future plans. Envision your life together five, 10 or even 20 years from now. What does it look like? Dream big!

10. Be Flexible and Forgiving
Life presents many unseen and unanticipated challenges. We can never be prepared for everything, so just enjoy life. Life requires flexibility. Smile, even when you have to take a detour. You will reach your destination in good time.

Remember, no one is perfect, including you. Human error is real and life doesn’t always go as planned. But if your committed relationship has a strong, solid foundation, you and your partner can brave any storm.

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10 thoughts on “10 Tips for a Happy Marriage

  1. Moira S chitiza

    I met a wonderful man in South Arrica but he was and still is going through a nasty divorce. He continues to convince me that he wants to start anew even though he has also been in a relationship with another woman for many years who he said saw him through the worst of his marriage. He is not South African and is making plans to move back home and has asked me several times if I would like to move there with him.
    While I am excited with all the attention, it also seems as though he has many loose ends- living with a flat mate who he says orchestrated to move in with him and now claims they are together, and this other woman whom he says left him. It sounds as though this long term girlfriend has had an impact on him more than even his ex wife but she dumped him.
    He is very open and says he wants a fresh start, but I am afraid I may be taking on someone who still has too much baggage. I care for him deeply, and we talk for hours but his relationships have left him empty. I have asked that we just be friends to start and he seemed gutted by this and feels rejected by all.
    I am not bothered by the flatmate and her attempts to ‘futurehusband’ zone him as he laughingly calls it,- temporary arrangement, too young and not his type he claims- I am more in doubt about the gilfriend and that he may still love her enough to take her back if given the chanc. We both have kids, mine are younger, but we seem to be wanting the same thing.
    Please help before I add to his heartache or drown myself. Hes a great man but we both deserve happiness.

  2. pop

    Right on Saba,after 46 years I can only add one thing. When those human frailties show up and the initial hurt feeling is gone, get over it forgive and let the past stay in the past (even the recent past). You both remember the lesson learned and move on, if you can do this then your beautiful future awaits.
    Blessed Be.

  3. Resty Farmer

    10 tips for a happy marriage, those were applied to my 47 yrs. marriage until my husband passed away. we had wonderful marriage, we trusted each other and enjoyed every moment we were together. There was not a night that i had not cried for a year, as I love and missed him so much. I know, i will never find another husband who loved and spoiled me during our marriage!

  4. Sheila

    Congratulations to you for sharing these tips from your father Saba, and congratulations to them in their longevity of life and their marriage! It is refreshing that you received these from your father. Obviously, he is speaking from love and experience and life wisdom. I believe the tips are TOTALLY spot on accurate, and I wish them many many more years of marital bliss, friendship, and love!


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