In Memory of Psychic Meryl

We Bid You a Fond Farewell

We are very sad to share we have lost our dearly loved Psychic Meryl ext. 9376. She was an incredible light of spiritual awareness and a consistent presence on the line. It is truly not the same without her. We feel blessed to have known her and can feel her smiling down on us all saying that we are “empowered.” She helped so many find peace and balance, so now we must continue on that path for her sake.

Meryl worked for California Psychics since 2006 and had over 30 years of experience as a sensitive intuitive Tarot reader. She specialized in guiding people toward clarity. One of her customers said it best when she called in after a reading exclaiming: “I love Meryl! She is very accurate, straightforward, gets to the point, and doesn’t waste any time with chatter. Top notch!” That was Meryl!

Along with reading on our line, she also helped her husband – the man whose name she predicted before they ever met – ready a book for publication. They were united in marriage for over 30 years.

After discovering that she was dealing with some serious health concerns last year, Meryl called our office and said the following: “I love you all and just hope that you take care.” So we feel that is what Meryl would have liked – to share those kind and beautiful words with everyone.

She is survived by her husband, a host of family, friends, and colleagues. We send our condolences to all those who knew the abundance that was Meryl.



33 thoughts on “In Memory of Psychic Meryl

  1. Robin x 5492

    Maginificent maeryl,

    Dance from one life to the next without regret.
    May Mothe rmoon illuminate your soul as you continue to illuminate ours.

    Green and Serene Earth Blessings

  2. MD

    Meryl helped me through sooo many difficult times. She was always such a pleasure to speak to and always so accurate. She was one of my favorite readers and she is someone I will truly miss not only as a reader but as a person. She was not only a reader for me but also a friend. I am truly saddened by this news and wish to offer my condolences to her family. Every time I called her with a guy issue she always told me not to lose hope and I will keep her words close to my heart. RIP Meryl.

  3. Allyson

    My dear Meryl……..what a great friend I have lost. I called for my “Meryl Fix” and to enjoy our usual fun conversation and received this shocking news. I thought you were recovered from your health issues……… were always there with such gentle caring and such amazing accuracy……….a truly gifted lady — I had no idea that you were not well. My deepest condolences to your husband and family. Thank you for all my “Meryl Fixes” — your patience, guidance and incredible gift of accuracy and most of all your friendship. I miss you terribly but I know you are with the angels as you were one here.

  4. rebecca

    dear meryl
    i dont know how many times i can google you to actually believe you are no longer here with us. i go on the c.p. website just to see if your online. and right about this time you were barly online. again i want to thank you for everything u said to bring me hope. your greeting ‘thank you for calling california psychics this is meryl at extension 9376 may i have your name please’, hi its rebecca ‘rebecca! how are you? again meryl thank u for helping me i will truly truly miss u! and hope i get over the pain of not being able to talk to my -go to- psychic r.i.p meryl

    with great love and respect rebecca

  5. rebecca

    my dear meryl,i was checking your schedule to see when i would have my chat with you,when i stumbled onto this. i am in great shock and in tears as i write this. even though i never met you , you were with me in the ups and down and reassured me everything is okay he wont have nothing to do with her.and last time we spoke it was a bad time. and u said everything will be okay. i just want to thank you for everything. you put hope and light when i had none. i will always remember you as you did me when i called.thank you for helping me and you other regular callers. my love and my boys and my daughters love also which you were there to help me deal when she wasnt planned but you said it would be okay. may you rest in peace

    with much much much love rebecca

    with lob

    reasurring me everything is okay

  6. rebecca

    my dear meryl,i was checking your schedule to see when i would have my chat with you,when i stumbled onto this. i am in great shock and in tears as i write this. even though i never met you , you were with me in the ups and down and reassured me everything is okay he wont have

    reasurring me everything is okay

  7. keisha

    I came on the site looking for meryl..I can’t believe she is gone..I have read with her regular and my last reading was a month would have never guessed she was ill.
    What a wonderful soul to be ill and still give her gift to us..meryl you are truely missed and i know you are in a better place free of pain and illness…I am truely heartbroken!

  8. misskrystalmisskrystal

    Even though I never met her, I feel like I know her because I would always see her working here, online, when I was, also…I felt a connection for sure…May you rest in peace. I will always remember your wonderful smile. God bless your soul…Miss Krystal

  9. Lucrecia Ext. 9326

    I’m so terribly saddened to hear of Meryl’s passing. I loved to see her online. I didn’t know her personally but felt a kindred connection with her. Meryl will forever be my sister. My deepest sympathy to her family. Love and Light Always Lucrecia Ext. 9326 .

  10. Gelsomina

    Hello ,

    This is such sad news. A passing of a wonderful psychic sister.
    May you rest in peace. God bless you and your wonderful husband and family.

