What Exactly Is Luck?

Webster’s Dictionary defines luck as “a force that brings good fortune or adversity,” or “the events or circumstances which operate for or against an individual.” Considering this definition, it’s no wonder then that so many people believe luck is out of their control … that our fates are karmic or energetic — and they are.

The catch is that (for the most part) you generate the energies that dictate your outcomes. In other words, as opposed to some external force that is at work for or against us, we create our own luck. And whether you know it or not, you can do it in very practical terms — whether it comes to money or love or anything else! Here’s how it works:

Always Be Prepared
Yes, your mother (and the Boy/Girl Scouts) told you this, but did you really listen? There’s an old saying, “luck happens when opportunity meets preparation.” In really basic terms, it’s that you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket. Unfortunately, the lotto is hardly the best way to get ahead. For starters, it’s energetically empty, and one of those rare, true games of chance (ever wonder why so many winners wind up broke again before they know it?). That said, if you want to win the lottery in life, it is true that you’ve got to put yourself in the contest. The chance of a lifetime can come your way at any point — but if you’re not ready for it, you’ll miss out on what could have been your lucky break.

Work It
For instance, if your friend comes to you with an amazing real estate opportunity, if you don’t have the money saved, you can’t ‘get lucky’ when they invite you to invest. Likewise, if you’re single, but you’re busy pining for an ex (read: living in the past) you might not notice your perfect match staring right at you in the present. You’ll miss the signs, thinking you’re just unlucky in love. Consider the quarterback who wins the Super Bowl — depending on the game, he’s often considered lucky. But if you stop and think about the amount of hard work and discipline that went into his entire career, whether he’s a rookie or a veteran, this has been a lifetime commitment. No matter the circumstances of the game, how anyone else played, or even if he caught a few breaks along the way, he did the work (preparation) that created a chance at ‘good fortune.’

Three Ways to ‘Get Lucky’
Of course, most of us aren’t professional athletes. But we can still take a cue from people who are playing at the top of their game, no matter which game they’re playing! If you want to find good fortune in any arena, the most important thing you can do is to prepare for it. The following are a few solid tips for improving your ‘luck:’

1. Take care of yourself — inside and out: Without your health (or your sanity!), achieving any goal will be a lot harder — and a lot less likely to come to fruition.

2. Know what you want — and get informed: If you’re looking for financial security, seek the advice of a professional financial advisor (or two) — and then heed it. If you want to find love, practice loving yourself. When you become the person you want to be, your odds of attracting an ideal mate multiply.

3. Be grateful — and proactive: As with so many things, those who are generally happy — and grateful for the things they do have — are more likely to find themselves in situations where change is possible. Allowing yourself to be complacent (stuck!) doesn’t invite good luck, rather it maintains the status quo. By taking the practical steps to create change, you will find that the tides will eventually turn in your favor.

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