Odd Dream Symbols

A dream that contains an extraordinary character may have a special message for you. Such a symbol is bound to get your attention, and that’s often the point. It makes you take notice of the dream and ponder its meaning.

An unusual symbol can also ignite your creativity, which can then be used for a project or to solve a problem. For instance, if you’re in the throes of a challenging situation, a weird symbol may appear in a dream to help you think outside the box, which will inspire a fresh perspective on the problem.

Sometimes an unusual symbol can awaken a hidden talent. This may be the reason why Lana in Sydney, Australia had this intriguing dream:

My friends drag me to see a beautiful, white, bird-animal creature, very similar to the one in The Neverending Story. The creature is sitting, and there are lots of people watching him. I take out my camera to take my photos, and the creature gets up, spreads his wings and flies. The visuals are very similar to the film Avatar: very beautiful. The bird/animal seems to be trying to communicate some message to me.

A creature that is half animal, half bird has the unique ability to walk the earth without being bound to it. The creature in Lana’s dream is actually a part of her. She has the ability to rise above the problems she encounters to see beyond the obvious. This insight is a valuable gift! The creature may also represent her creativity, perhaps with photography. It’s interesting that the bird-animal spread its wings and flew just as she reached for her camera. Perhaps “focusing” on her artistic gifts will make something inside her take flight. I think it’s time Lana spread her wings by developing and sharing her wisdom and creativity.

Arlene in Oakbank, Canada also feels that strange dreams contain messages for her:

I occasionally have dreams which seem “more than ordinary” to me, as though I am meant to receive a message of some sort. In this dream, I am surrounded by Aboriginal leaders, medicine men and shamans, all dressed in headdresses, with paint on their faces. Suddenly, there is fire everywhere. Creatures that seem fearsome and demon-like appear in front of me, but I am able to fend them off just by raising my hand toward them. I feel no fear in this dream. What does this mean?

I think there is a “primitive” part of Arlene–her inner shaman/healer–that is in touch with the magical properties of the earth. These properties have tremendous healing power. Shamans also have the ability to interpret symbols in dreams and “signs” in waking life, an ability that Arlene could easily develop. The fire represents her spirituality, creativity and passion. The fearsome creatures are also part of Arlene, the negative emotions that threaten to overtake her. Her inner shaman, the source of her power, has control over these feelings. A dream study group would be a good first step for Arlene in developing her spiritual gifts.

Creatures from the sea serve as guides for Sylvia in Boulder, Colorado:

This is a recurring dream that I have dreamed over and over since I was in my 20s: It is a bright sunny day and I am at the beach. I walk down a long narrow pier to the ocean. The water is a most amazing blue and very translucent. I look down into the sea and feel an overwhelming urge to dive in. I don’t want to because the sun is warm on my back and everything around me glistens in the amazing sunlight, but I do. I dive into the water. The green water closes over my head and I swim down. Creatures similar to mermaids (I really cannot see them) hold onto my limbs, guiding me deeper and deeper into the sea. I am very sad not to feel the warmth of the sun, but the beauty of the sea and these very familiar, calming creatures keep me in the sea. Then I wake up.

This flowing dream gave me a feeling of serenity just reading it. Because it has such a spiritual quality and has occurred numerous times, I believe this dream was sent from Sylvia’s “superconscious,” otherwise known as the Higher Self. Often such a dream will come to us as spiritual inspiration. It can also be a spiritual progress report. In Sylvia’s case, her willingness to explore the depths of the sea indicates she is attuned to her spirituality. She gets an A on her report card, in other words. Swimming through deep waters can also symbolize exploring the unconscious. As for the mermaid-like beings, they are her otherworldly guides that assist her on her path. It seems that Sylvia is on the right track in her spiritual/emotional life!

A weird dream character may offer a specific message about your life. Writing down the dream, meditating on the symbols and even mentally asking the character to give you the message can help you decipher the meaning of the dream.

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8 thoughts on “Odd Dream Symbols

  1. Pamela

    I had a dream of a very pretty Angel flowing white gown with pale pink flowing down the side with a infant baby in her left harm hovering over me I was reaching up towards her my boyfriend woke me and I looked up and she was still there I continued to reach for her and she went up in a mist and was gone but I felt I wanted to go with her. Weird how when I woke she was still above me.

  2. ANITA

    my dream start off like this.. i was in this building with alot of people it look like a church..people was standing praying…i was sitting on a chair or a bench this man came by me he look like a preach.. he put all this oil on his hand his right hand… he put it on my body from my head to my toe… 5 minutes or fews second i fell back shaking calling God and praising him and i call out to Jesus thanking him some much it woke me out of my sleep and i start breathing hard saying thank you Jesus…i felt like my body is lighter something lifting off me… God is so good.. not to be afraid any people that come my way….

  3. vera

    I’d love to unlocked unusualities of my every dreams…it really made a great impact to get to know myself in a deeper perspective… connection of my dream to all the astrological views on metaphysics-healing-spiritual richness that I need to tap deeply. Find all of the moves really in magnet to reality !!!

  4. Stargirl

    My friend had this dream where this odd looking woman(hard to describe) was contacting someone she was in California talking to people that my friend knew in real life, they looked like and dressed like people from 2013!!!!!!!! It is a dream she has repeatedly been having what does it mean????? : )

  5. Brian

    I had this interesting dream and most dream dictionary’s do not seem to even begin to cover most of the topics.
    In my dream I was sitting in my bedroom when a nuke came down and I could see the mushroom cloud rise as the building began to topple. I ran to the SE corner of the room (closest to the centre of the building) and began contemplating on what my next life should entail. I conjured up an image of the greys in my mind and focused on that being my last though so I would start my next life as a grey. Immediately after the dream I woke up to the same colour sky minus the mushroom cloud. Any clue on what this means?

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