1 in 4 Spouses Cheat Financially!

Is Your Partner Hiding Money Matters From You?

It’s been all over the news of late… financial infidelity. While your spouse or partner may not be cheating you in the sack, they may well be cheating you in the pocketbook. In fact, according to one survey, one in four married people in the United States have committed financial infidelity.

It’s cheating, but a different kind. According to a new survey, one in four married people in the U.S. would not tell their significant other if they were experiencing financial difficulties. Some didn’t want to worry their spouse, while others feared it would hurt their relationship.

The survey, conducted by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, gives us a look inside how married couples deal with money troubles in an unstable economy. Financial difficulties have ruined many a relationship, even as studies have indicated that the Great Recession has actually kept couples that were considering divorce together.

But according to the survey, 24 percent of Americans said they would not inform their spouse of financial difficulties, with 9 percent fearing that it would worry their spouse, 8 percent saying that their spouses were unaware of the problems and planned to keep it that way, and 7 percent were concerned that being truthful would hurt the relationship.

It’s important to know how to talk to your significant other about money so it doesn’t hurt the marriage down the road. To do so, the NFCC offered a few tips:

Be open to adjusting your lifestyle if spending cutbacks or second jobs are necessary.

Don’t hide income, but also don’t hide your debt. Be as transparent as possible with your credit report, bank statements and insurance policies.

Never try to have serious conversations about money if you’re in the middle of an argument. Set aside some time to talk about it in a much calmer manner.

Consider making a joint budget with your spouse that includes some sort of savings account.

If you create a joint budget, designate who is responsible for paying certain bills.

Being untruthful about money could also open up the possibility that you’re being untruthful about other things. Because if you’re being coy about your finances, what else are you not mentioning?

What do you think? Is financial infidelity as serious as sexual infidelity? And why is it so widespread?

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