Making the Best of Your Life for the Rest of Your Life

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As a professional psychic, some people think I must have all the answers I need for myself because I should be able to see around every corner and down all the hallways of my life’s many paths. Personally, I have never met an authentic psychic who was able to read his or her own life. We, as psychics, stumble into much of our Destiny just as often as those without these gifts.

When I became certified as a Life Coach, I knew it would add a great deal to my work as a psychic and past life regressionist. It would help me to guide and, hopefully, enrich the lives of clients in all aspects of counsel. What I didn’t realize was how much of those tools would be applied in my own life!

We Already Hold the Key

In looking back across the years of my life, I have found that Destiny is something that is as much created as it is carved from the beginning. Even with past life energies being added, the final efforts belong to our own determinations. Human will and courage can move many mountains! These are the components of the very essence of a life well lived and a spirit that can continue to sing in the greatest of life’s storms.

We live in an age bombarding us with the message that so much of our happiness lies outside of ourselves. The television or the latest magazines will preach of some miraculous product or item ready to fill the gaps of our lives and make us younger, funnier, more popular, more beautiful and more loved. On a cerebral level most of us know such ideas are untrue, but they affect us deeply all the same. Real power and real appreciation of one’s true Self can only be achieved from the inside. It is in the creation of and attunement with your authentic heart that your life becomes your absolute Destiny. You are the key ingredient to what makes you vital and worthwhile—not some purchased ideal that doesn’t belong in your life and doesn’t possess any inherent value. These concepts move you away from your ultimate Destiny; getting in tune with true and unconditional love for your Self brings you closer to it.

The Heart of the Matter

Of the thousands of readings I have done for people, I have witnessed so many realize that true love begins in their own hearts. It is only after falling in love with your own life and spirit that you can begin to find the matching piece of another person with whom you will fit so wonderfully! Alignment is ever important, and we cannot match up with someone unless we come to the table in centeredness and alignment within ourselves first. We may not want to detach from the illusion we have been holding, for any number of reasons. But when we finally do, we often find that life, in its perfect wisdom and timing, has someone (and something) much better waiting for us. That’s when we find our real Destiny.

Let It Go and It Will Be

As I prepare for my wedding to my one and only, I look back at the “false starts” and all the directions I thought I should be going; places where I stayed when I should have left much sooner and people who left scars I believed could never heal. I would have never imagined someone as wonderful as my beloved and future spouse could be out there for me, and I certainly would have never imagined the place where this journey transpired. This was not on my “to do” list! However, once I released all the things I thought were best for me and let go of that tired old story, allowing my life to organically go and grow, something magical began to develop and my true Destiny revealed itself.

Never give up on your dreams, but make sure you don’t miss the visions and intuitive perceptions that are being given to you, either. Often it is the guideposts right in front of you that are the most important and the most easily ignored. If you need help sorting out your Destiny, I look forward to your call. A good psychic and a seasoned advisor can do wonders to guide you along your path!

3 thoughts on “Making the Best of Your Life for the Rest of Your Life

  1. Sue

    Hi Jesse
    We have talked a couple of times and you are lovely, but after reading this blog, I am just more confused than ever. For I do believe that until a year and a half ago I was aligned with my own life and spirit. I believed in myself and was proud of my accomplishments raising 3 boys on my own while maintaining and renovating a home (something many told me was impossible). I believed that if it was meant to be with someone special it would present itself to me instead of being so desperate as many of my single friends constantly being disappointed by men. And so it did but with someone who told me he had no self esteem, never felt loved, and married his ex because he thought that was the best he could do. I felt so connected to this man and he was so good to me but he would disappear until finally for good. So how is it, that is what I attracted when I was aligned? How is it, that is what destiny brought me? In addition my life has many other changes with my job of 31 years transferring me and 2 of my boys moving on and far away. At this point in my life after all I’ve conquered and accomplished I did not expect to feel so lost and so sad. It’s been so long since I’ve seen this man and yet miss him so very very much. And on top of these feelings comes guilt because I do have many things to be grateful for and know I am so much more fortunate than many. So how is it that is what my destiny brought and how do I stop this cycle? I have really tried. The sadness just doesn’t go.

  2. Debbie from Atlanta

    Thank you, Jesse, for working with me over this past year through our various readings so I could get to a point where my true Destiny could begin revealing itself. And now that it slowly is, I am in awe as I watch it unfold. Thank you for sharing your gifts with each of us in all the ways you do! I am forever grateful.

    1. Jess 9027

      Debbie, you are wonderful and it is my HONOR to witness such a beautiful heart as yours as it finds its true direction! Thank YOU!

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