Small Changes That Lead to Big Results

Make Small Changes Instead

When we want to change our lives, we think about making big changes first. Big changes are appealing because they’re often an 180 degree turnaround from whatever situation currently troubles us. They allow us the ability to flip our perspective and situation in one fell swoop. However, big changes can inadvertently upend our lives in negative ways. You certainly don’t want to make a bad situation worse by making a huge change, when you can make smaller changes to achieve positive results instead. Before making a big change to a significant area in your life, consider these small changes that are easier to accomplish. Why not try out a small change before making a big one and see how it feels?

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Make Small Changes to Your Work Environment

Frustrated at work? Feeling stagnant? Want to run away from it all? Rather than making a rash decision to quit your job, attempt day-to-day changes at work that make you feel renewed. You can change how your desk is organized. Move your computer monitors to a different area. Sit in a different direction. Put up different artwork on your walls or in your cubicle. Get a cover for your desk chair to change its color. There are so many ways you can make your current job feel like a new one without actually having to quit.

You can even take a different route to work, if you drive there. Try taking public transportation to your job. Look into carpooling for a change of pace. Perhaps you can meet some new people or get to know someone you only say hello to in the lunchroom. You can even talk to your boss about possibly working a different schedule if they can be flexible with the hours/days you’re assigned. There are so many ways to make smaller changes that will help you feel refreshed or just plain different without risking too much.

Make Small Changes to Your Home

Been living in the same place for a while? Does it no longer bring you excitement and joy when you look around? Rather than investing a huge amount of money into moving, consider if simply changing the style of your place can work for you. Look around your home and find any items that no longer bring you happiness and place them in a box. You can donate those things to a local thrift store, sell the items online, or have a yard sale. Sometimes just removing a few items from your home makes you feel like you are in a new environment.

Check out new kinds of art and maybe buy a painting or a print from a local artist. Have a tired old throw rug? Get something new with a totally different color to jazz up your living room or bedroom. Get a new kitchen appliance and try new recipes. Even a new lampshade on an old lamp will freshen up your ambience. Why not call one of our remote viewers and ask them what items they see in your home that need some new energy? Psychics are great sources of inspiration!

Make Small Changes to Your Weekend Routine

Do you spend all week in the concrete jungle? Why not take a weekend drive or train out to the countryside and explore a totally different environment? If you live in the country, why not check out a more metropolitan area. You don’t have to spend money on expensive hotels to have a good time. Just try a day trip for a few hours in a different environment. You will experience a change in atmosphere by trying different restaurants, seeing new people, and feeling new energy.

Make Small Changes to Your Relationship

Don’t break up with your partner if your relationship feels stale. Relationships don’t feel exciting all the time, but if you’re with someone who treats you well, and there is still love there, then there’s no need to be rash. Try making small changes with your partner before the two of you decide to call it quits. Have date nights and find new and interesting places to travel together. Take classes. Go get makeovers with your partner. New clothing and new hairstyles can make you both feel excited and looking your best! Think about all of the small ways you can make changes that bring joy before diving into the bigger changes that may also bring joy, but carry with them more uncertainty.

Big Changes or Just a Change of Some Kind?

While major changes are necessary and also rewarding, they can be most stressful when you feel like they’ve happened overnight. So why not save yourself some stress by making small changes first. And who knows, you may find that it wasn’t a big change you were looking for, but just a change of some kind.

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