8 Ways to Get Through the Holidays Alone

Alone Doesn’t Have to Mean Lonely

This year you might be spending the holidays alone. Whether it’s because you don’t live near family, your friends already have plans, you’ve had a falling out, or work commitments won’t let you take time off, you may not be with your nearest and dearest this year. And since the holidays are traditionally viewed as group events, they can be hard to face on your own—even if you’re the type of person who usually doesn’t mind being alone. If you’re feeling a bit lonely this time of year, here are eight ways to cope.

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1. Get Some Sleep
With your busy life, you probably don’t get a lot of chances to sleep in or have a lazy day. With no holiday plans, choose to take some time for yourself in your pajamas and sleep.

2. Host a Friendsgiving
For your friends who are still in town, host a potluck. Everyone can bring their favorite holiday food—just make sure they don’t all bring the same dish!

3. Have a Thanksgiving Skype Session
Just because you can’t be there physically, it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with your family virtually. Have them Skype you from your usual place at the dinner table. You may not be able to eat what they’re eating, but at least you can catch up and enjoy their company.

4. Watch Your Favorite Holiday Movies
Some movies do a great job at poking fun at the “joy” of the season. You could watch “Home for the Holidays,” “Planes, Trains and Automobiles,” “Dutch,” and for the animation lovers, there’s always “Free Birds.”

5. Volunteer Your Time
There are plenty of local organizations that could use some help during the holidays. Whether it’s serving meals to the homeless or handing out gifts to kids, your help is needed. Helping others always feels good.

6. Tackle Your To-Do List
You probably have a few projects you’ve been putting off. Now is your chance to do them. You could organize your closet and donate what you no longer want. You could paint a room or finish a craft project.

7. Go Shopping
A little retail therapy can help. Whether you feel like battling it out in stores Thanksgiving night or getting online deals, spend a little money on yourself or start tackling your holiday gift list. You’ll never appreciate your alone time more than after braving the crowds during a Black Friday shopping experience.

2 thoughts on “8 Ways to Get Through the Holidays Alone

  1. Madeleine O'Keefe

    I was homeless in a familiar town a while aga. I moved to where I am now (alone, my boyfriend got busted for something. ) I’m very far away from anybody!!!! Happy Thanksgiving evereyone.


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