Can’t See You in My Dreams

Anna Mae from Iligan City, Philippines writes:

I remember my dreams every night, but I hardly dream of my husband. When I do, he would just disappear from sight and I would keep on looking for him. At times, he can’t save me from drowning. It’s always the same pattern. What does it mean? Why can’t we have a connection in my dreams?

Hello Anna Mae,

Your husband disappearing in your dreams may reveal an issue about your marriage. Do you sometimes have difficulty getting his attention?

Perhaps he’s emotionally distant or overly focused on his own activities. You indicated you’re a Pisces, an ethereal sign, so I’m not surprised that you crave a spiritual/intuitive connection with your husband. Pisces is also the sign of denial, so not dreaming of your husband may be your way of not dealing with some relationship challenges.

Also, Pisces can have a difficult time acknowledging their personal power. The dreams of your husband attempting to save you from drowning may indicate that you feel the need to be rescued from something, most likely emotional overwhelm (drowning) during times of stress. If you can find the inner strength to face your relationship problems with honesty, courage, and clarity, you may start dreaming of your husband more regularly.

Sweet dreams,

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