Help! What Does My Dream Mean?!

So I often have vivid dreams and I try to remember as much as I can and look up the meanings the next day. Here’s a recent dream and I think I know what some of it means but would love input! So I’m driving my car (my car in my waking life) and I’m pulling out of a driveway in a suburban home. I live in a city but for some reason, in the dream, I’m in a sort of cul de sac and it’s a sunny day out. I’m in decent spirits but this car hits my right tail light. I think for a second that there was no damage but the driver of the other car gets out to talk to me. She is an older woman with an accent (I don’t know her in real life) and she says she will take full responsibility for the accident and fixing my head lights. I say ok and wake up!

I know cars are about control and I was driving but in reverse. And I’m not sure what the woman hitting my tail light means. Being caught off guard might be an aspect of the dream or someone causing me an injury and taking responsibility for it. What do you think? Why was I in the suburbs? I park on the street usually so why a driveway? This was a new dream for me. And why was the lady so nice to me. I definitely don’t think it was an accident in LA…hahaha…

12 thoughts on “Help! What Does My Dream Mean?!

  1. Marie-T

    Wow Abigail…that’s a good interpretation. I may have to call you for a reading! Really it hit home in many ways. Thanks so much for your insight!

  2. Psychic Abigail

    What you are describing is premenition, pregognitive clips of events about to happen. I bet these dreams happened in the middle of the night.Its a gift work with it pay attention to your dreams

  3. Psychic Abigail

    We all dream but most of the time we do not remember them. This is pretty normal. We dream on a regular basis this is how our sub-concious mind kicks out stuff we don’t need daily. Think of it as natures spam protection of the mind computer.

  4. Psychic Abigail

    Marie this what I sense your dream to mean let me know if this resonates with you. The car does represent control in your life however you are backing out and you get hit from behind on the right side ( paying to much attention to the logical over thinking side of your self)the woman is actually a guide that is letting you know you are stuck on the past this is holding you back from seeing the future. hence she says she will fix your head lights …..the cul de sac represents feeling like you are going in circles. What lies ahead of you? Let go of the past you can not change that. Is it your sub-conscious struggling with thoughts of a move from LA? Or with the thought of having the dream of a traditional life being out of your reach?

  5. Minktea

    I think the suburbs respresents the traditional life you thought you might choose, yet you went for the more unconventional life (in LA?). You are backing away from the traditional expectations in life and this older woman with an accept bumps into you (you mom by chance?). However, she is sorry she ever got in your way of moving toward your dreams (LA). Does any of this resonate with you?

  6. Marie-T

    You know, I’ve had dreams like that and I think it’s just being in tune with the people you care about. I do believe there are other planes of existence and sometimes in our dreams we can tap into that. It’s a form of intuition.

  7. gowest99

    you seem lost in the big city, needing some guidance and taking up some responsibility with your life?
    or maybe just be extra careful when you drive around town

  8. gowest99

    interesting dream, it feels like you are trapped somehow, and a bit lost, waiting for someone to show you the way for example as you mentioned taking some responsibility with your life
    or be careful when you drive, especially in L.A.

  9. Pandafox

    Your dream is interesting. I don’t usually remember my dreams, but there is an odd thing i noticed. at the exact time my grandmother died last year, i had a strange dream and woke up. recently, my dog of 14 years passed away, and the night before it happened i dreamt that she had died. does this mean something?


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