    Love and blessings
    Gelsomina 5354

  11. marc from the uk

    I am sorry to read this article but encouraged at the same time. What strikes me most is… The lovely write ups from CP that are more akin to a friend/ collegue leaving there place of work showing that psychic Meryl has a human side that they too are susceptible to lifes curve balls. It is encouraging to see that the positives and love and blessings are being given for they know meryl is armed with the tools of her trade in passing over on lifes spirit journey x

  12. JSpear

    I learned last night with complete shock that my regular psychic Meryl had passed. I spoke to her almost weekly for two years as she helped me work through a single issue. We became friends and I had no idea at all that she was ill, even though I too am psychic. I cried a lot last night and this morning. She was the BEST and a wonderful and patient person. I always wore the same pair of eye glasses when I spoke to her at night, although I own several pairs and only wear them for reading and driving. This morning I picked up the glasses as I got ready to drive and notice a fingerprint on them as I put them on. I got our my glasses cleaner and special wipe and wiped the glasses thoroughly. Then I put them on and notice a brand new and very dark white smudge appeared. I wiped them again, and again, and again, and again. And couldn’t get rid of the image. How could this just appear out of no where on these glasses, it must be a large scratch. Something told me to get another pair of glasses and take a close look at this “scratch.” I put on another pair of glasses and looked carefully, it looked odd. Then I turned the glasses upside down and held it up to the light, and there was a perfectly defined image of an angel with wings and a very long neck as if it was flying up to heaven. I was shocked to see the image, and almost as a reaction I grabbed the cloth and wiped the glasses again (now the sixth time) and the image was completely cleaned away. As God is my witness, this is completely true. She was letting me and us know, she is in heaven and she’s happy and fine. God Bless you Meryl and thank you so much for all you did for me.

  13. -quinn ext.5484

    prayers to your family and loved one –
    may your rest be short and solid
    may you come back quickly
    to guide more people
    in search of truths…
    namu myoho renge kyo
    namu myoho renge kyo
    namu myoho renge kyo

    buddha bless,

  14. LJ Innes

    My condolences to Meryl’s friends and family. It obvious that she was not only gifted but loved by many. I didn’t know her either, but I always feel profound sadness at the loss of someone who was obviously so special.

  15. Kat

    I didn’t have a reading with Meryl but I have wanted to but I wish I had. I wanted to wish her family and friends my condolences. May she Rest in Love and Peace. We will all miss you and cherish the moments that you have given everyone who has had a chance to speak to you and work with you as well as know you.

  16. ~Wren ext. 5383

    Dear Beautiful Meryl,

    Thank you so much for gracing us with your kindness, your wisdom, your compassion and your bright spirit. You will be missed. You were such a positive influence to so many and your sincerity brought peace to those searching for answers.

    I’ve had many callers that read with you regularly and were so appreciative of the clarity and accuracy of your guidance.

    It’s been an honor to work with you, dear Meryl.

  17. clairex5242

    My prayers go to her family and loved ones, Meryl has blessed many people thru her presence and gifts. My heart fell when I saw she is no longer of this world, she will be greatly missed,

  18. Michelle

    I read with Meryl several times over the last few years and she was a spectacular person and helped me through a rough time in my life. So sad to hear she was going through her own personal rough time and I am happy to have known her for the short time I did. She is with God now and I am sure the conversations are fantastic!! My condolences to her family and friends. RIP Meryl you will be missed down here on Earth 🙁

  19. jspear

    Meryl, shock and disbelief. I spoke to her 2.5 weeks ago, and every week for nearly two years. NEVER did you indicate you were dealing with a fatal illness. You were as upbeat, strong and positive two weeks ago as all times before. You were patient, kind, and willing to listen to the same story week after week. ALWAYS providing guidance, consistency, and patience. You were a friend, advisor, instuctor, and mentor. I can’t fathom you are gone. I am so shocked to see this post, and went to the site tonight to see if you were BACK. You made a huge difference in my life; thank you. I hope some day I will see you again, and I know it will be true. Thank you for the help you provided me; I will miss you so. You were so special; and I know you are peace with the Lord and free of pain. You made a difference in my life andso manhy others. Thank you and God Bless You.

  20. Abigail X9570

    Much love and healing to her family …..her spirit will live on above she will be missed here dearly

    Many Blessings sending unconditional divine love and healing to her family


  21. Sara

    Meryl has been such a consistent guide for me. She touched my heart. I know that she is now caring for all of us from the other side. I will miss her!

  22. CHARRMAYNE ext. 5058

    Although I had neither met nor spoken to Meryl, her beautiful smile was very encouraging to me. I loved seeing her featured in the “Psychic Spotlight”. Meryl will be missed. Love and light to a beautiful spirit.

  23. Devyn5303

    Meryl will be very missed. . Her testimonials are proof that Meryl had an outstanding gift and used it to bring love and light to all those she came in contact with. She made a difference in many peoples lives and words like amazing and awesome seemed to come up often around her. I send love and light to her family and friends.

  24. LUCY

    GOD rest in peace Meryl. Long before I joined the CP family you told me about naming your husband before you met him. That always stayed with me. You are lovely! With so much love

  25. Sable ext 5336

    I wanted to say that Merly was a beautiful person with a gift like no other she had helped so many people in there life’s and she is still here with us all in sprit with her smile and love!
    My hart goes out to her family and loved ones know that she with you and will always be there!
    I send my condolence to her family at this time and I am greatful to have work with her here and CP! I know that customers that I have spoke to had always said she was amazing!
    And I know that she will be missed here by us all here at CP and as well her customers that spoke to her!

    Love and light Sable ext5336

  26. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I’m sad that we have lost another lovely soul in our CP group of gifted psychics….while I did not know Meryl, I can tell you, that over the years, several clients had mentioned her to me with words of praise and appreciation.
    Meryl will be missed by all of us here at CP.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  27. Jenn

    I worked with Meryl for 4 years and she was a wonderful woman. Very intelligent and kind. I miss her and send her much love.


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