Haunted by Dreams

A nightmare can be a blessing in disguise. Sometimes an emotional issue that’s been simmering within you for awhile will produce a nightmare to get your attention. It’s hard to ignore a problem disguised as a monster! You created the creepy character to help you resolve whatever is troubling you.

Fear is especially fertile ground for a nightmare, especially if the dream scenario makes you feel powerless. Not surprisingly, facing your fear will empower you, which will eventually put an end to the creeps. The following dreams reveal some inner “demons” that the dreamers may need to face up to.

For Brock in Bolingbrook, Illinois, it’s the Night of the Living Dead in his dreams:

I have had recurring dreams about zombies for the majority of my life. The dreams themselves vary. Some are scarier than others, and some are seen through my eyes, etc. But they all have to do with zombies, and when I wake up in the night, which happens several times, as soon as I fall back asleep I am right back in the dream again. They happen sporadically, but when they do, it’s a jarring experience.

Otherwise known as the “living dead,” zombies are active but unconscious beings. Since dream characters are usually part of your psyche, I’d like to ask Brock if he’s on autopilot in some area of his life. It appears that unconscious habits, attitudes, beliefs and/or fears are rising up to bug him in his dreams. What’s more, these issues are persistent. In the guise of zombies, they reappear even after Brock awakens and then goes back to sleep.

One way to banish the zombies is for Brock to become aware of the “inhabitants” of his unconscious. To begin with, he might want to do some soul-searching to see if he’s stuck in the past in some way. If that’s the case, especially if it was a painful period in his life, doing some exercises to release the negative feelings may stop the zombies from absconding with his dreams.

For Vicki in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, it’s the unseen that frightens her:

I’ve had several instances where I’m sleeping/dreaming and I feel like someone or something is trying to steal my energy. Once, I remember yelling at them to “leave and never return,” but most times I try to force myself to wake up, which always feels incredibly difficult to do. If I don’t force myself to stay awake for a bit and actually move my body, when I fall back to sleep I go right to the same place. I find these “dreams” very disturbing and I’m usually extra tired for the next few days. Is my energy really being drained somehow, or is just a fear that I have?

Although it’s possible that Vicki is being affected by some souls who are stuck in the astral plane, and who “feed” off the energy of the living, it’s more likely that something in her life is draining her energy. First off, she needs to take a good look at the people she hangs around with. There are people on the planet who are energy vampires. You can tell you’ve been around one if you always feel depressed, irritated or tired after spending time with them. Next, analyzing how and where Vicki usually spends her time might reveal something that is dragging her down. Perhaps most important, she also needs to go inward to see if there’s something really bothering her, perhaps an emotion she’s put up with for a very long time. If that’s the case, then releasing the feeling will free up her energy and exorcise the spooks from her dreams.

Nightmares don’t have to contain scary creatures. For Amanda in Hobart, Australia, it’s the specter of loneliness that haunts her dreams:

Hi Cortney, for quite a few years now, I have been dreaming that I am going to grow old and lonely and will never find Mr. Right to share my life with. It’s a recurring nightmare.

Fortunately for Amanda, her dreams aren’t necessarily prophetic. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t warning her of something that might come true unless she makes a shift. My feeling is that she’s struggling with an emotional block that is keeping her from attracting the right man. It might be a fear of abandonment, of being vulnerable or of giving up control. Those are just guesses on my part, because only Amanda knows what the issue is. Because the nightmares have occurred over a long period of time, the problem might be from a past life. If so, then perhaps a past-life regression will uncover the block to finding happiness in love. She might need to forgive someone who harmed her. Or she might need to forgive herself for something that happened long ago. Whether the scenario occurred in this life or a past one, releasing the negative feelings attached to it will help her manifest a relationship.

Banishing the nightmares usually requires us to illuminate and cleanse the parts of our psyche that are mired in muck. A little awareness goes a long way in uplifting your dreams.

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  1. Irisrose

    In the last few months I’ve had dreams ending in a gun shoot out. There are different situations but all ending like the wild wild west with a big shoot out. Is this a sign of stess?


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