DreamCast: Treading Water

I had a dream in which I was treading water in the ocean. A love/friend of mine was in a rowboat, drifting without oars. He stood up in the boat and reached out to me with one hand while I kept treading water (I was unaware if there were any sharks in the water with me). I saw a tropical island in the distance. Finally, I stopped treading water and swam for the island. Do you have any explanation for this dream?

Anita in St. Cloud, Minnesota

Hello Anita,

With you treading water and your friend just drifting, it sounds like you were both at a standstill emotionally (water). This may pertain to your relationship or to each of you individually. It’s interesting that you chose to swim toward the island instead of letting him help you. Perhaps you think he lacks the ability to “rescue” you from the sharks (emotional challenges). You’re probably right. The fact that you decided to swim on your own symbolizes your desire to take responsibility for your personal life and move forward. Best of luck in your progress!

Sweet dreams,

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