Church of England Hosts New Age Festival

The more things change… well, the more things change. In one of those moments that truly shows how far we’ve come even in the last few decades, Manchester Cathedral in the United Kingdom is hosting a New Age festival in May—and are, of course, coming under heavy fire from the Church of England for doing so. The festival, held on church grounds, is set to feature “tarot card readers, crystal healers, dream interpretation, and a fire-breathing vicar.”

Though they may be under heavy criticism, just the fact that such an event could even be considered by the Church in the first place is an incredible change of affairs. (Those “tarot card readers, crystal healers, and dream interpreters” are, after all, the very people that the Church was burning at the stake not too long ago.)

The Daily Mail reports:

The Church of England was braced for a fresh row today after a cathedral announced plans to host a ‘new age’ festival. The event—featuring tarot card readers, crystal healers, dream interpretation, and a fire-breathing vicar—is to be held in Manchester Cathedral in May.

But the move is certain to anger traditionalists, who feel the Church has already strayed too far from tradition. Hundreds have already defected to the Roman Catholic Church after deep splits over the ordination of gay and women priests. Anglican leaders in Manchester decided to hold the festival in the historic cathedral in a bid to embrace alternative forms of Christianity.

Fortune tellers, meditation experts and traditional healers will fill the pews during the day-long festival. The Bishop of Manchester, Rt Rev Nigel McCulloch, said he wanted to celebrate ‘all forms of spirituality’.

What do you think—is this a sign that the Church is changing in deep ways? And will this trend continue anywhere outside of the deeply secular United Kingdom?

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3 thoughts on “Church of England Hosts New Age Festival

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I see this as a trend that will continue…… gives me hope that people will start to bend and flex more in their thinking and viewpoints, and acceptance of others.

  2. morganamorgana

    This is wonderous! While in the states non-denominational churches have pioneered opening up religion to people of all belief systems…the fact that an actual secular church is hosting an event such as this in fabulous! Sadly, I feel that most of the U.S. is backsliding somewhat in the “tolerance” arena, a phenomenon that is being fueled by extremists on all sides of the debate, and at least right now, I don’t really feel that this is something that will be making headlines at home any time soon.
    We can all learn valuable lessons from this article, and in fact celebrate the diversity that created this fabulous nation as opposed to allowing ourselves to give in to “lower” vibrations of fear we are bombarded with daily in our news. Though, I realize, that our wonderful community here at CP is already part of the solution!
    Brightest Blessings
    Morgana )O(


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