How a Psychic Handled Her Empty-Nest Syndrome

How a Psychic Handled Her Empty-Nest Syndrome

Build a New Nest

I am the mom of three children—two girls and a son in the middle. I got divorced in my early 40s and was raising them on my own. My youngest was seven and my oldest was 17 at the time. My son became the man of the house, and we lived that way for some time. I never got the chance to think about any of them leaving because I was too busy holding down two jobs, just trying to survive.

Are you kids about to move out? Psychic Judianne knows how you can cope with this next step!

My Daughter Decided to Move to Chicago

My oldest, Jennifer, was going to a local college, and that was a big relief. But then she decided to move to Chicago with a friend. I immediately felt like my world was ending. Every negative thought came to mind: Was I a bad parent? Was it because we didn’t have a lot of money? Was I no fun? I had empty-nest syndrome.

Her Note Assuaged My Fears

The day Jennifer left, I found a note. In it, she addressed every one of my concerns and fears. She said, “I’m not leaving because there is anything wrong with our home. I don’t want you to think you’re a bad mother. As a matter of fact, I think you’re the best mother anyone could ever ask for.” How intuitive she was! Jennifer had the opportunity to explore the world and figure out what she wanted to do, so she took it. Her note relaxed me. And I still had two other kids and two jobs to focus on, so I had to get back to living my life. I could have taken to my bed, like the star of an old-time movie, and wasted away, but I didn’t. And I realized that when raising children and being so busy with life, you don’t get a chance to think about what happens after they’ve left the nest.

The Comforting Words of a Poet

These words, by the poet, Khalil Gibran comforted me:

On Children

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you.

Empty-Nest Syndrome Again and Again

It doesn’t get easier the more children you have. I went through empty-nest syndrome each time one of my children left. Sometimes they came back, but ultimately they left again, and I went through empty-nest syndrome yet again. And when my youngest daughter, her husband and their kids left, I was really devastated.

Your Get to Create a New Nest

When your children leave the nest, it’s an emotional time, but what you may not realize is that you now get the chance to create a new nest. This is your time to renew your relationship with your spouse, or if you’re divorced like I was, it’s your chance to renew your relationship with yourself. Think about the dreams you put aside to raise your children. Now, you can pursue them!

Building My Business

I started to think about the room in my house where I kept all my metaphysical books, crystals, cards, angels, fairies and incense. I thought about how I could harness that knowledge and energy and build a business for myself. I could do readings. I could teach classes. I realized I just might survive this empty-nest syndrome. I invited new energy into my life and it felt great!

Being Gone Means They’re Successful

I had closed one chapter in my life, but I had also started a brand new one. I told myself that if any of my children were to move back home again, it would be because of a loss and I didn’t want that for them. Now I am remarried, and my children and grandchildren have moved out of state for new opportunities.

Life’s Ebbs and Flows

Life’s a journey and this journey has many ebbs and flows. You laugh, you cry, you love, you lose but it is a journey nonetheless. Embrace your life for you only have a short time on Earth. And if you’re having a hard time letting go of the children you’ve raised, call me. I’ve been there and I can help you overcome your empty-nest syndrome.

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2 thoughts on “How a Psychic Handled Her Empty-Nest Syndrome

  1. Patricia

    Thank you for your insight. I am 68 years old now and I recently realized that I had been going thru the empty nest syndrome
    for sometime, but that isn’t the case now. It is that my kids (have not only physically left me), but they have abandoned me in every sense. Not only did I have to raise them on my own, I did so much for them and with little money. I always put them first.
    Some of them made up horrible lies about me and told them to other people and turned them against me, and then moved to other areas so they couldn’t be confronted in the presence of the people that they told lies about me to. I have never had the opportunity to defend myself, or to tell my side of the story or what ever it was. And all the while it was because they had
    done some things they shouldn’t have done. Like my daughter , had got involved with the wrong people and has been trying to hide the truth about her past, and that she cheats on every boyfriend and partner, or husband, even to this day. She has done so many things that she knew was wrong, I don’t know how she lived thru it all and she is so careless with her life and her kids lives. All of my kids (5) of them, all grown have turned out differently than I would have ever have thought. I sure never saw any of this kind of behavior towards me coming, or would ever believed that they would turn out the way they have.. I could go on for many many hours and days sharing all I know about them and how it has effected me, my life and theirs. I feel like I can’t accept them as my family (my own kids) any more. I feel like they were only some people that I had heard about like all the other people I hear about. I am trying to move on from that part of my life as I thought I was apart of
    so I can heal myself.

  2. Mary Bourne

    I think its wonderful on how you have peace with your *empty nest*!! Me, myself cannot yet find peace with what i allowed to be my empty nest.. i did at first, Sami my only child, beautiful both inside and out…. She was doing well college, friends, job she liked.. She came home on vacations as often as time would allow, she was very happy!! But then came that night in Septembrr 2013.. My life of knowing I was doing the right thing by allowing her to grow and be free and live HER life was then cut so abruptly away, from me, (her mom) and so many others.. Yes i do know GOD has HIS reasons, but i do question did i do the right thing?? I know all *EMPTY NESTS* do not end up the way mine has and i applaud the parents that allow their children to grow and live,, but i also implore to you and all those parents to NEVER EVER forget to tell your child or children that you LOVE THEM and HOW PROUD YOU ARE OF THEM,, not that my situation means anything,, but is just a reminder to you and your children that your children are part of you Good Bad no matter what and always keep that nest ready if in case they must ever MUST or WANT to come home!! Thankyou for allowing me to say how i feel!! Much tespect..


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