DreamCast: Kissing a Coworker

I dreamt I was making out with a co-worker. I looked up and a white car was driving by slowly, and then my parents barged in. I’m not attracted to this coworker. Plus, he’s married with two wonderful kids. I’m clueless what this means. Please help!


Amy in Long Beach

Hello Amy,

Oftentimes, dreams aren’t what they seem. This coworker may symbolize a part of your life you’re “embracing,” but that’s wrong for you. Your parents are the guiding, moral side of your personality that says what you should or shouldn’t do. The white car is also a symbol of guidance. Because your parents interrupted your make out session with the coworker, ask yourself what you’re doing – professionally or personally – that keeps you stuck and unfulfilled. Are you in a dead-end job? Are you attracted to guys who are emotionally unavailable? Do some soul-searching about what needs to change in your life so you can grow.

Sweet dreams,

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