10 Simple Rules for Psychics

Learning, in the area of academics, was much easier for me compared to the life lessons I have learned in the area of my metaphysical work. As a young woman, I was scattered with my gifts. I saw way too much for any one person to see. I had to make judgment calls.

Truthfully, early on, I did try to take care of all injustice that I saw, as I did look for them. As you may imagine when your boss keeps dumping way too much work on your desk each day, at one point you’re going to have to say stop, or you break down trying. I have always considered my boss to be God.

When I was a young woman, I did what I thought was his bidding. Amongst every other intuitive sight I was having in my twenties, was a visual of my best friend/cousin’s husband trying on her clothes while she and I were shopping. I told her after a couple of months. She went into denial first, then she started to watch for it! She hid a camera in the closet,and she also questioned him about the purchases he was making at the tall girls shop. He was 6’4″ she was 5’6.” She caught him! And she was devastated.

Her family turned against her as he denied it to everyone. Finally after the divorce, came her nervous breakdown from the shame she felt. She then moved to another state, far away from me and family, with their two kids. Forty years later she and her ex are best friends and she has accepted that he is an open cross dresser. I felt like the bad guy! And no she hasn’t kept in touch.

I could tell you many more stories just like this one. Generally, I was not welcomed in the family any longer as I blew open every secret I saw. I did not have my wings yet, I was in training. And these are the lessons I have learned in my 40+ years. We as seers have to abide by a moral law.

1. Never read another person’s mind unless they ask you to — which will be few and far between, if ever.

2. There are things that are meant to work themselves out in time, don’t interrupt that time line — unless you are asked to help.

3.When a warning for another is given to YOU, it is your designated mission, walk forward and deliver a life and death message.Free will then has to be played out by the person. There are angels amongst us, and guardians from the other side, they look for a medium to send messages through.I take only what I can carry now.And they don’t overload me.

4.In your own marriage give your mate privacy to be, and to do as they will, don’t look, don’t pry.They have free will also.

5. Per the above rule, don’t be co- dependent. (Don’t try to change others who haven’t asked for your help.)You have enough to do to live your own life.

6. Love all people and animals, here and on the other side. Treat them with respect, no matter what they have done, they may have karma, but it is for them to work through.

7. If the universe gives you a gift, always give it back.

8. Never enter another s home without bringing a spiritual gift, and in the same respect don’t let them leave yours without one.

9. Meditate, pray, counsel, and clear your sacred space before work. Ground yourself, use shields to block negative energy. Keep your personal space sacred. Keep your own house clean, and don’t even think about looking or judging another. We are only responsible for our own life.

10. Respect Mother Earth, she provides us with all we need.

My retrospect… Debbie never asked me to look, and I am glad. I have always thought a little ignorance can give time for free will to become more active. I don’t like to cut people off at the knees. Chip is the man who had years to turn around. I am going to observe, not judge. In my article above are my observances, and they are given for everyone to know, so that they may question a similar relationship, investigate it, consult with a seer, a psychic here at California Psychics can enlighten you too. Some of you may choose not to look, as Debbie did. She knows I would have, only if she would have asked.

12 thoughts on “10 Simple Rules for Psychics

  1. terry

    I am not a professional psychic, but for many instances I ‘get’ stuff and I too have learned discernment when talking with others. the only place I still mess up is with my son, I seem to think anything goes and that is so disrespectful to him and thoughtless on my part. I once was told not to tell everything that comes in my mind out my mouth. I am a foolish woman at times and now at almost 52 I am tired. It is really nice to read your blogs, you all seem to have ‘it’ whatever ‘it’ is and I admire your work. Thank you

  2. balancedesires

    Hi Darcy!
    Thanks so very much for the responses, you are so sweet! Please forgive me but I kind of got a chuckle out of that a bit! I can visualize you in a movie saying that! 🙂 All of you souls knowing what’s going on within people & the ability & need to shut it out to clear your own energies must be a feat at times for you all. I have the most profound & deepest respect for what you all do. To enlighten, inspire, enrich & guide another’s soul to their higher self is truly magnificent! Much respect & gratitude! Blessings, love & light!

  3. balancedesires

    Way cool reading all of these responses from you all! What fantastic insights you have on what it really is like to have the gifts you have. Only my closest family members & of course my boyfriend knows that I call this line. Not surprisingly my boyfriend would bring up the lottery! He is quite a goof sometimes, ahhh but he is my goof! LOL! 🙂 I have found out through this line that I am empathic, so I am working on that & to keep my mouth shut if I do feel something is off with someone else. It certainly explains why I hate standing in lines or being in negative meetings. Respectful warm fuzzies to you all!

