DreamCast: Are Dreams Prophetic?

Do Your Dreams Predict the Future?

LaTechia in Lansing, Illinois writes:

Last year while I was pregnant, I had three dreams that my boyfriend was shot and killed. In one dream, I was with him and some of his friends and someone was shooting. He was struck and died in my arms. In the other two dreams, I called his house and asked for him. His friend informed me that he had been shot and killed.

I am terrified of these dreams, because I also had dreams about losing our daughter, which tragically came true – I went into labor four months early, and she was stillborn. I haven’t had any dreams about death since I was about four months pregnant, but the thought still bothers me a little. What could these dreams mean? I’m crying out for answers, please help!

Hello LaTechia,

I’m so sorry you lost your baby, and I feel your concern about your boyfriend. Fortunately, your dreams most likely reveal something about your boyfriend’s emotions and/or your feelings about him. For instance, were the dreams trying to warn you about how he deals with anger? Is he drawn to violent situations? Are the friends he hangs with bad influences? Or, were you afraid he’d leave you after the baby was born? If any of these issues ring true, then you need to discuss the problem with him and hopefully come to a resolution.

Another way to look at the dreams is that they symbolized the profound change in both your lives because of the pregnancy. For your boyfriend, a baby would have caused the “death” of his lifestyle if he spent most of his time with his friends (which was likely if he’s 20-ish like you). The fact that you no longer dream of your boyfriend being shot suggests that some issues about your pregnancy were the source of dreams. As such, I don’t believe they are prophetic.

Most important, I hope you’ll take comfort in knowing that, even with the tragedy, everything worked out the way it was meant to, for all of you, and that your daughter feels your love in the afterlife.

Sweet dreams,


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5 thoughts on “DreamCast: Are Dreams Prophetic?

  1. Tracey A Flaherty

    I am 46 & my first husband (56) also,his first marriage.I have gut reanching feeling he has been unfaithful in the past,am I right??? He call’s me crazy,but my gut doesn’t believe him.

  2. elliot

    my dream, let me begin by saying I recently had an operation of my gold bladder which I was told that had it burst I wouldn’t be here today telling of my dream……….the last day before my discharge from the hospital that night my dream began, in my dream I was walking down this road and I saw all my aunt’s who were all dead and who were mean to me when I was a child..they were all line up with their arms extended out wanting to touch me begging me to come over to them I felt that if I would go to them or let them touch me I would die. It felt so real that I double my pace “double time” down the road, THEN!!!! I saw my family, my two sons my wife my sister and they were all calling out to me cheering me on, the day suddenly became very bright I was so happy to see them BUT! as I got closer to them they all became demonic and evil looking at that moment I force my self to wake up. I woke up in a cold sweat and the bed was also very wet. I would like to know WHY! what dose the dream mean. when I was younger I had an affair which hurt my son’s and my wife, today she has cancer and not long to live,could the dream have been a warning of the future. will all those that I love get to hate me. HELP ME IF SOMEONE CAN TO UNDERSTAND THE DREAM and what I can do to make thing’s better.

  3. chad smith

    imy dreams r crazy its like im being chased by something dark and i feel like something is chokeing me in my dream the i cant hardly yell but i get it out say help me lord then i wake up.

  4. sabrina

    I had dreams, when I was 9 yrs. old. They lasted for 2 weaks, every time I went to sleep at night the dream would start from where it left off. I am living the dream now.


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