How to Make Time for Romance During the Holidays

Happy (Sexy) Holidays!

It’s the holidays again, and I would wager that you’re so busy right now you sometimes forget to pay attention to where you are, what you’re doing, and who you’re with! And chances are your busy holiday schedule doesn’t include romance or sex. You may feel like you don’t have time for it, but you should make time for it, because the holidays are a romantic time. Here’s how to incorporate a little romance and sex into your holiday festivities.

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Create Balance

Just because it’s the holidays, it doesn’t means you can’t date. You just need to create balance. Say yes to dinner with your grandparents one night and the person you met on Tinder the next night. Go to your office party one night, but have a date night with your significant other the following night. If family is staying with you, send them out for a fun activity so you have the house to yourself. If you’re visiting family, consider getting a hotel room nearby so you have a place for a holiday hookup. It’s all about balance.

Get Out of Your Rut

If you do the same thing every year for the holidays, change things up a bit. You don’t have to go to your in-laws for Christmas every year, or stay at the same hotel when you visit your parents. How about taking a little holiday vacation with your love and going someplace that’s cheaper in the winter months? How about picking a hotel with romantic packages like strawberries and champagne or massages? You’ll need to unwind after spending hours with family.

Get Some Sleep

For many of us, the holidays mean less sleep and more work. Whether you’re slammed at the office, or have a packed social schedule, your sleep could be suffering. If you know you need seven or eight hours of sleep each night, aim for that—even during the holidays. If you don’t sleep well, you’ll have little energy for much, including sex.

Keep Stress in Check

Stress kills holiday happiness—and your sex drive—so do healthy things to combat it. Eat well, exercise and meditate. If you’re feeling stressed, consider journaling, or having sex! Sex is great stress relief, so make time for it, and if you aren’t feeling up to doing the deed, how about a cozy cuddle instead?

Stop Rushing

The faster you work, the more you’ll be able to get done, right? Kinda, but it’s a bad idea. The faster you work, the sloppier your work will be. You may get more done, but not done well. Instead, take your time with fewer things so you have opportunities for rest, relaxation … and sex.

Stay Mindful and Present

When you look at your partner, what do you see? The beautiful, amazing person you fell in love with or the dentist appointment they have next week and that they’re in need of a serious haircut? Take a moment to enjoy their presence and think about why you love them. And if you’re single, take a moment to enjoy what’s fun about dating. Mindfulness and living in the moment can lead to great sex and romance.

You Can’t Multitask Intimacy

Sex and intimacy aren’t just tasks to be completed when your schedule allows. You can’t just cross them off your to-do list, like going to the bank or the grocery store. Sex and intimacy are sacred, pleasurable acts, so treat them as such. Not only are they good for your mind, body and spirit, but they’re things we all deserve to have in our lives. So, pursue sex and intimacy this holiday season!

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