Roman Goddess: Fortuna

Meet the fickle and unpredictable Fortuna, Roman goddess of chance. This deity, whose name means “she who brings things,” is associated with possibility – and the randomness – of the cosmos. She promises riches and abundance and nurtures our individual destinies through the ups and downs of life. She is said to reward those who have joyful intentions with success and prosperity.

Fortuna is usually depicted holding a rudder in one hand, steering destiny as our karmic path progresses. Other times she clutches a cornucopia (horn of plenty), signifying the wealth that she can bring. She also has a wheel beside her, reminding us that she is the benefactor of life, death, and (of course!) the wheel of fortune.

At first glance, we might think we are slaves to Fortuna, since she is the one who spins the wheel. But that’s not true. We are not destined to a specific life. Those who embrace this limited way of thinking find it easier to give luck and chance all the power – this way we are mere pawns of her game or victims of fate, if you will. However, the goddess of chance can actually work for you, if you learn to channel her power.

Fortuna reminds us that we have the ability to choose. It takes work, but you can have the life you want. Believing otherwise only breeds pessimism and submissiveness. It renders us helpless and stifles the creative energy within us. We always have free-will, so don’t simply shrug your shoulders and say, “Oh well, it is the will of the Universe.” Life is an inside-out experience. You draw to you what you put out there. What do you want out of life? Go out and get it! Perseverance is genius and Fortuna inspires us to realize that the Universe can fulfill our every desire.

Blessing or burden?
Yes, it is true that random tragedies do occur. For instance, the person who is walking in a crosswalk, minding their own business when suddenly an SUV slams into them and they break several bones that take months to heal. Through determination and faith one can learn to not accept living in pain. While it’s okay to have a pity party once in a while, eventually we have to pick ourselves off the floor and move on. Ultimately we decide whether an event is a blessing or a burden. As the saying goes, “It’s not what happens that counts but what we do with the things that happen to us.” We are like magnets. Fortuna teaches us that pain attracts pain and joy attracts joy.

For every action…
In essence, we are not separate from the natural cycles of life. We are very much part of the Wheel. Fortuna reminds us that every action we take has an effect that lasts a long time – a reaction. It’s a domino effect. If someone spews negative energy all over you, do you in turn take your frustration out on someone else? We can either perpetuate misery or spread love with the hopes that it is contagious. Invoke Fortuna to help you understand these cycles, gain good fortune and help the fortunes of others.

Live life to the fullest
Anything can happen. Sometimes we don’t immediately know why. But one thing is for sure, we should never take life or the people in our lives for granted. Make the best of each day even when you’re feeling like crap. Each day should be lived with vitality, a sense of purpose, and a profound awareness of gratitude for all the good things in life.

Prosper with positivity
It’s okay to be wealthy and happy. Some of us have guilt surrounding the possibility of prosperity. What is that all about? It is our birthright to flourish and shine. Tell yourself, “the Universe supports my every effort.” Meanwhile, keep in mind that you can attract financial resources. Believe that you are always taken care of and that everything you touch returns riches to you.

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