Use Your Sun Sign to Take Control

An Ongoing Process

Taking control of your life is an ongoing process as the world around you keeps changing. 2017 is an excellent year to seriously consider your life-long dreams and build the foundation for success. That’s because three major planets (Venus, Jupiter and Saturn) are in reflective/retrograde mode, offering opportunities.

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New openings arise as Venus returns to direct motion on April 15. This impacts money and love issues, as they have required rethinking over the past few months. Now, you’ll find yourself moving toward your goals in these areas.


Jupiter started its reflective/retrograde phase on February 5 in Libra—the sign of balance and cooperation. It will remain in this phase through June 9. Take control and seize your future during this time. It also requires considering your impact on others by developing your ability to listen, empathize and understand. June brings a time to close the deal with this work behind you.


The ultimate take-control planet, Saturn is retrograde from April 6 through August 24. In essence, it’s “looking back.” Build toward permanence by reviewing what works for you. There is opportunity for an authentic, fulfilling life if you commit yourself.

April begins a special period through next September of looking back at your successes and failures, becoming clear on future action, and moving ahead to take control. Your sun sign indicates favorable times for you to command your future:


April is a time to seriously pursue your financial goals so you can build a foundation for your career and relationship. Late August/early September—particularly around September 5—offers fiery energy to move forward in these areas.


In April you can certainly build powerful, intimate relationships by expressing your desires. The 5th is an especially good day to take control. Early June can be a sexy time in romance/career, using sensitivity toward others. Late August offers creative opportunities through talented friends.


Seriously consider all of your relationships in April—especially those around love and financial support. Be sure to express your exciting ideas respectfully at work. Control comes from aligning your spirit with your creative life in early June, and results arise in late August.


April is a high-energy time, so use that power in your thoughtful, kind way because that’s your path to taking control. June is a time to be in touch with your spirituality so you can develop into the person you desire to be. There are many surprises in late August that also allow you to heal and grow.


You’re feeling driven in your career in April with your exciting ideas. So, take control by using your charms to express yourself. In June money matters “matter.” Therefore, you should take action on the 3rd or the 4th. The powerful solar eclipse is observable across the USA in your sign on August 21. You should also prepare for unexpected opportunities.


Take control in April by focusing on finances. Attend to the basic safety structure of your life—family and career—to win. By June 3 or 4 you can move forward in these areas. The unusual events in August also give you new opportunities that seem to mysteriously unfold.


In April you’re in a good position to realize how in control you actually are in your relationships. If it comes down to “letting them go to see if they come back to you,” you’ll certainly be the winner in the end. You’re also the one full of surprises in June. Finances at work also gain your attention, and you have what it takes to succeed.


Money is very important to you taking control in April. A creative approach certainly works. June also brings more studies and possibly long-distance travel to give you new levels of control. In late summer, if you’re fearless you can have major breakthroughs in your career and home life.


You’ve been sorting through the best way to take control in your life for a few months. In April, begin reviewing and perfecting what you’ve been building toward to give your dream a solid foundation. Late summer offers creative breakthroughs with anything from art to your romantic or family life.

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In April you’re in prep mode for taking control in a bigger way. You may have a vision that could serve you, or it will be revealed soon. June is breakthrough time in your career, and you’ll still be moving forward at the end of the summer. Next year will bring hard work but greater control.


Begin to take control of your money and your love life through creative work and interaction with friends. Plan to build this new source of income and romance over the next few months. A new partner may appear in late summer. Life will be exciting then.


April could begin a personal revolution/evolution that will take form during this year. Search your soul to know what you want to do to take control of your life. In June, work demands your attention. The end of summer brings more opportunity for control in your career. Take care to be clear before taking action.

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