8 Signs You’ve Overcommitted Yourself This Holiday Season

Learn to Say No

Commitment is usually a good thing. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate your devotion to life, friendship, happiness, love, and success. And at the crossroads of each new challenge is the opportunity to commit just a little more. But commitment is also the recipe for feeling overcommitted, which can lead to illness, depression, frustration, and relationship problems.

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Moderation is the key to surviving the holidays and winning at life. There should be moderation in everything you do and commit to this holiday season, but that’s easier said than done! Here are the signs you’ve overcommitted yourself this holiday season.

1. You’re Exhausted No Matter How Much You Sleep
Accepting all the invitations to parties and reunions may seem like a good idea, but if you don’t allow yourself some downtime, you won’t get the time you need to combat stress and recharge. Even sleep will feel restless, no matter how much you get. You need to prioritize your commitments and say no to some of them. Your happiness and well-being are far too important, so don’t overcommit yourself.

2. Your Work is Suffering … and People Notice
You may be tempted to coast through work during the holidays, but chances are you’re not going to get away with it. People will notice if the attention to detail or the overall quality of your work comes up lacking. If your social calendar prevents you from doing a good job at work, you should make some adjustments.

3. You Can’t Say No
You don’t want to disappoint anyone, so when they ask you for a favor you consent. That’s fine if one or two people ask you for favors, but it’s not so fine if the favor requests are coming at you from all sides! Learn to say no. You may be disappointing a few people, but disappointing yourself for them is not a good tradeoff.

4. Your Mind is Full, Rather Than Mindful
If you have so much going on this holiday season that your only focus is getting through it all, you aren’t taking the time to be mindful of what the holidays are really supposed to be about, which is togetherness, compassion and love, among other things. Mindfulness is such an important tool for self-care and you’ll be less likely to practice it if you’re running around like a maniac.

5. You’re Foregoing Self-Care
Whether it’s exercising, eating well or paying the bills, you’ve overcommitted yourself this holiday season if you put your needs aside for others. When you think about where to save time, you might forgo your workouts or cooking healthy meals at home. Instead, you may use your gym time to run a few “necessary” errands or order greasy takeout because cooking takes too long. But the people who need you need you to be at your best, so don’t forgo self-care.

6. You’re Adhering to Someone Else’s Schedule
You have a daily routine you like to follow, but if you’ve overcommitted yourself, someone else’s schedule becomes your priority. Suddenly, you’re running errands or helping out when it’s convenient for someone else—not you. If you want to help, try and reach a compromise so your participation is a bit more convenient for you.

7. You’re Running Out of Patience
If interactions with your loved ones is adding to your stress, you need to take a timeout. Are you getting snippy with your parents, friends, kids or pets? You need to take a timeout. If you explode at little inconveniences and annoyances, you’ve guessed it—take a time out! You’re impatient because you’ve overcommitted yourself.

8. You Take On Problems That Are Not Your Own
You may feel like you need to help, but certain things are not your responsibility. The world won’t stop if you aren’t there to take care of everything and everyone. Sometimes you need to let people figure out their own problems.

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