10 Reasons Why They Aren’t Honest With You

Are You Being Lied to?

We have all experienced it at some point: that gut feeling that you are being lied to, that something isn’t quite right, or that someone is not telling you something you need to know. That terrible feeling of the unknown is called “The Beast in the Jungle” in Henry James’ classic novella of the same name. The main character, John Marcher, meets May Bartram. They develop a close friendship that lasts for years, and most of their conversations revolve around John’s feeling that there is something he does not know that he should know. May remains by his side trying to help him figure out what it is that haunts him until the day she dies. As John mourns over May’s grave, it is at that moment (far too late) when he realizes that the beast in the jungle is the fact that he loves May (she always loved him)! That story is troubling because it shows how holding back the truth not only harms a relationship, but also prevents one from ever blossoming. May should have been honest with John and revealed that she loved him and that she knew he loved her back.

Do you have a “Beast” hiding in your “Jungle” of a relationship? Do you feel like there is something you don’t know because your partner has not shared something crucial with you? Even worse, do you suspect your partner is lying to you? There are countless possibilities, but here is a list of common reasons why your partner may not be honest with you. Peruse the list of questions, and take note of any situations that seem possible. Next, review the possibilities you’ve noted. Do you have evidence that any of these have occurred before? This exercise will help you get closer to discovering the truth. You may even discover that you’re the obstacle to your partner’s honesty.

1. Do you think your partner is embarrassed to tell you the truth? Are you approachable and trustworthy, so your partner will feel safe being honest with you?

2. Do you really want to hear the truth? Could you handle the whole truth? Maybe your partner is not being truthful because he or she is protecting you physically, emotionally, or sexually.

3. Is your partner leading a double life? Are they away frequently working overtime or on business trips? Have they distanced themselves both physically and emotionally? Consider that revealing the truth may bring your relationship to an end.

4. Is your partner cheating on you? Have you noticed a change in your intimacy, dialogue, and overall connection?

5. Do you get angry often? This may stop your partner from being honest with you out of fear of causing another upset.

6. Are you approachable? Do you include quality time in your schedule for your partner to share things with you? Maybe they just have not had a chance for a face-to-face serious talk.

7. Have you even asked for the truth yet? People will treat you the way you allow them to. If you let them get away with lies, they will tell more lies. Stand up for yourself and demand the truth.

8. Are you being dishonest too? Remember, you need to give the truth to get the truth.

9. Are you pressuring your partner too much? Maybe if you stop pressuring your partner for the truth, he or she will feel free to approach you on their own.

10. Consider that your partner already is being honest with you, but you just do not believe it. Maybe the issue lies in your own insecurity, and you are projecting dishonesty onto your partner. Are your insecurities harming your relationship? Get past them with the help of Psychic Maryanne ext. 9146.

You should talk to your partner calmly and request that he or she be completely honest with you about anything that is going on. If needed, bring up the specific possibilities you noted here. I know this may seem a little cold and calculated, but often it helps to tackle emotional feelings with a thoughtful and specific plan. It also would help to talk to a psychic first because they will help you further pinpoint areas of potential dishonesty in your relationship. With your gut feelings, your assessment results, and your psychic advice, you will be fully prepared to obtain truth in yourself, your partner, and your relationship.

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  1. Sarah

    But demanding to get the truth doesnt mean anything. If they dont wanna tell u, u cant force it out of them, so then wat?


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