  4. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Hi Darcy,
    Fantastic article, I found this for me to be a challenge, it just comes naturally, but not fair to others, so I have made it a habit not to, out of respect for others.
    Wonderful advice thanks again,
    Jacqueline x9472

  5. Faith - 9608

    Another great article Darcy; excellent points articulated so well. Thank you for bringing some of the unwritten moral code to light about using ones psychic energy.
    Gina Rose and Trisha – ditto!
    Blessings, Faith – 9608

  6. Kell

    Hi Darcy, I think your article is wonderful and very helpful. I have been tapping more into my own abilities lately and had previously learned not to give advice when not asked for in a general sense. I do have a question on #9. What is considered a spiritual gift?
    Thank You.

  7. tishax5145Psychic Tisha X5145

    This article really rings true with me too. I have in my later years become somewhat of a hermit. It is easier for me, I made my mistakes early on too. It is easy for me not to look when not asked but very strong emotion or anxiousness still grabs my attention even at the grocery I stop look and the whole story hits me. It is really hard not to want to help, but I have learned the hard way, let them work it through. Once again thanks for the article it gave me a smile and helped me remember what I sometimes forget…ground, clear, clean. :0)

  8. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    These are excellent tips!!!!!, Darcy….
    …Personally speaking, I won’t even consider training a young psychic, no matter how gifted they are, until they can learn how to meditate and hold their focus. I’m referring to your #9 tip.
    As far as reading for friends and relatives, I make it a rule not to….EVER!
    I think that is part of the reason why I’m so much a hermit…..I became tired of,MANY years ago, getting frantic phone calls at 3 AM in the morning….90% of which were not real emergencies anyway. I value my peace and privacy….and use my off time to regenerate myself for my regular clients….
    I agree with Miss Krystal….
    I am a professsional career psychic with 44 years experience….I was always insulted and felt it was very rude the way friends and some family members used to hound me, and try to pry a reading out of me, for a reading, including always wanting to drag me off to a casino I might add …
    ..( If I were an auto mechanic, would they just drop in to ask for a tune-up, or call at all hours of the night, if their car made a funny noise?????…I don’t think so.)
    You go Darcy !!!!!
    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  9. Abigail Ext 9570

    So nicely put with much truth and clarity. We can’t medle or give insight when it is not asked for as you stated it backfires. I remember a very long time ago when I was running a night club complex it was a busy Friday night and I had stepped out into the lobby area where the Ladies room entrance was. There was a young man and woman fighting he hit her and I stepped in to back him off of her. I set him straight as to where he was going after what I just saw. Guess what happened ? She attacked me from behind and threw me into the cigarette machine. Then there was big trouble they both went out in cuffs. No good deed goes unpunished sometime. The very person I was protecting attacked me. Same thing happens in the spiritual work. Your write up explains it beautifully. Now the people who were confused as to why we stay out of things or certain people lives that are really close to us we choose just not to read is explained. We all have our lessons and Karma so it’s better to not offer of course unless its life threatening so the person involved has free will to choose.
    Many Blessings

  10. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Thank you, Darcy, for your very humble article.
    Most important, how awesome for young psychics to see this. I hope they pay attention, you may save them a lot of struggles in their personal life.
    I, too, did not know some of these things as a teenager, and in college. I still laugh, today, when I read Leo’s article/introduction, where he told his high school teacher, she was getting a divorce lol only because I so understand. It’s like we are “all over the place” when we are trying to use our abilities, at a young age. We think we are helping, yet, we did not realize the impact of some of these visions, especially when not asked.
    I don’t think we should ever offer news, unless asked. Yet, I still suggest trying to get your friends to call another psychic on our line. I bet, if the truth were known, a lot of us, way back in our early years, told people things even though they did not ask. I hope young readers really take this seriously, as we can spare them of losing friends, or, pushing people away. No, it’s not a way to connect for winning over friends. Just like counselors should not try to counsel their buddies/lovers.
    I actually have sent my good friends to some psychics on this site, because I did not feel comfortable being the link to some of their hidden issues. I don’t like to read my friends at all.
    One thing I would like to add, is, we like to have fun, too. I have had to let some people go in my life because all they want to do is ask me what I think….
    Thanks for your honesty in this beautiful article. Again, my hope is that the young readers, future readers see this and take it for GOLD!!
    God bless,
    Miss Krystal

  11. balancedesires

    Hi Darcy!
    Thank you so much for sharing your own personal experiences being psychic. I often wonder how some of you have the ability to work through what you see about a friend or family member & whether to let it go or say something to them. It must not be easy sometimes to let things just play out. Hugs!


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